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Drills/Games for "Little Stars"

1. Kick and Shuffle(age 4 - 8) - footwork, coordination, balance2. High Five(age 4 - 10) - hand-eye coordination, racquet control3. Dodge Ball(age 3 - 10) - quick footwork, quick reaction, fun game4. Royal Court(age 5 - 10) - movement to the ball, hand-eye coordination5. Roll and Catch(age 3 - 80) - quick movement and body control6. Turn and Catch(age 5 - 80) - quick reaction, ball tracking, speed and balance7. Bounce and Count(age 3 - 12) - ball tracking, hand-eye coordination8. Caterpillar(age 3 - 80) - footwork, quickness, fun game9. Alligator(age 3 - 6) - volley practice, hand-eye coordination, fun game10. One Up, One Back(age 5 - 10) - volley practice, had-eye coordination11. Bouncy Balls Race(age 5 - 10) - coordination, racquet and ball control12. Name your number(age 4 - 80) - rally consistency13. Anything you can do...(age 3 - 80) - stroke consistency, fun game14. Aim High(age 3 - 80) - stroke consistency, character building15. Simon Says(age 4 - 10) - fun tennis game16. The Island(age 4 - 80) - strokes consistency and accuracy17. Hula Tennis(age 5 - 80) - rally accuracy18. Popcorn(age 3 - 10) - warm-up fun game19. Lines(age 3 - 10) - warm-up fun drill20. Tight Rope(age 3 - 7) - balance, footwork; warm-up21. Jail Breaker(age 5 - 10) - fun game; ground-strokes, hand-eye coordination22. Serve is Fun(age 7 - 12) - serve consistency; competitive play23. Strike Seven(age 5 - 10) - team work, hand-eye coordination; pressure play24. Cannon Ball(age 4 - 8) - fun game25. Bounce it!(age 4 - 12) - racquet and ball control, footwork; warm-up game26. Hand-Eye(age 6 - 12) - hand-eye coordination, footwork; warm-up drill27. Cone Swings(age 4 - 12) - work-out drill28. Clean the Court(age 4 - 12) - conditioning game for little kids29. Tidy / Messy(age 4 - 12) - conditioning game30. Cross-Court Throw(age 8 - 12) - throwing drill (for serve)31. Potato Race(age 5 - 12) - team work; fun game32. Four Boxes(age 7 - 10) - ball and racquet control33. Bouncy Numbers(age 5 - 10) - footwork; tracking the ball34. Juggle Rally(age 6 - 15) - ball and racquet control35. Spots(age 7 - 12) - ground-strokes consistency; pressure36. Field Trip(age 5 - 12) - fun game; ground-strokes37. Jog Ball Toss(age 5 - 12) - warm-up drill38. Wipe Out(age 7 - 80) - fun game; competitive play39. Catch Call(age 5 - 7) - quick reaction; hand-eye coordination40. Frog on Lily Pad(age 4 - 12) - warm-up game41. Balls Toss and Catch(age 5 - 12) - hand-eye coordination; quick feet42. Bounce/Hit(age 7 - 12) - ball tracking; rally consistency43. Call 1 or 2(age 7 - 12) - ball tracking; footwork44. Great Footwork(age 5 - 12) - footwork45. Bounce and Clap(age 5 - 12) - ball tracking46. Open Stance Footwork(age 5 - 12) - tennis footwork and movement47. Rally and Move(age 9 - 12) - fun drill; consistency under pressure48. Target Cones(age 9 - 12) - stroke consistency and placement49. Figure 8 / Sprint / Catch(age 7 - 12) - footwork; quick reaction50. Clap Together(age 7 - 12) - coordination; footwork51. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall(age 5 - 12) - coordination, footwork, balance52. Cone Catch(age 7 - 12) - hand-eye coordination, ball tracking; fun drill53. Throw and Cone Catch(age 7 - 12) - hand-eye coordination; ground-strokes control54. Perfect Contact(age 5 - 12) - ball contact; hand-eye coordination55. Bounce-Count-Catch(age 5 - 12) - fun warm-up drill; hand-eye coordination56. Serve Toss and Tap(age 7 - 12) - practice the toss and abbreviated serve57. Bounce, Bounce, Bounce(age 5 - 12) - hand-eye coordination; ball and racquet control58. Step In / Step Back(age 4 - 12) - preparation, footwork and balance on ground-strokes59. One for All(age 8 - 12) - fun game; ground-strokes consistency and accuracy60. Tennis Counting(age 5 - 12) - ground-strokes consistency; pressure61. Cone Scoop(age 4 - 12) - hand-eye coordination; fun game62. Back / Forth Serve(age 5 - 12) - serve warm-up drill63. Towling(age 6 - 12) - ground-strokes accuracy64. Hand Rally(age 7 - 12) - hand-eye coordination65. Toss and Scoop(age 5 - 8) - serve toss practice game66. Earthquake(age 8 - 12) - competitive ground-strokes game NEWDrill:

The coach will feed gently (with the racquet) a ball to the first player in line. She will catch it and toss it back to the coach then moves to the end of the line of players. Without catching it, the coach will gently tap the ball back over the net for the next player in line. The second player will also attempt to catch and toss the ball back to the coach; and so on.

If any of the players drops or does not catch the ball, the coach will grab another one from the basket and the drill continues without interruption.


- have players move quickly out of the way once they toss the ball to the coach so that they don't bump into the next player;

- this drill is great for developing hand-eye coordination and it can be a good work-out if the number of players is less than three.Kick and Shuffle"Little Star" stands at the baseline, the parent/coach at the service line with a bunch of balls near by.The parent rolls a ball slowly towards LS, she will move to the ball and kick it with her foot back to the parent. The parent will try to kick the ball back and this time LS will shuffle in direction of the ball and spread her feet so that the ball will pass between them.Repeat about 10 - 15 times.Note: Very good drill for body control, coordination, ball tracking, balance for beginning littletennis players.High FiveThe "Little Star" stands about three feet from the net, with the racquet up, forehand grip. The parent/coach is going to be on the other side of the net, having a basket of balls nearby.I suggest that you use low pressure balls for more control of the rally.In the beginning, the parent feedsLS a few balls asking her to give the ball a "high five" (by reaching up and making high contact with the ball). Encourage LS to move her feet according to where the balls go.After a few "high fives, the parent and LS rally the ball counting how many they can keep the ball in play over the net.Note:Kids love this drill/game. It's a great way to have the first rally with a child that just picks up a racquet.It improves hand-eye coordination, racquet control and it gets little kids to feel comfortable playing at the net.>

Dodge BallThe "Little Star" is positioned in one service box and can only run inside the box and cannot pass the lines. The parent/coach is positioned on the other side of the net and feeds balls gently trying to tap the LS with the ball.The feed should be done so that the balls bounce within three feet of the student. The balls should touch them around the knees and no higher than the waist. Try not to hit too hard!For every time the ball touches LS, at the end of the game, she has to execute a task: push-ups, jumping jacks,jump rope, a lap around the court or any kind of activity that students can benefit from to improve their tennis skills.This is a great, fun drill that kids absolutely love to do!It improves reaction to the ball, footwork and is an overall good workout for the participants.I must stress the fact that you should use low pressure balls which are very light and travel slowly through the air so even though someone might get hit; the balls are too light to hurt them.>

Royal CourtThe "Little Star" starts at the baseline with the racquet placed on the ground. Parent/coach is positioned on the other side of the net with a basket of balls nearby.The parent/coach feeds a high ball over the net and calls "go!". LS will try to catch the ball before it passes the baseline.Once she catches the ball, she runs back and places it on the racquet. The sequence repeats until she catches five balls and places them all on the racquet.If she misses a ball, she lets it go.After LS gathers five balls, she will try to bring all the balls to the basket by balancing them on the racquet.Note: This game/drill can be used as a warm-up with young children. It is good for learning to track the ball, anticipate how high the ball bounces, and improve footwork and hand-eye coordination.>

Roll and CatchThe "Little Star" stands at the baseline facing the net and with her feet apart.The parent/coach stands behind her having 2tennis ballsready. He rolls them slowly between the LS's feet and towards the net.The LS will have to run and catch both balls, one at a time, before they reach the net.Good drill for speed, quick reaction and balance on the run.Note: for more fun, roll more than two balls for the player to catch.>

Turn and CatchThe "Little Star" stands at the baseline with her back to the net.The parent stands at the service line, calls"go!" and tosses a ball in the air.The LS will have to turn and run to catch the ball before it bounces twice.Note: Fun drill for beginning kids to develop quick reaction, tracking the ball, speed and balance on the run.>

Bounce and CountA parent/coach and a "Little Star" face each other at a distance of about 15 feet apart.The parent will bounce/toss the ball toward the LS saying a number (2, 3, 4 or 5). The number represents how many times the ball should bounce before the LS should try to catch it. Once the LS catches it, she will throw the ball back to her parent calling a number also. This way, the child feels like she is in command too.Note: This drill teaches the little players to keep their eyes on the ball, tracking it while it bounces and also hand-eye coordination.>

CaterpilarThe parent/coach has a bunch of balls ready close byand standsat the net on the same side as the "Little Star" whois waitingonthe service linefacing the parent.The parent will roll balls one by one in the direction of the LS changing the direction of the ball slightly. LS will shuffleher feettoallowthe balls to roll betweenthemone at a time .Roll about 10-15 balls this way; take a break of