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<ul><li><p> Customer Relationship Marketing Sussex International Summer School 2006 Course Workbook Course leader: Dr. Paurav Shukla Email: OR Phone: +44-1273-642140 Website: Brighton Business School University of Brighton </p></li><li><p>Module overview Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) is a crucial subject to study. In an era of increasingly transient management themes, few board agenda items are attracting sustained attention like CRM. To provide the measure of the explosion of management interest in CRM, Forrester Research searched the Dow Jones content base of more than 6000 management publications for references about CRM and found 6048 articles in 2000, up from 442 articles in 1998 (Chatham et al. 2001). A recent search at emerald by me produced 563 relevant articles on CRM. Research has shown that companies worldwide lose half their customers every five years. But most managers fail to address that fact head-on by striving to learn why those defectors left. This module will delve with issue related to CRM from theoretical as well as practical perspectives and provide the participants with guidance on improving the overall understanding of marketing. I have chosen to call this a workbook as opposed to a handbook, since if it is used in the ways it is intended, it will direct you in your own personal study of the subject and thereby help you to pass the exam also! Please refer to the module timetable for more details regarding the topics we will cover from week to week. For each week of lectures, the slides are included with space to make notes during the lectures. There is also a page detailing the seminar activity at the end of each lecture note which provides details of the seminar activity and also provides with the space to make notes during the seminar. If you have any questions about anything contained within this workbook, email me and I will get back to you. I hope you enjoy the module! </p></li><li><p>Aims and Objectives This module is concerned with the understanding of marketing strategies aimed at delivering quality, securing repeat business and generating customer loyalty. All these elements form the foundations for successful customer relationship marketing. </p><p>Learning outcomes Students will be able to: </p><p> Identify market forces and customer expectations Understand the various models of buyer behaviour Develop appropriate marketing strategies based on the marketing mix Understand the importance of quality in exceeding customer expectations Identifying customer expectations by using various customer research methods Understand the various elements of successful customer services Identify and implement control and monitoring exercises to ensure that quality is maintained and </p><p>improved where possible Appreciate the importance of Direct Marketing in CRM </p><p>Indicative reading list Essential reading Bruhn, M. (2003), Relationship Marketing: Management of Customer Relationships, Prentice Hall. Additional reading Egan, J. (2001) Relationship Marketing: Exploring Relational Strategies in Marketing, Prentice Hall. Little, E. &amp; Marandi, E. (2003) Relationship Marketing, Thomson. Foss, B. &amp; Stone, M. (2001) Successful Customer Relationship Marketing: New thinking, New strategies, New Tools for Getting Closer to Your Customers, Kogan Page. Dych, Jill, (2002) The CRM Handbook: A Business Guide to Customer Relationship Management, Addison-Wesley Professional Greenberg, Paul, (2001) CRM at the Speed of Light: Capturing and Keeping Customers in Internet Real Time, Osborne/McGraw-Hill Hollensen, S. (2003) Marketing Management: A Relationship Approach, Prentice Hall. Peppers, Don and Rogers, Martha, (1997) Enterprise One to One, Currency Seybold, Patricia and Marshak, Ronni, (1998) The Customer Revolution, Crown Business Lee, Dick, (2000) The Customer Relationship Management Survival Guide, HYM Press Stone, Woodcock &amp; Machtynger, (2000) Customer Relationship Marketing: Get to Know Your Customers and Win Their Loyalty, Kogan Page. </p><p>Journals and Magazines European Journal of Marketing Journal of Database Marketing Journal of Marketing Harvard Business Review Journal of Marketing Management Marketing Marketing Direct Marketing Week Mintel and Keynote reports Financial Times carries various special supplements as well as articles on CRM and related issues so please keep an eye on the same. </p></li><li><p>Teaching and learning strategies: The theories, models and concepts of the subject area will be introduced, and students will be required to apply these in order to consolidate learning. A combination of lectures, individual or small group work, case studies and plenary discussions will be used. Students will be encouraged to undertake comparative analyses in order to broaden perspectives. </p><p>Assessment The module will be assessed by the following means: Course work: Group assignment 40% (Session 2 week 3) A time controlled assessment: Exam 60% (Session 2 Week 4; open book) Course work: Group assignment 40% Please read the case study Tesco: The Customer Relationship Management Champion and answer the questions at the end of the case. Remember this is a group assignment and not an individual one. The group consisting of maximum 3 members will submit the assignment in the session 2 of week 3. The challenge for the group will be to stay away from descriptive platitudes and to derive real insight. A time controlled assessment: Exam 60% This is an individual assessment. It being an open book assessment the students can also bring their books and other relevant material in the exam. </p><p>Timetable Week Session Date Session Topic Reading 1 1 25 Jun 06 Introduction to CRM </p><p>BA case study Chap 1,2,3 </p><p>1 2 27 Jun 06 External &amp; Internal Audits Cashing in on an expanding market </p><p>Chap 4 </p><p>2 1 01 Aug 06 Buying Behaviour &amp; Decision Making Buying behaviour exercise </p><p>2 2 03 Aug 06 Customer expectations &amp; Customer Service Retail banking case study </p><p>Chap 5, 6 </p><p>3 1 08 Aug 06 Developing Marketing Strategy for CRM Adams childrenwear (Coursework) </p><p>Chap 5, 6 </p><p>3 2 10 Aug 06 The Importance of Quality, Control &amp; Monitoring Eurocomp travel </p><p>Chap 7, 8 </p><p>4 1 15 Aug 06 Direct Marketing &amp; Revision Chap 9 4 2 17 Aug 06 Exam </p></li><li><p>Group Member Information Form (Please submit this form in session 2, week 1) </p><p> Group Name: </p><p>Group Leaders Name: </p><p>Group Leaders Email: </p><p>Group Leaders Phone: </p><p>Team member(s) name Student number Email ID </p></li></ul>


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