Federated Suns Command Lance Heavy Battle Lance Davion Guards Atlas: (2 turns) May re-roll initiative if beaten. Orions:(3 turns) If you in t!e initiative" t!ese units #ay s!oot in t!eir #ove#ent $!ase. %!e entire lan&e 'ains re-rolls for t!e duration of a 'a#e. 146pts

Davion Guards

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Alpha Strike game force

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Federated SunsCommand Lance

Atlas: (2 turns)May re-roll initiative if beaten.Orions:(3 turns)If you win the initiative, these units may shoot in their movement phase.152pts

Heavy Battle Lance

The entire lance gains 6 re-rolls for the duration of a game.146pts

Fire Support Lance

Choose 2 units at the beginning of each turn:-1 to hit for Art or IF attacksMay attack indirectly without spotter but with +2 to hit instead of -1101pts

Davion Guards