D&AD Student Awards 09 - Faber&Faber (research)

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Text of D&AD Student Awards 09 - Faber&Faber (research)

  • backgroundThe Faber Film list has been at the forefront of Film pub-lishing since the late seventies. It attracts such names as Scorcese, Lynch, and Almodavar to write about their own work, as well offering books on film making by such nota-bles as Mike Figgis and Michael Deeley. Faber also publish-es screenplays to tie in with film releases. Due to the nature

    of publishing, it is not possible to keep our whole backlist in print. Print on Demand (PoD) as its name suggests, is a way to publish books from the Faber Films much sought after back catalogue in both printed and ebook form, as re-quired and on demand. The launch and sale of Faber PoD from our website will attract a lot of media attention as it en-ables both students and film lovers to get hold of out of print

    classics such as the Projections series.Please note: The digital aspects of Print on Demand were used imaginatively with Faber Finds; a series that com-bines illustrated typography and computer generated design to produce covers that are unique to each title.Part of what makes PoD possible is the ability to use and re-produce from design templates. Once a series style is set up, using guidelines, a printer should have the ability to produce further covers without compromising on good design.Using the PoD service for Faber Films backlist will be a dynamic way of creating an essential Faber Film library for anyone who loves film, bringing back classic titles. While

    most of the traffic would be on line, many of our top 10 film

    accounts from National Film Theatre bookshop to Corner-house Manchester would also take copies, therefore the cov-ers should also stand out well on display.