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  • Dale Jones-Evans

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    Dale Jones-Evans


    The last painting Dale painted at art school was a self-portrait (1977); he then studied architecture and became a nationally awarded architect by age 36, (1991). Dale preferred to paint buildings and early on experimented with art-furniture. Dale often designed objet dart moments within his architectural commissions. From door handles, seats, lights and lighting to scaled up decorative elements and complex surfaces to big screen walls.

    During 2002 Dale began designing a series of public art projects and in 2004 returned to practicing as an artist producing, drawings, digital paintings, video-sound and performance installations. Dales unique multidisciplinary skills fuse art, design and architecture, disciplines he carries in his head as well as in collaboration with others. Dales one man exhibitions are often staged for one night in galleries (non-commercial) he designs inside his own property projects.

    Space and light as seen through the eyes of an artist and architect, underpin the materialisation of his work generally. Dale investigates a psychological spatialisation of atmosphere; a spatialisation located outside three dimensions and five senses, outside the human mind which alludes to an insight of and imagining infinity.

  • Dale Jones-Evans

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    endless drawing nos. 1-6 exhibition in Dales Brougham Street Gallery 2014

    Detail photos endless drawing nos. 1-6 exhibition in Dales Brougham Street Gallery 2014

  • Dale Jones-Evans

    dale@dje.com.au 3

    Top 5 feet light-box, video, sound-light installation Paddington Reservoir Sydney NSW (2015)

  • Dale Jones-Evans

    dale@dje.com.au 4

    Top 5 feet lightbox-video-sound installation Paddington Reservoir 2014-2015

    The Invasion of Farm Cove light installation Sydney Harbor 2014-2016

  • Dale Jones-Evans

    dale@dje.com.au 5

    Art Wall, light and glass wall installation new international airport Hong Kong, 2014-2015

  • Dale Jones-Evans

    dale@dje.com.au 6

    Architecture 09 drawings photographs and models Boutwell Draper Gallery Sydney 2009

    Mobius at OldGulch Abundant 11th International Architecture Biennale Venice Italy 2008

  • Dale Jones-Evans

    dale@dje.com.au 7

    Gazebo Bar ceiling light chandelier decorative burnt log 2006

    Art Installation for Pol Oxygen magazine of glass jars with brains and authors names 2006

  • Dale Jones-Evans

    dale@dje.com.au 8

    Still human 2050 electronic sound stage performance 2005

  • Dale Jones-Evans

    dale@dje.com.au 9

    Digital paintings exhibition 2004-2005

    Gold digital painting

    Redlight digital painting

    Untitled digital painting

  • Dale Jones-Evans

    dale@dje.com.au 10

    Video sound installation 2005

  • Dale Jones-Evans

    dale@dje.com.au 11

    Paint and earth on corrugated cardboard 2002

    Oceans exhibition at Dales THE ART WALL Gallery 2004

  • Dale Jones-Evans

    dale@dje.com.au 12

    Loft lights screen walls Sydney 2003

    Metalika public art work Melbourne docklands 2002-2003

  • Dale Jones-Evans

    dale@dje.com.au 13

    Red box public art work Melbourne docklands 2002-2003

  • Dale Jones-Evans

    dale@dje.com.au 14

    `Metalika apartments door handle graphics seat and lights 2001

  • Dale Jones-Evans

    dale@dje.com.au 15

    Sydney Opera House Vase 2001

    King of Country theatre set 1992

    On the Rhine theatre set 1989 Essington Lewis theatre set 1988

  • Dale Jones-Evans

    dale@dje.com.au 16

    Architecture in Progress, painting and model 1988 Park bench 1986

    Art-Furniture Pinacotheca gallery Melbourne 1986

  • Dale Jones-Evans

    dale@dje.com.au 17

    Self portrait 1977

    Selected Art, Design & Architecture Exhibitions

    Public Art

    2014 - 2016 The Invasion of Farm Cove, light installation, Sydney Harbor NSW Australia

    2014 - 2015 Top 5 feet, Light box-video-sound installation, Paddington Reservoir, NSW, Australia

    2014 - 2015 Art Wall, Light and glass wall installation, Hong Kongs new international airport, Hong Kong

    2006 Pol Oxygen design magazine, installation, Sydney, NSW Australia

    2002 - 2003 Metalika wind protection, (Winner design competition), Docklands, Melbourne, VIC, Ausralia

    2002 - 2003 Red Box wind protectors, (Winner design competition), Docklands, Melbourne, VIC, Ausralia,

    One Man Exhibitions

    2014 endless drawing nos. 1-6, Brougham Street Gallery, Potts Point, NSW, Australia

    2006 Dale Jones-Evans Retrospective, Art, Architecture and Design, Gallery Dessa, Ljubljana, Slovenia

    2005 Still Humans 2050, electronic sound, sets and performance, The Victoria Room, Sydney, NSW, Australia

  • Dale Jones-Evans

    dale@dje.com.au 18

    2005 Digital paintings and video soundscape, The ART WALL gallery, Sydney, NSW, Australia

    2004 Oceans, paintings on cardboard, The ART WALL gallery, Sydney, NSW, Australia

    1987 Architecture in Progress, paintings and models, Gertrude Street Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

    1986 Biltmoderne at Pinacotheca, art furniture and architecture, Pinacotheca Gallery, Richmond, VIC, Australia

    1983 Furniture 83, art furniture, Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

    Group Exhibitions

    2009 Architecture 09, drawings, photographs and models, Boutwell Draper Gallery, Redfern, NSW, Australia

    2008 Abundant, 11th International Architecture Biennale, Venice, Italy

    2007 Out from Under, Australian Design Now, 16 premiere Australian Architecture practices, San Francisco, Seattle, Hong Kong, Kunming and Guangzhou

    2006 Transcapes Artificial Nature, digitally mediated environments, UTS Gallery, Ultimo, NSW, Australia

    1991 Australian Architects in Venice, represented Australia at the 5th International Architecture Biennale Venice, Italy

    1988 From Robert Adam to Biltmoderne: The Architect as Designer, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

    Theatre Design

    1992 King of Country, Playbox Theatre, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

    1989 Death Raft, Church Theatre Melbourne, VIC, Australia

    1988 Essington Lewis, Church Theatre Melbourne, VIC, Australia