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Dames Catering website

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By Daniel Siassi. Dames Catering website. XHTML For Structure CSS For Stylization of Structure SQL Database Store Customer, Calendar, and Order Data PHP Server-side processing of I/O. Technologies used:. Introduces Website Presents user with different options - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Dames Catering website

Dames Catering website

Dames Catering websiteBy Daniel SiassiTechnologies used:XHTMLFor StructureCSSFor Stylization of StructureSQL DatabaseStore Customer, Calendar, and Order DataPHP Server-side processing of I/OMain PageIntroduces WebsitePresents user with different optionsPricing, Contact Info, Log In, Signing Up

User home pageChecks login informationEvents CalendarAllow user to perform different actions for their accounts.Account Updates, Feedback, Order History, Making Orders

Changing account informationDisplays current information for userUpdates password, phone number OR e-mail, and last name.

Viewing Order HistoryAllows user to view personal order history.Displays every order made with Dames Catering.

Making an orderFirst, the day for the event is selected.Second, the location is entered.Next, the food is chosen.A display of the order is then shown to the user.Once submitted, a confirmation of the order is displayed.Pictures of Order Making

Pictures of order making contd

Pictures of order making contd

Administrator applicationClient-Side program for handling the database information as necessary.View Entire Order HistoryView and Edit CommentsView and Edit Recent OrdersViewing All CustomersEditing Calendar of Events

Viewing entire order historyDisplays all orders ever made with Dames Catering.

Viewing and editing commentsAllows administrator to view and remove comments from database.

Viewing and editing recent ordersAllows administrator to view orders and drop them after handling them.

Viewing all customersAllows administrator to view all customers in Dames Catering and their information.

Editing calendar of eventsEditing days for which customers can and cannot make orders on.

Areas to expand or implementUsing Javascript or expanding CSS for a more decorative look.Protection from code injection.Usage of cookies rather than hidden forms to keep login and order information persistent during a user session.Create search filters for viewing customers, orders, and comments.Areas to expand or implement contdIncluding dates for the day an order is made, and counters for comments, customers, and orders.E-mail, Address, and Phone Number validation tools.Password security check.Possible encryption for order IDs and passwords in database.Questions?End

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