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    A.A.N.B. Dwirandra. 2007. Pengaruh Interaksi Ketidakpastian Lingkungan,

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    (it+, Performance Assessment +stem and alar+ +stem 1A 2umerical

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    5tud;es Issue +

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    Introduction of elf!Managing Teams. http-66777#regent#edu6acad6glo8al6pu8lications6ijls6ne76(ol

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    henhall, -.., and Morris. +)

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    ?i4i An%%raini. 200$. Pengaruh ustomization dan Interdependensi terhadap

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    1&l, Ferdiad A. and )hia, 7 !. "##". The )ffects Of Management

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    Ito Warsito. 2013.Bei atat 20 6erusahaan Yan% Di Delistin% 5elama 6eriode

    200) 20+$.9htt0//www.wartae(oomi.co.id/ berita$:$;2/

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    James B. hittaker. 200ou Meet Tthe

    trategic Planning and Performance Measurement 0e/uirements of The

    0esults Act# The ?o(ernment Performance and 0esults Act of '@@- AMandate for trategic Planning and Performance Measurement#Melalui.

    www.ies.a&st.com/!a!ersF16-A.html (+ o# 5e!0ang Dihasilkan

    Oleh istem Informasi Akuntansi Manajemen Terhadap Kinerja

    Manajerial Pada Perusahaan!Perusahaan Manufaktur Di $a7a Timur.

    Jurnal Akuntansi dan "euan%an Vol No 2. 6uslit 6etra.

    "han dan Jain.200

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    =, Mia. +))$. The 0ole of MA Information in Organizations- An )mpirical

    tud+. British Aountin% -e4iew 2.

    =u8, /erene.200$.Management Accounting#?i#ht 3dition.1reat Britain Biddles


    Maria ellstn,5atu and Marko4a, Mai&u.200

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    6arasuraman. A., 1rewal, Dhru4., "rishnan.-.200

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    5ekaran, 9ma.20++# 0esearch Methods .or "usiness- A kill "uilding Approach .

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    +stems on the 0elationships 8et7een onteCtual %aria8les and

    Organizational Performance. Melalui. Hhtt!GFFwww.wbion!ro.om


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    .., De=one., and M=ean, 3!hraim - .+))2# Information s+stems success- the

    /uest for the dependent (aria8le. In#ormation 58stems -esearh $. Marh,!!.ear *pdate. Journal o#

    Mana%ement In#ormation 58stems +). >. )$0.

    .., De=one., 6etter, 5taie and M=ean, 3!hraim -.200. MeasuringInformation +stems uccess-Models, Dimensions, Measures, And


    3uro!ean Journal o# In#ormation 58stems +7, 2$

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