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CURRICULUM VITAENAME: Michael Hallie Kendor Mobile No: 076-951-259/077-210-285/078-334-364DATE OF BIRTH: 4th August, 1973PLACE OF BIRTH: Buedu/Kailahun DistrictNATIONALITY: Sierra Leonean LANGUAGE SPOKEN: English, Kissi, Mende and KrioMARRIAGE WITH TWO DAUGHTERS EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND YEAR COLLEGE/SCHOOL QUALIFICATION2010-2013 Irish University Business School Masters in Financial Management London. (MSc)2007-2009 Irish University Business SchoolBachelors in Business Administration London.(BBA.Hons)-Finance2000 2003 Eastern Polytechnic College- Kenema Higher Teachers Certificate Secondary (HTC SEC.) Level

1992 1998 Nasir Ahmadiyya Sec. Sch. Kenema GCE O Level, Division Two

1983 1990 District Education Committee School National Primary Selective Buedu, Kailahun District. Entrance


National Coordinator IRACODE-SIERRA LEONERESPONSIBILITIES AND TASK; Job Responsibilities2014-2015 Direct programme activities Design project proposals with project writing committee Lobby for funds from donors Coordinate programme implementation Secretary to the board Oversees all programme activities and reports from departmental heads Attend to programme meetings by heads of organisations

PROGRAMME MANAGER IRACODE-SIERRA LEONERESPONSIBILITIES AND TASK;2011-2013 To represent IRACODE at Regional Taskforce Committee(RTC) meetings To produce monthly work plans based on the requests from the agencies and revise plans as recommended by IRACODE and UNICEF To produce monthly work plans based on the requests from the agencies and revise plans as recommended by IRACODE and UNICEF. To coordinate work schedules for the supervisors and verifiers based on the work plan To liaise between the lead agency and the RTCs To compile and submit monthly reports (using the established reporting format) on the activities of the CLTS (based on the work plan ) to UNICEF and the RTC. To review and authorize the use of funds and resources requested by the supervisors To submit monthly budget reports to UNICEF and the RTC. To review the attendance and performance of the SUPERVISORS and MOBILIZERS and make Recommendation to the RTC regarding the CLTSs performance To request and assist with the organization training session s with the NTC and RTC for the Supervisors and mobilizers when required to ensure the mobilizers ability to properly carry out assigned tasks. To organized the office space and administrative systems for the mobilizers To report to UNICEF Focal Person.JOB TITLE: ACCOUNTANT/OPERATIONS MANAGER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES2009 20111. He/she is responsible for implementing the banks accounting and finance policies.2. Supervision of all the staff in the Banking office. i.e Front Desk or Counter, Cashier (s) and the back office staff.3. Ensure the maintenance of customer accounts namely current, savings, fixed deposit accounts, and all other deposit mobilization products not especially mentioned here and to ensure that these accounts are balanced and reconciled with the GL at least once a month preferable at the end of the month.4. Ensure the maintenance of ledgers for all credit customers i.e loans and advances, overdraft and any other lines of credit or credit schemes introduced by the bank to make its lending operations more accessible. The Account must ensure that the customers ledger cards are balanced and reconciled with the GL at least once a month preferably at the end of the month.5. Assist in the preparation of the Business Plans, Annual Plans and Budgets, and other financial forecasting documents for presentation to the Board for review and approval.6. Ensure the timely preparation of prudential and other prescribed reports of BoSL to banking Supervision Department or any other department as appropriately directed.7. Responsible for keeping the banks main accounting books in particular he/she shall be in charge of keeping the Banks General Ledger and Vault register ad prepare monthly financial reports to ensure timely Board reporting and budget control.8. Manage and monitor the overall liquidity position of the bank to ensure that the bank complies with regulatory requirements as well as prevent holding sterile/idle cash.9. Exercise the authority of the B signatory for all instruments drawn by the bank as well as be one of the Key Holders of the Bank. It shall be the Accountants responsibility to ensure that the Key holding procedure is not corrupted.10. To verify for accuracy vouchers and all other recorded transactions.11. As a daily routine, ensure that the cashier(s) is/are checked and call over-over of all days activities conducted. As a matter of policy to ensure that each days operations are properly and professionally closed i.e. posting customers ledgers, updating of all registers etc.12. Ensure that all financial information going out of the bank is vetted and certified correct including customer information such as bank statements, credit/debit advices etc.MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM SUPERVISOR (MIS) RURAL BANK SEGBWEMARESPONSIBILITIES AND TASK:January- 2008-2009 He/she is responsible for the operation of the banks information technology or bank software and other database He/she is responsible for the repairs and maintenance of IT network and hardware as well as computer and peripherals. Recommend and facilitate the update on IT capacity and computer program. Trouble shooting when problems arise. He/she is responsible for the updating of database at the frequency prescribed by the Management. Ensure that information and reports required by Management, the board and external parties are accurate and promptly submitted. Supervise the MIS clerk/typist

MARKETING AND LOANS OFFICER, SEGBWEMA COMMUNITY BANK LTDRESPONSIBILITY AND TASK:2007 Jan-Dec. To provide technical advice and disseminate useful and practical Information, innovations etc. to the bank Customers to assist borrowers in completing credit application forms and Appraise applicants credit proposal. To undertake field visits and prepare reports, monitor and follow up loans and overdrafts. To pursue and ensure the recovery of loans. To monitor the use of loans to ensure they are not diverted to other purposes To evaluate the impact of the Community Bank on the production, income and standard of living of the people in the community.

CASHIER SEGBWEMA COMMUNITY BANK LTDRESPONSIBILITY AND TASK2006 Dec. Accept cash lodgments from customers and verify the same to ensure that it is correct before recording it into the cashbook. Review cheques, savings withdrawal slips and other cash payment documents are properly drawn so as to prevent incorrectly drawn documents from passing through the system and wasting the customers time. During the course of the day and depending on the transaction demand for cash y customer to make treasury out request to enable her/him make payments to evacuation from the cage to reduce security risk. Assist in doing call over and posting selected journal or registers as may be assigned by the accountant. To record all cash transactions into the cash book and at the end of the day to reconcile all cash and abstract the cash in till carry forward balance.

ACCOUNT CLERK SEGBWEMA RURAL BANK LTDRESPONSIBILITY AND TASK2005 Jan-Dec. Enter daily transactions on customers and other ledger accounting sheet. Enter all transactions on daily journal and daybooks. To cross check daily transactions. Summarize daily transactions in the general ledger (Journal entries). Complete entries in the customers saving books on presentation and to enter interest, if any. Calculate interest on savings, loan and overdraft accounts and to ensure that customers are credited/ debited accordingly. Enter daily non-cash transactions on the waste sheet. Pass entries to loan account, office and other ledger accounts. To undertake other assignments delegated by the Accountant.To assist customers in the opening of accounts and to obtain specimen signature of customers.

PROJECT MANAGER- STREET CHILDREN IN KENEMA, BEN HIRSCH CHILD CARE CENTRE/UNICEF SIERRA LEONE RESPONSIBILITIES AND TASK.2003 2004 Supervise project activities in order to effectively meet the project goals and objectives. Coordinate implementation with other actors in geographical assignment area to promote synergy through Adhere to administrative requirements to ensure compliance with GOAL/UNICEF and donor guidelines. Maintain a strong team and inter program oriented spirit with the team and promote a positive response to sudden and adhoc needs. Carry out any other duties assigned by Coordinator.

HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICER, BEN HIRSCH CHILD CARE CENTRE/ WOMAN IN DEVELOPMENT (BHWID-NNGO), KENEMA 2004- 2005 Provide leadership in the area of HR policy and systems, including analysis of issues relating to Human Resources Management. Provide guidance on legal and compliance issues as well insuring that BHWID follow best practices relating to HR management. Manages and provides leadership in the areas of staff recruitment and retention, employee orientation, performance management; which includes mid term and annual appraisals development and talent identification. Provide oversight and support to the program, ensuring full compliance with donor requirement regarding item stacking, handing and storage. Receive and issue items upon proper authorization and documentation as per lay down procedures. Verifying all waybills and delivery notes during receipt of items and maintain stack cards for same and update immediately after all transactions. And quantity of the item dispatched to the various destinations. Compile status report on a quarterly basis. Maintain warehouse inventory and stock ledgers.