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Nick Carraway . Jordan Baker . Tom Buchanan . Jay Gatsby . Daisy Buchanan . Meyer Wolfsheim. George Wilson . Myrtle Wilson . Daisy Buchanan Age: 23 Occupation: Housewife Residency: East Egg Relationships: Toms wife, Nicks cousin, having an affair with Jay Gatsby . . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Daisy Buchanan Age: 23Occupation: Housewife Residency: East EggRelationships: Toms wife, Nicks cousin, having an affair with Jay Gatsby .

Back Daisy Buchanan is a beautiful, charming, and wealthy woman, which is why Gatsby is hopelessly in love with her. Daisys friendly and charming personality may cover the fact that she is a selfish, shallow and materialistic woman. Jordan Baker Age: 25Occupation: GolferRelationships: Nicks girlfriend, friend of the Buchanans

Jordan Baker is a very attractive woman who comes from high class and wealth. She is a friend of Daisy Buchanans, which is how she meets Nick who she is romantically involved with. Jordan's beauty and wealth cant cover up the fact that she is selfish and dishonest. Jay Gatsby Age: 30Occupation: Involved with illegal liquor sales and organized crime in New York.Education: Was in the military & claims to have attended Oxford. Residency: Mansion in West Egg.Background: From a farm in the Midwest.Hobbies: Enjoys throwing large parties, but does not drink. Relationships: Best friends with Nick Carraway, business partners with Meyer Wolfsheim, in love with Daisy Buchanan.

The Great Gatsby, also known as Jay Gatsby and James Gatz was born and raised in the Midwest. He has lived his life with the purpose of attaining two things, wealth, and the love of Daisy Buchanan. He got himself to the position of being rich and famous by business in organized crime. He uses his wealth to throw extravagant parties in an attempt to win the heart of his love, Daisy. Tom BuchananAge: 30 Occupation: Broker, he is from old money. Residency: East EggRelationships: Married to Daisy, having an affair with Myrtle Wilson.

Tom Buchanan comes from an extremely wealthy family. He is married to Daisy and has an affair with Myrtle Wilson. He is an arrogant man with no consideration for anyone but himself. Meyer WolfsheimAge: 60sOccupation: Organized Crime Relationships: Friends and business partners with Jay Gatsby.

Nick Carraway Age: 30Education: YaleOccupation: A broker in New York. Residency: West EggBackground: Comes from a wealthy family in the mid-west.Relationships: Was dating Jordan Baker, cousins with Daisy Buchanan, neighbors with Tom Buchanan, and best friends with Jay Gatsby.

Nick Carraway is a friendly, trustworthy man with good morals. After moving to the East to become a successful broker, Nick befriends Jay Gatsby. Nick is highly critical of most of the people he meets, he realizes that many of the wealthy high class people whom he is accompanied by lack consideration or care for anyone but themselves. Myrtle Wilson: Age: mid 30sResidency: Valley of AshesHobbies: Unknown Relationships: Married to George Wilson, involved in an affair with Tom Buchanan.

Myrtle Wilson is the unfaithful wife of George Wilson. She finds life in the valley of ashes undesirable and wishes to improve her situation. She attempts to better her social status by becoming romantically involved with Tom Buchanan. George WilsonAge: 35Occupation: An auto mechanic.Residency: Valley of Ashes Relationships: Married to Myrtle.