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Dale Haughey. Games design 2. Game concept. Game Concept RPG (Semester 2) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dale Haughey

Dale HaugheyGames design 2Game conceptGame ConceptRPG(Semester 2)I have been asked to come up with an idea for an RPG type game that I will have to make myself. The game has to have 5 characters that are protagonist and 5 that are antagonists. The game needs to be playable in the classic RPG format. The idea I have chosen to go with is the one I had previously, it is the idea I used to make my previous section of a side scrolling game. The story is based on a group of 5 friends who live in an apartment building and get affected by a storm and get a power based on their personality, the original idea was to make the main character a villain but I will have to make a change and make him a playable hero. This means I have to create 5 new villains to fight against the heroes.The heroes I have created are Isaac Jones who is the character I used previously Jack Evans, Caroline Miller, Chris Baker and James Walker all who have individual powers and abilities given to them from the storm. The villains I am going to use are other people affected by the storm, so the first one will be the janitor of the building, Rusty (Bill Gilbert) the second is the electrician sparky (Derek Grimes). The third villain is a bunch of mutated creatures that were affected, these range from fish from the sewer to birds that was in the affected area but the leader is a giant sewer rat. Another villain is the police chief (Markus Law) who is trying to stop them by using his police force and the final villain is their head master (Vince W. Franklin) He was in the building paying a visit to one of the parents of his students and was affected, he let the power go to his head and has vowed to be the only one with any power in the world, so he needs to get rid of everybody else.The game itself is an RPG so I am going to attempt to add in an exp system, so whenever an enemy is defeated a meter will be filled, the higher the level the more powers can be unlocked, and the better the health and manna will be. I am going to try to ad in hit damage with health bars along with critical hits. I want to attempt to add melee hits as well as ranged, the powers they use will be along these lines.I am going to go for a cartoony type of theme, like borderlands, this way there can be a big open world and that I can design myself. The previous game was set in New York however I dont want the city to be accurate to it so I am going to make my own city and give it an authentic style, gears of war has the type of setting I would like to aim for.

This is the original concept for the idea of the game, it has 5 protagonists and 5 antagonists which was in the assignment brief. The setting has been chosen (Manhattan) and the storey has a structure. It was approved and now I can start making the characters.21st character

The first character I decided to do a design sheet for was the bad guy, he is a janitor who has never done anything of worth until he gains his power which allows him to manipulate water.32nd Character

The second character is one of the heroes, he is the stereo type hero, he has exceptional strenght, speed, agility, stamina and an extremely high pain tolerance.4What's next.I have 8 more characters to create and the ones I have done need to be coloured, I need to find a way to colour them that doesnt make them look messy and rushed.