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Goblins500HobgoblinsGrimgoblins300Greater goblins200 or lessGoblin shamans250

Wolves300Direwolves500Hellhounds200 or lessWargs200Garm kill must also be met. A TOTAL kill of 300 Wargs + Garms should grant 3 stars for both beastsGarm100

Skeleton300Skeleton Knights300 or lessSkeleton brutes300 Skeleton Lords50

Golden Knights100Silver Knights100Living armor50

Saurians300Giant versions of all saurian types count toward the overall kill counts for each type. Example: 200 saurians + 100 giant saurians= 300 kills for saurians.Sulfur saurians150Geo Saurians150Saurian Sages100Pyre Saurians300Undead500Stout undead150Undead Warriors500Giant Undead100

Poisoned Undead300Banshees300Eliminators60 Harpies300Snow harpies300Succubi150

Gargoyles50Strigoi100Sirens100 Phantoms50Phantasms50Specters50Wraiths50Skeleton mages100Skeleton sorcerers200Ogres50Gorecyclopes50Prisoner Gorecyclopesalso count e.g. 40 Gorecyclopes + 10 Prisoner GorecyclopesCyclopes50Elder Ogres50Golems15Metal Golems7Hostile soldiers300Hostile soldiers, bandits, wizards and persons are all lumped together under "humans" so I don't know exact kill counts but, I had near 1000 kills and had 3 stars for soldiers, bandits and wizards. I had only ever fought Salvation members once at this time and had yet to kill any royal guards. I would guess each "hostile" kill count to be 300.Hostile bandits300Hostile wizards300Enemy personsSalvation members and royal guards (post dragon)Chimera30Gorechimeras30Hydras7 Archydras7Griffins15Cockatrices15Evil Eyes15Vile eyes75Gazers30The Seneschal3******It has been confirmed that all 3 stars can be achieved by the third kill. Whether or not there is an actual kill count cannot be proven or disproven because of the complexity involved in triggering the Seneschal's flags which are also debated (see knowledge sheet). The Japanese Wikia published 5 kills. ManeatersUnder 50Wights30Liches25Dark bishops30Kill count is tested by various people.Death3 - 6Under 10Can be as early as 3, as late as 6. Complete knowledge depends on how fast all flags are learned.Daimon10The first and second form each count as a separate kill.Dragon family kill counts might all need to be reached to unlock knowledge/star. May need to kill Dire versions of dragons a number of times (15 possibly). Please verify whether this means 15 Drakes, 15 Wyrms, 15 Wyverns, 15 Firedrakes, 15 Frostwyrms, 15 Thunderwyverns (a total of 90 dragon kills) are required.The Dragon3The Ur-Dragon15I have 3 stars on the Ur-Dragon after my pawn has fought him a total of five times. Note: the kill count of the Arisen is not necessarily the same as the main pawn due to knowledge/kills picked up in rents.Drakes15Please confirm whether Firedrakes(Dire Drake) also countWyrms15Please confirm whether Frostwyrms(Dire Wyrm) also countWyverns15Please confirm whether Thunderwyverns(Dire Wyvern) also countCursed DragonsSuspect actually 15, more than 50; 100; possibly 300+ have been reportedSuspect kill count is actually 15; the other flags on Cursed Dragon knowledge can be hard to accumulate.Kill count reported more than 100, though getting an accurate number is hard when pawns don't have a total kill count between players. Maximum reported number is approximately 400

KnowledgeEnemiesElemental WeaknessTechniquesCommentsGoblin FamilyFire, IceUse dark to know its resistant(?). Blind it. Freeze than shatter."Aim for the head."Goblin*Douse with water; *Torpor; *Block lunge attack (long distance leap bite) with shield; Silence; HobgoblinBlindnessGrimgoblinWitness someone being stomped on the groundGreater GoblinGoblin ShamanAttack with magic to learn magic is no use?Wolf FamilyFireBlock needs to be a perfect block, not simply holding down the secondary weapon button.WolfDirewolfHellhoundIce, HolyAfter dousing the flames might have to reignite themWargLet them bite you to inflict poisonGarmLightning, FireLet them hit you with mist breath (may need to be blinded by both normal breath and dying breath)Skeleton Family*HolyHit with a blunt weapon; Believe Anodyne might just be considered holy magic (I have 3 starred skeletons without the use of any mages)SkeletonSkeleton KnightSkeleton LordAttack from behind when holy big shield is upSkeleton MageSkeleton SorcererSkeleton Brute

Attack the headGolden KnightWitness resurrecting the Silver Knight; Witness resurrecting the Golden Knight 5-10 timesDebilitate with lowered str; must witness resurrections about 10 times for each type of knight being resurrected; Ice; GK needs to be grappled. Silver KnightWitness resurrecting the Silver Knight; Witness resurrecting the Golden Knight 5-10 timesBreak his perfect block; Interrupt one of his castings; attack from behind; oil then fire; SK needs to be grappledSaurian FamilyIce*Cut off their tails; Let each type spit on youPossibly freeze and shatter oneSaurianSulfur SaurianGeo SaurianSaurian SageDark*Silence themPyre SaurianDouse their flames with water/ice/tail; get close for the flames to burn you; Dousing with water might take a few times; Maybe after dousing to reignite themUndead Family*Holy, Fire*Grapple them after they try to grapple you; Anodyne might just be considered holy magicUndeadStout UndeadHave them explode with fire dmgUndead WarriorGiant UndeadPoisoned UndeadFreeze themBansheeHoly, Fire, IceHarpy Family*Set wings aflame to incapacitate; Witness someone being picked up into the air;Might have to hold one or various types down to the ground while other team member attacks.HarpyFireSnow HarpyFireSuccubiFire, HolyGargoyleLightning, HolyMight have to let them try and petrify a pawnSirenDark, FireStrigoiIceLet their tail glow bright red by letting them suck your blood out when impaledObtain a Bloodred Crystal; Torpor; Freeze/shatterGhost FamilyHolySave someone from possessionPhantomPhantasmSpecterWraithOgre Family*Climb on top of it and pull it down; *Vulnerable when chasing their prey; Strike the headPut it to sleep; Bait it with meat; OgreFireHave a female in the partyElder OgreLightningHave a male in the partyCyclopes Family*Knock weapon out of hand; Shoot at the eye; *Break tusks off; Use lightning to stun.CyclopesLightningGorecyclopesIceGolem FamilyDestroy the plates; *Shoot the head right before he uses the laser beamGolem*Use magic to make the plates glowMetal GolemChimera Family*Kill the snake head first; *Silence it; Use magic on the lion head; Kill lion head first/second to decrease aggression, kill goat head first/second to increase aggression.ChimeraFireGorechimeraIce, HolySear the snake head's stump with fire after it has been cut offHydra Family*Use a sword to cut off a head; *After a head is cut off sear it with flame; Throw explosive barrel in a mouth and then shoot the bulge to blow it up; Have all 4 heads cut off; Pawn needs to witness explosive barrel exploding in a Hydra's neck multiple times (reported to be 2 - 3 times)HydraArchydraLarge Bird Family*Block beak attack with shield; Recommend performing so on Cockatrice since Griffins seldom stay on the ground and may flee. Attack a Cockatrice's bulged throat to knock it down. Upon gettingback up it will have a high chance of pinning the Arisen onto the ground while attacking with its beak.Use a shield just before this attack, andaQTE will initiate but with the Arisen still standing. Thismay need to be performed more than once to trigger knowledge.GriffinFireEncounter dive attack; Shoot wings to make it land; Strike the head; *Griffins flail before bolting when grappled; *Lure down with corpse; Have everyone on its back to prevent it to fly;launching pawns onto a flying GriffinCockatriceLightning*Blind it; *Strike its puffed up throat until it chokes on the gas; Attack its head or wings to force it on the ground; Be attacked with its poison claws; Eye Family Evil EyeHoly*High archmagic skills will drop its shield; *Vulnerable when charging at someone to eat them; Vile EyeAre only vulnerable to attack while casting magick; When damaged or knocked to the ground (but not killed) can be picked up and either thrown at enemies or carried around allowing its gaze attack to be directed at enemies. (* see comment)*The game's code lists 2 knowledge scrolls, but they don't seem to be obtainable.GazerDestroy the 4 tentacles that are summoning a Magic Cannon; Position yourself underneath the Gazer when it summons the spear tentacles to stun it; Have pawn stay in the poisonous gas cloud until he learns about it; Climb up the Gazer and position yourself on its eye and attack; Being petrified by it.ManeaterDarkHave it spit at you; Have it cast High Exequy; witness Arisen be swallowedCan confirm that 3 stars can be obtained without being actually killed by Maneaters; my Arisen has 0 deaths and still manages to obtain 3 starsWight FamilyWightHolyLichHolyDark BishopDarkKill the Cursed Dragon with DB inside; Silence itDragon Family*Strike head right before its breath attack; *Knock dragon off balance to expose heart; Destroy wings; Destroy horn; Attack the heart; Attack head/wings/heart when flying to knock it down; Save pawn from possession; The DragonDarkThe Ur-DragonHolyDrakeIceWyrmFireWyvernShooting its wings when it is flying to ground it; Use lightning to learn that lightning is no use?Cursed DragonHoly, FireWitness the Dark Bishop revive it; Witness the Dark Bishop possess it; Let breath hit you to make food items rot; avoid head-on rushes; perfect block lunges/bite attackSeeing the DB revive/possess it might take a few times before pawn learns it; Don't actually need the food items in inventory to get the update; Might have to see the one in Fallen City cast spells;Human FamilyFreeze and shatter one; Use lightning to stun;Hostile SoldierHaving fighter bandit block attacks with his shield;(Fighter/Warrior bandit) Hostile Bandit(Strider/Ranger bandit)Enemy Wizard(Mage/Sorcerer bandit)Enemy Person

OtherThe SeneschalExperience the single li