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  1. 1. Cultural Conqueror 2015 This docum ent is t he propriet arypropert yof Daria Kyba. Copying or ot herwise dist ribut ing t he inform at ion cont ained herein is a breach of confident ialit yagreem ent . i CULTURAL CONQUEROR BUSINESS PLAN Prepared by: Daria Kyba Studentsnumber:334566 Professional Role (Group): 3 Class: ICV1C 22/03/2015 Number of words: 5238
  2. 2. Cultural Conqueror 2015 This docum ent is t he propriet arypropert yof Daria Kyba. Copying or ot herwise dist ribut ing t he inform at ion cont ained herein is a breach of confident ialit yagreem ent . ii Table of Contents Page Executive Summary 1 Introduction 2 1) My Business Idea (Self Discovery) 3 Self Motivation The Business Idea The Vision: Long Term Aim of the Business The Mission: Short Term Objectives (for the coming 5 years) Strengths and Weaknesses - Analysis 2) Market Orientation 6 Target Market & Industry Trends Analysis Competitive Advantage Benefits to Clients The SWOT of the Business (Internal & External) 3) Marketing Plan 9 Marketing Strategy (based on TOWS Matrix) 7Ps The Marketing Mix 4) Operational Plan 15 Financial Plan Network Map Action Plan 5) Appendices: 21 Appendix 1 - Financial statements 21-24 Appendix 2 - Personal CV 25-26 Appendix 3 Persona 27-28 Appendix 4 - IDI Plan & Entrepreneurial Test Results 29-40 Appendix 5- Positioning map 41
  3. 3. Cultural Conqueror 2015 This docum ent is t he propriet arypropert yof Daria Kyba. Copying or ot herwise dist ribut ing t he inform at ion cont ained herein is a breach of confident ialit yagreem ent . 1 ExecutiveSummary The purpose of this business plan is to present a business idea about how the role of communication can change the cultural perceptions of students from different countries and how it can help to bridge the cultural gap between them. The report shows that students want to integrate with each other and discover the world together. Therefore, the inventor and founder of the company,Daria Kyba, created a detailed business plan with a description of the actions that Cultural Conqueror undertook during the development of the business idea. Cultural Conqueror is a new integrated company based on creating events and projects in collaboration with inspired and advantagerous students from different countries. The company wants to enter the internationaly extended educational industry and develop its strategy for choosing the right competitive advantage. Moreover, the company has been established since the 23 of March 2015 in one of the most beautiful and endearing cities of Ukraine, Kiev. The city is the main companys home, where students needs will be attended to in the most satisfctory ways for them. Therefore, Cultural Conqueror is a right track of dealing with any cultural barriers such as misunderstandings of any nationalitys traditions or customs. In these circumstances, the company would provide students with special services in order to remove any tension and provide understanding. After these services you will not be fazed about where to find a rental for yourself or how to find job vacancies, because you will have Cultural Conquerors help. Funding could be an issue, only not for Cultural Conqueror. The company solved it very easily in the during starting up process of the business and made its personal Financial Plan. The plan is very precise and clearly structured as its used as a forecast of the companys progress. Furthrmore, the largest source of financial support for the company comes from friends and relatives. The money will be invested in projects that are based on donations for orphans. The projects will be created and provided by the representatives of Cultural Conqueror and the students. Finaly, the company will also use Bank Loans and Owners Equity to provide the company with entartainment, food and special projects for orphans.
  4. 4. Cultural Conqueror 2015 This docum ent is t he propriet arypropert yof Daria Kyba. Copying or ot herwise dist ribut ing t he inform at ion cont ained herein is a breach of confident ialit yagreem ent . 2 Introduction (max 1 page) Culture makes people understand each other better. And if they understand each other better in their soul, it is easier to overcome the economic and political barriers. But first they have to understand that their neighbour is, in the end, just like them, with the same problems, the same questions. People get used to feel comfortable in a society, where they were grown up, that is why they are afraid of crossing the imagined barrier of misunderstandings of any nationalitys traditions or customs and language issues. Nowadays, it became the raised question of how to deal with these barriers, which trouble people, especially young generation, to get new feelings and experiences from another cultures. Thus, everyone should remember that culture is a framework in which we communicate. There is one answer for the question, which people raised a long time ago. The answer for this question is Cultural Conqueror that gives a great chance to get rid of your cultural barriers and become a very communicative person. The company has a lot of opportunities how to solve this problem in a form of attending events with students from different countries, having seminars with the representatives of Cultural Conqueror and creating cultural projects together with the company. Furthermore, Cultural Conqueror has an offer for very motivated and interested students in this idea of discovering the world together with people from other countries by helping the company to create projects for orphans and seriously ill children. It will bring lots of fun and practice of English for the children. In addition, communication is depositing a part of you in another person that is why Cultural Conqueror aims to provide children and Ukrainian and international students with the interaction between each other. Cultural Conqueror has been established to win all hearts as a warrior, which brings along peace in the place with the total darkness. The company wants to enlighten people in the easiest way of communicating with each other. That is how the companys cheerful name has been chosen for establishing the company in picturesque Ukraine. The company was created for youngsters, who desire to communicate with the same children as they are, but the only difference is their cultural diversity. The concise plan of approaching Cultural Conqueror s business idea is described in the following four chapters: Business Concept (Self Discovery), Market Orientation, Marketing Plan and Operational Plan. Four of these chapters will help reader to understand a deep process of creating this business idea in every day of life.
  5. 5. Cultural Conqueror 2015 This docum ent is t he propriet arypropert yof Daria Kyba. Copying or ot herwise dist ribut ing t he inform at ion cont ained herein is a breach of confident ialit yagreem ent . 3 1. My Business Idea (Self Discovery) Self Motivation I believe I am good at entrepreneurship as being an entrepreneur is one of the strongest features of my character and my biggest strength. This gives me the opportunity to provide ideas for all the essential components of a Business Plan. Generally I like taking an active part in different organizational activities, in a group setting I like helping my friends with mini start-ups ,I am also quite a social and communicative person, Thus, I can deal with doing my job and trying to get responsibilities for a part of organizing events. Mostly, this part relates to negotiations or different kinds of communication. I can hardly imagine myself without being creative in everyday life routine, because it is an essential piece of my inner nature that gave me my business idea, which I want it to come true. Every task that I have turns into a considered and precise plan. Besides, I am very purposeful and self- motivated because I know what I want and how to reach my goals. What I get out of my business idea is in the form of personal satisfaction, financial gain, stability and enjoyment will be the sum of what I put into my business plan and idea. So if I enjoy what I am doing, in all likelihood it is safe to assume that will be reflected in the success of my business idea. In fact, if I enjoy what I am doing, chances are that I will succeed. In addition, my self-reflection is based on the Entrepreneur Scan, the IDI Inventory results and Personal Branding ideas, which are described more detailed in Appendix 2 (see the page 27). The Business Idea My business idea is to organize special events for the society in universities with the aim of different students collaborations. Here I want to point out the main concept of my business idea in small bullet points, which will help to describe my aim of the business idea more deeply: 1. The background of my project is different kinds of educational institution. 2. The stock of international students is concentrated mostly in developed countries. In this case, I would like to concentrate on Ukraine as a narrower focus for my business plan. Therefore, the unification of international students is going to be more affective for having students' events that means "informal communication" at this kind of events. The Informal atmosphere has a beneficial influence on any kinds of communication. Especially, It is very interesting and has a great experience for students with different ethnic nationalities. The process of assimilation of new information about traditions and customs is very important for students, who arrived to a country where they will live and study. Ukraine is in the process of making good terms for foreign students, who come from different countries with a desire to exchange their cultural values with Ukrainian students and find more positive emotions and experiences during living in this environment, where Ukrainians are very pleasant and glad to share their cultur