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Customizing Manifest Files in Siebel Open UI (Siebel Open UI Training, Part 6): Once Presentation Model or Physical Render JS files are ready to test, very next step is manifest file customization. From onward, manifest file customization has become easier, no need to modify custom_manifest.xml or repository. Check out here how to configure Manifest file from client itself. For more information, visit our website Also you can email us : Follow 'Techonestop' on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn.

Text of Customizing manifest files

  • 1. Customizing Manifest Files Presented by TechOneStop In a vision to make TECHNOLOGY simple for u Techonestop.com1
  • 2. Objectives techonestop.com2 1) What is Manifest file and its purpose 2) Configure Manifest file
  • 3. Manifest Files techonestop.com3 1) Indentify the JavaScripts files that must be downloaded from Siebel server to client machine during application rendering 2) Can be configured from Siebel Open UI client - Prior to, we had two XML manifest files, located under ../siebsrvr/OBJECTS. > core_manifest.xml contains rendering keys for vanilla application > custom_manifest.xml contains custom rendering keys. But from Siebel Open UI versions and onward, we dont modify these two files any more, rather we will configure manifest file from client itself.
  • 4. Steps to configure Manifest Files techonestop.com4 1) Verify Presentation model and Physical renderer JS files include Define method 2) Register custom JS files 3) Configure manifest administration 4) Verify customizations
  • 5. Step 1: Verify Presentation Model and Physical Renderer JS files include Define method - Use JavaScript editor to open custom PM/PR js files and verify Define method is declared or not - Define method should include the file name (without .js extension) with relative file path techonestop.com5
  • 6. Step 2: Register custom JS files techonestop.com6 - Log in to Siebel client and navigate to Administration Application > Manifest file - Verify Manifest files view already includes custom JS files that Siebel Open UI must download during application rendering. If not present, create new record to register the js file - File name must be same as Define method, only difference is that we register file with .js extension
  • 7. Step 3: Configure Manifest Administration - Associate the js files with Applets To do this, navigate to Administration Application > Manifest Administration and create new records like below - Configure the group under Object Expression tab > Decides when to download (like on which platform) and in what sequence > Can be configured Simple expression, or complex expression which includes AND/OR operators techonestop.com7 Field Purpose Value Type Specifies the type of Siebel object that we want to customize Applet/View/Screen/.. Usage Type Specifies how Siebel open ui download files Presentation Model / Physical Renderer/Theme/.. Name Name of the custom object Applet Name/View Name/...
  • 8. Step 3: Configure Manifest Administration (Cont..) techonestop.com8 Field Purpose Group Name If the record is part of group expression, then enter value in the Group Name, otherwise leave it blank. Before adding Group Name, we must add more than one expression and one must have level. Expression If the record that we are adding to the Object expressions is 1) Not a group expression, then set value in the expression and keep the Group Name blank 2) a group expression, then enter value in group name and keep the expression field blank Level Set the sequence number to determine the order that Siebel Open UI uses to execute expressions in ascending order Operator If the record that we are adding to the object expressions list is a group expression, then we must specify logical operator (AND/OR) to combine subexpressions.
  • 9. Step 3: Configure Manifest Administration (Cont..) techonestop.com9 - Specify the files > If you have added more than one expression, then make sure you have selected the correct expression and then click Add in the file list > Query the file and click OK to add the file
  • 10. Step 4: Verify customization - Do Clear Cache and reload the browser to see the changes - Do Inspect Element to see files have been downloaded properly or not techonestop.com1
  • 11. QnA How Siebel Open UI behaves when Custom manifest matches with Predefined manifest ? If the values what we specify in Type, Usage Type and Name fields of the UI objects list are same as predefined UI object, then Siebel Open UI gives priority to custom manifest. If you need both files (predefined manifest and custom manifest) to be downloaded, then add custom files under predefined manifest only or add all files under custom manifest. There are few excepcational cases as well, we will discuss all these in next module. techonestop.com1
  • 12. Do you have any questions / Doubts ? Write us or Follow Techonestop on Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn *** is now techonestop.com12
  • 13. Thank You!!! For more information, visit eMail id: techonestop.com13