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Curtain Measurement help guide - Harry Corry

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Text of Curtain Measurement help guide - Harry Corry

Curtain Measurement help guide
To get your exact drop: Decide where you would like your curtains to drop to. The most common drops are:
C Full drop to the floor
D drop to above a radiator
E Drop to a window sill
Where to measure from: Existing curtain track
measure from the top of a curtain track.
Existing curtain pole
If you are using eyelet curtains measure from the top of the pole.
If you are using tape top curtains measure from the bottom of the curtain ring.
This guide will ensure you get the perfect curtains for your window.
Hints: Make sure you use a metal tape measure as fabric equivalents can be stretched.
Have someboby to hold the end of the tape measure for you for added accuarcy. Use either inches or centimetres, do not mix your chosen unit of measurement.
To get the exact width: Using an existing curtain curtain track - simply measure the full width of the track.
Using an existing pole - simply measure the full width of the pole, do not include the decorative finials at each end. If you do not have a curtain pole or track then measure the window recess (A)
Now add 15 centimetres (6 inches) to each side to allow the curtains room to be pulled back (B)
Measurement B = Total Measurement of
Measurement A = B+A+B=
Measurement B = Measurement of C , D or E =
(Width Required) (Drop Required)