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  • CURRICULUM VITA Updated August 2009

    ANTHONY M. SHELTON Professor, Department of Entomology

    Cornell University's NYS Agric. Expt. Station Geneva, New York 14456

    Tel: 315-787-2352 FAX: 315-787-2326 E-mail: ACADEMIC RECORD: St. Mary's College of California, Moraga, CA - 1967-71 - B.A. (Classics & Philosophy)

    Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA - 1973-75 (Biology & Chemistry)

    University of California, Riverside, CA - 1975-79 - M.S., Ph.D. (Entomology with emphasis in insect pest management and biological control)


    Research Assistant, University of California, Riverside, Department of Entomology - 1976-79. Assistant (1979-85), Associate (1985-93) and Full Professor (1993-present), Department of Entomology, Cornell University's New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, NY. Responsible for developing sound insect pest management strategies for vegetables with spin-offs for other crops. Components of program stress insect population ecology, biological control, plant resistance, agricultural biotechnology, insecticide resistance, insect movement, trap cropping, and plant productivity and marketability as a function of insect infestations. Associate Director of Research and Associate Director of the Cornell Agricultural Experiment Station, Ithaca NY - 1993-2001. Professor of International Agriculture and Associate Director of International Agriculture, 2002- present

    PRESENT DIVISION OF EFFORT: Research - 70% Extension - 15% Teaching- 15% PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: Sabbatical Leave: Institute for Plant Protection, Wageningen, The Netherlands - 3/86 - 9/86 Waite Institute, University of Adelaide, Australia- 1/02-5/02 University of California, Davis- 9/06- 12/06

  • September 17, 2009


    Lincoln University, New Zealand- 1/07-4/07 Professional Societies: Entomological Society of America Society for Invertebrate Pathology National Agricultural Biotechnology Committee (Chair in 2006-7) Consultant: International Atomic Energy Agency Indonesia, Malaysia, 1989 Malaysia, 1991 Ecogen, Inc., 1989

    Agricultural Biotechnology Stewardship Committee (Dow, Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta), 1998-present Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliff legal firm, 2004-5 USAID, 2007 Panitch Schwarze Belisario & Nadel, LLP, 2008

    Panels: USDA/NRI Competitive Grant Panel on Insect Stress 1984 USDA Small Business Innovation Program 1988 USDA Scientific Panel on Bt resistance 1992 USDA NC-IPM Review Panel 1994 USDA Pest Management Alternatives Review Panel 1996 Dept. of Entomology Review, Univ. of Maryland 1996 USDA/ARS Ithaca Review Panel on Biological Control 1996

    Ag Biotech Stewardship Committee-Insect Resistance Management 1998-present Congressional Testimony on GMOs to the House of Representatives- 1999 EPA Risk/Benefits Panel for Bt Crops- 2000 USDA-IFAFS Panel Manager, Biotechnology- 2001 EPA Workshop Series on Bt Corn Resistance Management- 2001 Canadian Gov’t Panel on Biotechnology, 2002

    Presenter to NAS panel on Containment of GMOs, 2002 Council on Agriculture, Science and Technology- Resistance to Pesticides, 2003 Review Panel, Association of Liason Office, USAID, 2004 Cornell BARD Program, Director 2004 EPA Workshop on Monitoring for Bt Plants, 2004 APHIS Workshop on monitoring the effect of Bt plants on non-targets- 2004 Lincoln University (NZ) Curriculum Reorganization Panel, 2006 European Food Safety Authority, 2007 Western Region-IPM, Grant Review Panel, 2007 USAID-PBS Review Panel, 2007 National Academy of Sciences, Board on Ag Review Insect Control, 2008, 2009 USDA Pest Management Alternative Program, Grant Review Panel, 2009

    Entomological Society of America and Other Symposia Organized: Co-coordinator, Vegetable Insect Conference, National Meeting, 1982 Program Committee, Eastern Branch, 1983 Program Committee, Eastern Branch, 1988

  • September 17, 2009


    Chair, Vegetable Symposium, National Meeting, 1988 Linnaean Games Committee, Eastern Branch, 1990 Program Committee, Eastern Branch, 1992 Committee on Ethics, 1998 –present Subject Editor, Insecticide Resistance, J. Econ. Entomol., 2001-present ESA Program Symposium Organizer, National Meeting, 2003 ESA Program Symposium Organizer, National Meeting, 2004 Program Organizer, International Congress of Entomology, 2004 Program Organizer, XVth International Congress of Plant Protection, 2004 Organizer, National Agricultural Biotechnology Council Annual Meeting, 2006 Organizer, 5th International Workshop on Diamondback Moth, Beijing, 2006 Symposium Organizer, International Congress of Entomology, SA, 2008 Symposium Organizer, 3rd Int. Symp. on Biocontrol of Arthropods, NZ, 2009 Symposium Organizer, 6th Int. IPM Symp., Portland, 2009 HONORS, AWARDS, FELLOWSHIPS: Cornell International Traveling Fellowship - 1983 Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture Fellowship - 1986 Cornell International Traveling Fellowship - 1989 Eastern Branch Ent. Soc. Am. Award for Excellence in Pest Management- 1995 Ent. Soc. Am. National Award for Excellence in Pest Management- 1995 Plenary lecture, Nordic Agricultural Scientists- 1995 China-US Scholar Exchange- 1996 New York State Award for Excellence in IPM- 1997 Plenary lecture, American University at Beruit- 2000 NOVA lectureship (Nordic Countries)- 2001 Plenary lecture, 4th Int. Conf. on Diamondback Moth, Australia-2001 Cornell International Traveling Fellowship – 2002

    Plenary lecture, Int. Conf. on Biocontrol of Diamondback Moth, France-2002 CALS Professor of International Agriculture- 2002 to present NYS Assoc. of County Ag Agents award for brochure on swede midge- 2003 National Award for Extension Publication Am. Soc. for Hort. Sci. -2004

    ` Plenary lecture, XVth Congress of Plant Protection, China- 2004 Environmental Sciences and Forestry, SUNY, Invited lecture-2004 Eastern Branch Ent. Soc. Am. Recognition Award for Research- 2005 Ent. Soc, of America, National Recognition Award for Research, 2005 Nat’l Assoc. Co. Ext. Agents, State Award and NE finalist for Publication, 2005

    NE Regional Finalist – Public. Award for the "Swede Midge ID Guide", 2005 NYS - Excellence in Crop Production Publication Award, 2006

    National Ag Ext Award for Publication, “Organic Agriculture”, 2006 Cornell (CALS) Award for Applied Research, 2007

    GRADUATE FACULTY ACTIVITIES: Cornell Member of the Field of Entomology, 1979-present Cornell Member of the Field of Plant Protection, 1987-present Advising: Major Professor for students and their present position: Richard Meadow, MS 1984, Professor at Univ. of Norway

  • September 17, 2009


    Casey Hoy, Ph.D. 1988, Professor, Ohio State University Kim Stoner, Ph. D. 1988, Associate Scientist, CT Ag. Expt Stn. Susan Webb, Ph.D. 1988, Associate Professor, University of Florida Bill Sheehan, Ph.D. 1988, Consultant Sanford Eigenbrode, Ph. D. 1990, Professor, Univ. of Idaho

    Carlos Perez, M.S. 1993 and Ph.D. 1996, Nicaraguan Coordinator for Swiss International Agency

    Mark Schmaedick, Ph.D. 2000, Research Faculty, Univ. of American Somoa Luis Vasquez, M.S. 1994 and Ph.D. 1998. Scientist at Dow AgroSciences

    Alfredo Rueda. Ph.D. 2000, IPM coordinator at Pan American School of Agriculture (Zamorano)

    Rebecca Smyth, M.S. 1999. Postdoc at Vasssar Wini Utari, MPS 1997. Enrolled in Ph.D. program at Univ. of Kentucky Fred Musser, Ph.D. 2003. Assistant Professor, Mississippi State Univeristy Elizabeth Goulet, M.S. 2003. Ph.D. candidate at Cornell

    Francisco Badeness-Perez. Ph.D. 2005. Max Plank Inst. of Chemical Ecology John Diaz-Montano, Ph.D. initiated in 2005 Committee Member for: Maria Stella Pacheco, MS 1989, MPS Program in Plant Protection Jeff Stewart, Ph.D. 1988 (outside reviewer for University of Guelph) D. Kumaresan, Ph.D. 1989 (outside reviewer for Annamala U., India) Nancy Beck, Ph.D. 1991 (outside reviewer for University of Auckland) Sivapragasam Annamalai, Ph.D. 1995 (outside reviewer for University of Malaysia) Lynne Grbin, Ph.D., 1997 (outside reviewer for University of Adelaide, Australia) Ovidio Diaz Gomes, Ph.D. 1999, Colegio de Postgraduados, Mexico Pahol Kosiyachinda, Ph.D. 20002. Plant Pathology at Cornell Tamara Jane Smith, Ph.D. 2003, (outside reviewer for Rhodes University) Muhammad Sarjan, Ph.D. 2003, (outside reviewer for University of Adelaide) Jennifer MacIntyre Allen, Ph.D. 2004, (outside reviewer for Univ. of Guelph) Jason Cavaatorta M.S., initiated in 2005, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Cornell Nancy Endersby, Ph.D., 2006 (outside reviewer for Monash Univ., Australia) Rana Sarfraz, Ph. D. 2007 (outside reviewer for University of Alberta)

    Erik Smith, MS., 2009, Entomology, Cornell Sarah Nell Davidson, Ph.D. 2009, Plant Biology, Cornell Munir Ahmad, Ph.D. 2009 (outside reviewer for Bahauddin, Pakistan) Frank Rinkevich, Ph.D. scheduled for 2011, Cornell . PROGRAM OVERVIEW: The focus of our research program is to develop sound insect management strategies for vegetables, with spin-offs for others crops, using a sound understanding of insect ecological principles. This broad focus allows us the opportunity to work simultaneously in basic and applied areas on a number of important insects. Our