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  • Customer Relationship ManagementCRM StrategyBusiness driven relationship management

    To drive revenue in difficult economic times, you need to unify your sales efforts, take care of your customers and partners, and make sure that every marketing dollar is spent wisely. You can no longer lure and grow customers with a decentralized approach that inhibits team selling and locks critical customer information in individual silos.

    Every one of your customers is bombarded with generic sales messages; to compete effectively, you need to target your marketing campaigns across multiple indicators, and continuously refine your approach based on campaign performance.

    Its impossible to achieve the results you need unless you are effectively leveraging an enterprise Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.

    Edgewater Technology takes a holistic pragmatic business driven approach to CRM. Our integrated offerings bring the best of business and technical expertise to solve business problems.

    CRM Challenges

    Difficulty accommodating unique aspects of your business or industry with CRM

    CRM costs spiraling out of control

    A CRM system that is just another data silo

    Trouble penetrating your top tier accounts effectively

    Multiple people using spreadsheets and databases to manage customer data

    No visibility into your sales pipeline

    Lack of collaboration between sales and marketing

    Inability to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns

    No single source for all customer information

    Problems with user adoption

    Level 3

    CRM True Enterprise Solution Standard Processes Collaboration with Marketing 360-Degree View of Customer Campaigning to Top-Tier Accounts Integrates with Critical Systems High-Data Quality & IntegrityLevel 2

    Deployed to Sales Managing Sales Processes Fragmented Processes No Collaboration with Marketing

    Level 1 CRM is Expensive Rolodex

    Level 0 No CRM in Place Flying Bling

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    The SolutionEdgewater is a full service CRM partner that can help organizations at all levels of CRM maturity. Our comprehensive expert capabilities enable us to:

    Define a strategy that results in the necessary alignment between strategic goals and operational plans, as well as alignment between all key components of the business

    Treat CRM deployment as an enterprise system with standard business processes, data, and definitions, and integration to critical systems

    Identify organizational risks up front by determining organizational readiness for change and then devising strategies to address this

    Provide best of breed technical solutions

    Our CRM Offerings Include:

    CRM Health Check Current State Analysis

    Sales process and pipeline reporting

    Lead and opportunity management

    Campaign and promotion management

    Data quality of customers & contacts

    Integration with critical applications

    Leverage CRM and industry best practices

    Proof of concept (POC) focused on identified challenges

    Enterprise CRM Roadmap

    Multiple business units and/or departments

    Next generation CRM platform

    Target business processes for sales, marketing and customer service

    Data strategy, including quality and governance programs

    Enterprise Integration strategy

    Reporting and analytics strategy

    Change management and organizational readiness

    Phased deployment plan

    CRM Implementations

    Deploy on-premise or online model

    Define and implement target CRM platform

    Product configuration/xRM design and development

    Integration with critical/legacy enterprise applications

    Data quality, conversion, and management, including de-duplication of customer data

    Custom application development

    Program and change management

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