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<ul><li><p>CURRICULUM VITAE </p><p> Name: John N. Hill A/Prof, MBBS, CertAvMed, FRACP, FCSANZ, FHRS, DDU Date of Birth: 1 July 1959 Marital Status: Married - May 1985 to Deborah Marie </p><p>3 children - Sean, born 1987 - Christopher, born 1993 - Cailin, born 2000 </p><p> Interests: Tennis, cars, aircraft </p></li><li><p>COMMENTARY Timeline </p><p> 19801981: Student Elective in Radiology, McGill University - Jewish General Hospital Montreal Canada (8 weeks) </p><p> 1983: M.B., B.S. (Adel) </p><p> 1983: Internship Royal Adelaide Hospital </p><p> 1984: Residency Royal Adelaide Hospital </p><p> 1985: Certificate of Aviation Medicine, RAAF Point Cook </p><p> 1985: Prize for Best Officer Qualities, RAAF Officer Training School o The only RAAF Medical Officer to complete this 10 week course o The only RAAF Medical Officer to obtain this prize </p><p> 19851988: Medical Officer to RAAF Chief of Air Staff </p><p> 1987: Senior Medical Officer, Joint Services Health Centre Canberra </p><p> 1989-1997: RAAF General Reserve Member </p><p> 1989-1990: Basic Medical Trainee, Royal Canberra and Woden Valley Hospitals </p><p> 1991-1992: Advanced Trainee in Cardiology, Royal Canberra and Woden Valley Hospitals </p><p> 1992: Medical Registrar, Box Hill Hospital, Melbourne </p><p> 1993: Advanced Trainee in Cardiology, The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne </p><p> 1993: Diploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound (Echocardiography) First registrar to obtain DDU during advanced training at the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne </p><p> 1993: F.R.A.C.P. </p><p> 1994-1995 Fellowship in Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pacing, St. Vincents Hospital, Indianapolis USA Prof. Eric N. Prystowsky </p><p> 1995: Appointed Full-Time Staff Cardiologist, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane </p></li><li><p> 1996: Appointed Visiting Cardiologist, Mater Hospitals Brisbane </p><p> 1997-2002 Specialist Reserve Member </p><p> 1999: Appointed Visiting Cardiologist, Redlands Hospital Brisbane </p><p> 2003: Appointed Senior Staff Consultant Cardiologist Princess Alexandra Hospital </p><p> 2005: Sabbatical Study, 10 weeks June August 2005: Focus on role of cardiac electrophysiology in heart failure and atrial fibrillation, deployment and operation of non-fluoroscopic imaging and cryo-ablation systems </p><p> ESC Heart Failure Symposium, Lisbon, Portugal 1 week </p><p> EP laboratory Dr. Carlo Pappone, Milan, Italy 1 week </p><p> ESC Europace Scientific Sessions, Prague, Czech Republic </p><p> EP laboratory Dr. Michel Haissaguerre, Bordeaux, France 2 weeks </p><p> EP laboratory Dr. Wyn Davies, St. Marys Hospital, London, England 1 week </p><p> EP laboratories D. Richard Schilling, St. Bartholomews and London Bridge Hospitals, London, England 1 week </p><p> EP laboratory Dr. George Klein, London, Ontario, Canada 1 week </p><p> EP laboratory Dr. David Wilber, Chicago U.S.A. 1 week </p><p> EP laboratory Dr. Eric Prystowsky, Indianapolis U.S.A </p><p> 2005-current: Appointed Director of Clinical Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology Princess Alexandra Hospital </p><p> 2009: FCSANZ </p><p> 2014 appointed Associate Professor, University of Queensland School of Medicine </p><p> 2014 appointed FHRS </p></li><li><p>Teaching Commitments 1996-2000: Annual lecture in cardiology to medical students of University of Queensland, ECG, Herston campus, Brisbane 1996-1999: Annual tutorial series with foreign medical graduates (AMEC candidates), 2-3 sessions, ECG/Arrhythmia, Royal Brisbane Hospital, Brisbane 1996-2006: Annual lecture/tutorial series during intern training, Princess Alexandra Hospital, 3-4 sessions, ECG/Arrhythmia/Resuscitation/Cardiological Emergencies/Angina 1995-2014: In-Service tutorials for residents on Cardiology rotation, 8-10 sessions per year, Princess Alexandra Hospital 1996-2014: In-Service tutorials for Cardiology nurses, 1-2 sessions per year, Princess Alexandra Hospital 1995-2014: Annual lecture/tutorial series with advanced trainees in Medicine, 2-3 sessions, Advanced ECG Interpretation/Arrhythmia, Princess Alexandra Hospital 1995-2014: Short and Long Case practice examinations with advanced trainees in Medicine, 6-10 sessions per year, Princess Alexandra Hospital 2000-2006: Clinical Teaching sessions for medical registrars every fortnight at Redland Hospital, Brisbane 1998-2014: Continuous training responsibility for Cardiac Scientists involved in cardiac electrophysiological studies, ablation procedures, pacemaker implantation and pacemaker clinic follow-up activities, Princess Alexandra Hospital. 7 cardiac scientists obtained IHBRE certification in Cardiac Pacing 2008-14 1995-2014: Continuous training responsibility for advanced trainees in Cardiology, Princess Alexandra Hospital 2001-2014: RACP Clinical Supervisor, Princess Alexandra Hospital 2007-2012: Lecturer to CEPIA National Scientific Programme for Cardiac Scientists: Complex arrhythmia diagnosis and ablation </p></li><li><p> Publications Bibliography </p><p> 1. Fogel R.I., Chamberlain-Webber R., Hill J.N., Evans J.J., Johnson S., Prystowsky E.N.: </p><p>"Intravenous Amiodarone: Acute Efficacy Predicts Long Term Success."Circulation 1994; 90 Vol.4 Pt2:I-546 (abstract) </p><p> 2. Hill J.N., Chamberlain-Webber R., Prystowsky E.N. et al: "Long RP Tachycardia: Can </p><p>Mode of Termination By Adenosine Differentiate Atrial from Atypical AV Node Re-entrant Tachycardia?" JACC Feb 1995: 129A (abstract) </p><p> I presented this abstract at the ACC Meeting in New Orleans on March 20th 1995. 3. Chamberlain-Webber R., Hill J.N., Prystowsky E.N. et al: "Characteristics of Successful </p><p>Posterior Septal Sites to Cure AV Node Re-entry Using a Thermistor-Controlled Catheter System." JACC Feb 1995: 128A (abstract) </p><p> 4. Wharton J.M., Hill J.N., Freedberg N.A., Prystowsky E.N.: "Disopyramide" chapter in </p><p>"Cardiovascular Drug Therapy" ed. Messerli F.H., 2nd. edition, W.B. Saunders 1995 5. Freedberg N.A., Hill J.N., Evans J.J., Fogel R.I., Prystowsky E.N.: "Patients with Initial </p><p>Appropriate Defibrillator Therapy: Are Subsequent Therapy and Symptoms Predictable?" PACE 1995; 18(4)Pt2: 944 </p><p> 6. Hill J.N., Freedberg N.A., Wharton J.M., Prystowsky E.N. et al: Are Atypical and Typical </p><p>AV Node Re-entry Mirror-image Tachycardias? Response to Adenosine suggests Otherwise Circulation 1995; 86: 919-25 </p><p> 7. Hill J.N., Chamberlain-Webber R, Zimerman L, Shenasa H, Fogel, Wharton M, </p><p>Prystowsky EN: Long RP tachycardia: Can mode of termination by adenosine differentiate atrial from atypical AV node reentry tachycardia? J Am Coll Cardiol, 1995;25:129A </p><p>8. Freedberg NA, Hill JN, Evans JJ, Fogel RI, Prystowsky EN: Spontaneous sustained ventricular tachycardia: Mechanisms of initiation. J Am Coll Cardiol 1996;27(2):349A </p><p> 9. Freedberg N.A., Hill J.N., Fogel R.I., Prystowsky E.N.: Recurrence of Symptomatic </p><p>Ventricular Arrhythmias in Patients With Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator After the First Device Therapy JACC 2001; 37:1910-17 </p></li><li><p>10. Meulet J., Pavia S., Doneva S., Hill J.N.: Impact of RV Pacing Site on Development of Atrial Tachyarrhythmias in Patients with Dual Chamber Pacemakers PACE 2005, 28(4) </p><p> 11. Hill J.N.: Amiodarone for Atrial Fibrillation: Comfort for the Afflicted and Affliction for the </p><p>Comforted. J Cardiovasc Electrophysiol 2007, 18(7): 719-21 (Editorial) </p><p>12. Hill J.N.: Detection of Thrombus Before Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation: Focus Determines Reality J Cardiovasc Electrophysiol 2008 (published online Feb 5 2008, Editorial) </p><p> 13. Hunt B.J., Dauber K.M., Gould P.A., Hill J.N.: No Difference in Defibrillator Lead Integrity </p><p>or Efficacy with Right Ventricular Outflow Tract Placement Compared to Right Ventricular Apical Placement: A Single Centre Experience Heart Rhythm 2009, 6(5S): 439 </p><p>14. Stanton T., B. Haluska, R. Leano, K. Dauber, S. Doneva, P.A. Gould, G. Kaye, J.N. Hill, et al:Improvement of Mechanical Synchrony by Echocardiographic Optimization of CRT and its Role in Improving Response Heart, Lung and Circulation, 2009,(18),1617 </p><p>15. Stanton T., Haluska B., Leano R., Dauber K.M., Doneva S., Stafford W., Gould P.A., Kaye G., Hill J.N., Marwick T.H.: Echocardiographic Optimisation of Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy: The Importance of Mechanical Synchrony Heart Lung Circ 2009, 18(S3): 33-34 </p><p> 16. Dauber K. M., Gould P.A., Jenkins C., Doneva S., Kaye G., Hill J.N., Marwick T.H.: </p><p>Regional Variations Seen in Left Ventricular Electro-Mechanical Activation Heart Lung Circ 2009, 18(S3): 136-137 </p><p> 17. Dauber K.M., Gould P.A., Doneva S., Hill J.N., Kaye G.: Primary Prevention ICD Therapy </p><p>Rates in a Single Centre Cohort Heart Lung Circ 2009, 18(S3): 157 </p><p>18. Hill J.N., Korczyk D., Denaro C., Finn H.: Enzyme Replacement Therapy in a Case of AndersonFabry Disease with Advanced Cardiac Involvement and Malignant Ventricular Arrhythmias Heart Lung Circ 2012, 21(S1): S5 </p><p> 19. T. Stanton, B. Haluska, K. Dauber, S. Doneva, W. Stafford, G. Kaye, P. Gould, J. Hill, et al, Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy Optimisation at Rest but not on Exercise Produces Significant Improvement in BNP: Results of a one Year Randomised, Double-Blind Clinical Trial Heart, Lung and Circulation, 2012, (21), S74 </p><p>20. Eng L., Peters N., Hill J.N.: DofetilideAnti-arrhythmic Therapy: First Australian Experience Heart Lung Circ 2012, 21(S1): S101 </p><p>21. Moore P.T, Kaye G.C., Hamilton M., Slater L., Gould P.A., Hill J.N.: Seven Years Experience of a Nurse-Led Elective Cardioversion Service in a Tertiary Referral Centre: An Observational Study Heart Lung Circ 01/2014 </p></li><li><p>22. Moore P.T, Kaye G.C., Hamilton M., Slater L., Gould P.A., Hill J.N.:The Safety of a Nurse-Led Day-Case Cardioversion Service in a Tertiary Referral Center: A Single Centre Experience Heart Rhythm 2014, 11(5S): S176 </p><p> 23. Moore PT, Kaye GC, Hamilton M, Slater L, Gould PA, Hill JN. Seven years experience of a nurse-led elective cardioversion service in a tertiary referral centre: an observational study. Heart Lung Circ. 2014 Jun;23(6):555-9. doi: 10.1016/j.hlc.2014.01.014. Epub 2014 Feb 6. 24. Kaye GC, Eng LK, Hunt BJ, Dauber KM, Hill J, Gould PA: A Comparison of Right Ventricular Non-apical Defibrillator Lead Position with Traditional Right Ventricular Apical Position: A Single Centre Experience. Heart Lung Circ. 2014 Sep 1. pii: S1443-9506(14)00661-1. doi: 10.1016/j.hlc.2014.08.008. [Epub ahead of print] PMID:25224461 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] </p></li><li><p>Invited lectures </p><p> To General Practitioners and local community hospital Medical Staff, on subjects of general cardiological interest including arrhythmia, 2-3 events per year, 1996-2008 </p><p> To The Annual Scientific Sessions of the North American Society for Pacing and Electrophysiology (NASPE, now HRS, Heart Rhythm Society the pre-eminent international group of specialists in heart rhythm disorders), 1-2 Clinical Tutorials as Faculty member: </p><p> 1999 Ablation of Complex Accessory Pathways: </p><p> This presentation marked international recognition of knowledge and capability in this field </p><p> 2000 ECG in Ablation of Accessory Pathways: Advanced intracardiac and surface ECG interpretation in the therapy of Wolff-</p><p>Parkinson-White Syndrome </p><p> 2001 Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) in Aircraft: Tracing the development and utility of AEDs pioneered in commercial aviation </p><p>resuscitation, presaging the wider usage of AEDs in hospitals and other institutions </p><p> 2001 - Non-Anti-Arrhythmic Drugs and Implantable Cardioverter/Defibrillators: Integration of pharmacotherapy for mechanical and ischaemic factors with device </p><p>and Anti-arrhythmic therapies in the prevention of sudden cardiac death </p><p> 2002 Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death Beyond the implantable defibrillator </p><p> 2002 - Practical Management of Atrial Fibrillation </p><p> Expert Panel </p><p> 2012 - Provocative Cases in the Management of Ventricular Arrhythmias </p><p> Session Chair </p></li><li><p>Involvement in Clinical Trials </p><p> TRIAL NAME # RECRUITED COMMENCED CEASED PI Sub-</p><p>I </p><p>AS OF 1997 Gusto III 25 Aug-97 Jan-99 Hill </p><p> Val-Heft 22 Oct-96 May-00 Hill </p><p>Alive 5 Dec-97 Jun-00 Hill </p><p>Assent-II 25 Sep-97 Nov-98 Hill </p><p>Bosentan 2 Jan-97 Feb-98 Hill </p><p>Capricorn 31 May-97 May-00 Hill </p><p>Fraxis 17 Jan-97 Aug-97 Hill </p><p>Guardian 25 May-97 Aug-98 Hill </p><p>Hero-2 Transfer site only Dec-97 NA Hill </p><p>Nicorandil 3 Jan-97 Apr-97 Hill </p><p>Open-Label Bosentan </p><p>1 Nov-97 Feb-06 Hill </p><p>Posicor 0 (Study ceased by sponsor) </p><p>Cancelled by sponsor </p><p>Cancelled Hill </p><p>Symphony-I 7 Dec-97 Oct-98 Hill </p><p>COMMENCED IN 1998 </p><p>Copernicus 1 Apr-98 Mar-00 Hill </p><p> Cure 23 Nov-98 Dec-00 Hill </p><p>Dronedarone 1 (Study ceased by sponsor) </p><p>Cancelled by sponsor </p><p>Cancelled Hill </p><p>Moxcon 2 (Study ceased by sponsor) </p><p>Cancelled by sponsor </p><p>Cancelled Hill </p><p>Symphony-II 1 (Study ceased by sponsor) </p><p>Cancelled by sponsor </p><p>Cancelled Hill </p><p>COMMENCED IN 1999 </p><p>Valiant 37 Aug-99 Feb-06 Hill </p><p> Overture 7 Aug-99 Feb-06 Hill </p><p>Pacific 9 Jun-99 Jun-00 Hill </p><p>COMMENCED IN 2000 </p><p>Sportif-III 4 11-00 Feb-06 Hill </p><p> Ivadbradine 1 11-00 Jan-06 Hill </p><p>Gusto-V 4 6-00 Feb-06 Hill </p><p>Presto 20 3-00 Jan-06 Hill </p><p>Carissa 0 (Study ceased by sponsor) </p><p>Cancelled by sponsor </p><p>Cancelled Hill </p><p>COMMENCED IN 2001 </p><p>Prove-It 7 Jun-01 Apr-06 Hill </p><p> Oat 4 (closed recruitment) </p><p>Nov-01 Oct-10 Hill </p><p>Expedition 31 Nov-01 Feb-06 Hill </p><p>COMMENCED IN 2002 </p><p>Open-Label Overture </p><p>7 Feb-02 Mar-06 Hill </p><p> Adonis 1 Feb-06 Feb-06 Hill </p><p>Interheart 7 Feb-02 Feb-06 Hill </p><p>On Target 45 May-02 Jul-08 Hill </p><p>Transcend 2 May-02 Mar-09 Hill </p></li><li><p>Synergy 11 Apr-02 Apr-06 Hill </p><p>I-Preserve 4 Aug-02 Jul-08 Hill </p><p>COMMENCED IN 2003 </p><p>Extract Transfer site only Jun-03 NA Hill </p><p> HAT 49 Jul-03 Sep-07 Hill </p><p>Oasis 5 11 Jan-04 May-06 Hill </p><p>Active 31 Jul-03 May-09 Hill </p><p>Phase I 0 (Study ceased by sponsor) </p><p>Cancelled by sponsor </p><p>Cancelled Hill </p><p>COMMENCED IN 2004 </p><p>Revive 1 Mar-04 Apr-06 Hill </p><p> Universe 4 May-03 Apr-06 Hill </p><p>Chablis 6 Mar-04 May-06 Hill </p><p>COMMENCED IN 2005 </p><p>Apex 6 Jan-05 Aug-06 Hill </p><p> Early ACS Transfer site only May-05 May-06 Hill </p><p>MAIA 6 Jun-05 Jun-06 Hill </p><p>Beautiful 5 Aug-05 Aug-09 Hill </p><p>TIMI 38 8 Aug-05 Sep-07 Hill </p><p>Adduce 4 Aug-05 Apr-06 Hill </p><p>COMMENCED IN 2006 </p><p>Acacia 45 Feb-06 Aug-07 Hill </p><p> ZoMax II 13 Jan-06 Dec-11 Hill </p><p>Freedom 4 Aug-09 May-12 Hill </p><p>COMMENCED IN 2007 </p><p>Champion 19 Jan-07 Jul-09 Hill </p><p> Plato 21 Apr-07 Jun-09 Hill </p><p>Red-HF 0 May-07 Mar-09 Hill </p><p>Cardiome 0 Sep-07 Aug-09 Hill </p><p>Protect 35 Aug-07 Ongoing Hill </p><p>Freedom 2 0 Oct-07 Oct-08 Hill </p><p>Shift 0 Oct-07 Aug-09 Hill </p><p>Rocket 1 Aug-08 Jun-09 </p><p>Dionysos 0 Mar-08 Jul-08 Hill </p><p>COMMENCED IN 2008 </p><p>Roche 18 Dec-08 May-12 Hill </p><p>COMMENCED IN 2009 </p><p>Atlas 2 16 Apr-09 </p><p>Jun-11 Hill </p><p>Alphee 1 Sep-09 Apr-11 Hill </p><p>Averroes 2 Mar-09 Ongoing Hill </p><p>COMMENCED IN 2010 </p><p>Artem...</p></li></ul>


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