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<p>Networking and Resource Sharing in Engineering College Libraries of Jaipur Presented in National Convention &amp; Convention &amp; Conference of SIS on Role OF The Librarian In 21st Century (5-6December 2008</p> <p>CURRENT STATUS OF INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORIES IN HIGHER EDUCATION IN INDIA WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO IITs, IIMs AND NITs </p> <p> Presented in 16th National Convention on Knowledge, Library and Information Networking on Emerging Technologies and Innovations in Library Practice, NACLIN. Dr. Purnima KaushikAssociate Professor &amp; Head Department of LISUniversity of Rajasthan, Jaipur&amp;Mili Bajpai Dr. Robert Heiling LibraryS. M. S. Medical College, Jaipur </p> <p>10-12 December 2013 E-mail: </p> <p>NACLIN 2013, Jaipur</p> <p>1</p> <p>NEEDS OF IRs IN ACADEMIC INSTITUTIONS </p> <p>Improve access to a wide variety of learning materials for teachers and learners.Improve access to the latest research for academicians and researchers.Minimize the cost of creating and providing access to resources.Ensuring the long-term sustainability of digital resources and systems in education.Share and reuse digital objects.Improve the quality of learning experience.</p> <p>NEEDS OF IRs IN ACADEMIC INSTITUTES (Contd.)OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY </p> <p>To know the actual status of IRs in India.To know the status of IRs in IITs, IIMs, NITs, and Universities. To know the status of IRs in research Organizations.To know most popular software for IRs.</p> <p>INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORY SOFTWARE1. Archimedes- The Open CAD 2. Bepress (Open Access Scholarly Publishing Services)3. CDSware (An OAI-compliant software for document servers developed at CERN)4. CONTENTdm (Digital Collection Management Software by OCLC)5. DSpace (An open source repository software package)6. EPrints (EPrintsis a free and open-source software package)7. Fedora (Fedorais a general-purpose, open-source digital object repository system)8. Greenstone (Greenstoneis a suite of open-source software)9. Open Repository (Registered DSpace Provider offers Repository Hosting, Deployment, &amp; Customization, Repository support training &amp; maintenance.)</p> <p>METHODOLOGY </p> <p> The available literature on the topic has been used to examine the IR concept in the country. Relevant literature was also obtained by browsing different notable websites. For conducting this study, authors have consulted the Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR), and the Directory of Open Access Repositories (open DOAR). </p> <p>INSTITUTINAL REPOSTORYs IN INDIA Many initiatives have been observed in India to digitiz and preserve available knowledge. Various institutions have established their IRs to share resources and making their visibility worldwide. Academic institutions have also started preserving and sharing their resources with the help of IRs. The repository can be created and modified according to the needs and use of an institution. To create IR, many open sources software are available which are free and easily downloadable. </p> <p>STATUS OF IRs IN INDIAAs per Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR), there are 97 institutions having IR but some of them are repeated in the list available.As per Open Directory of Open Access Repositories (Open DOAR), there are 65 institutions having repositories in India.India stands second in Asia after Japan (89) in the number of IRs. (ROAR information)India stands third after Japan (135) and Taiwan (58) as per Open DOAR information.We choose 81 IR for our study.</p> <p>STATUS OF INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORIES IN INDIA(Contd.) Table no1below show the status of IRs in India. In this study 81 institutions in India (including IITs, IIMs, NITs, universities, research organizations, etc) have IRs. Study reveals that most of the IRs are using Dspace software. Out of 81 IRs, 50 are using Dspace, 25 Eprint, 2 Greenstone, and 4 are using other software. </p> <p>11STATUS OF INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORY IN INDIAN INSTITUTES OF TECHNOLOGY (IITs)S. NO.NAME OF THE INSTITUTE INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORYPRESENTSOFTWARE PACKAGEUSED 1IIT KharagpurYESDspace2IIT BombayYESDspace3IIT MadrasYESE print4IIT KanpurYESDspace5IIT DelhiYESE print6IIT GuwahatiNO-7IIT RoorkeeNO-8IIT RoparYESDspace9IIT BhubaneshwarNO-10IIT HyderabadNO-11IIT GandhinagarNO-12IIT PatnaNO-13IIT RajasthanNO-14IIT IndoreNO-15IIT MandiNO-Total15 (100%)6 (40%)12STATUS OF INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORY IN INDIAN INSTITUTES OF MANAGEMENT (IIMs)S.NO.NAME OF THE INSTITUTEINSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORYPRESENTSOFTWARE PACKAGE USED 1IIM Calcutta NO-2IIM Ahmedabad YESDspace3IIM Lucknow NO-4IIM Bangalore YESE-print5IIM Shillong NO-6IIM KozhikodeYESDspace7IIM Indore NO-8IIM RohtakNO-9IIM Raipur 10IIM Ranchi YESDspace11IIM Tiruchirppalli12IIM Udiapur13IIM Kashipur</p> <p>STATUS OF INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORY IN NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF TECHNOLOGY (NITs)S. NO.NAME OF THE INSTITUTEINSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORYPRESENTSOFTWARE PACKAGEUSED1Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, JalandharNO-2National Institute of Technology, AgartalaNO-3Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, AllahabadNO-4Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, BhopalNO-5National Institute of Technology, CalicutNO-6National Institute of Technology, DurgapurNO-7.National Institute of Technology, HamirpurNO-8.Malaviya National Institute of Technology, JaipurNO-9.National Institute of Technology, JamshedpurNO-10.National Institute of Technology, KurukshetraNO-11Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, NagpurNO12.National Institute of Technology, PatnaNO-13.National Institute of Technology, RaipurNO-14.National Institute of Technology, RourkelaYESE- print15.National Institute of Technology, SilcharNO-16.National Institute of Technology, SrinagarNO-17.S V National Institute of Technology, SuratYESE-print18.National Institute of Technology Karnataka, SurathkalNO-19.National Institute of Technology, TiruchirapalliNO-20.National Institute of Technology, WarangalNO-21.National Institute of Technology GoaNO-22.National Institute of Technology Puducherry, KaraikalNO-23.National Institute of Technology DelhiNO-24.National Institute of Technology MizoramNO-25.National Institute of Technology MeghalayaNO-26.National Institute of Technology ManipurNO-27.National Institute of Technology NagalandNO-28.National Institute of Technology Arunachal PradeshNO-29.National Institute of Technology SikkimNO-Total2 (7%)STATUS OF INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORY IN STATE, CENTRAL, DEEMED AND PRIVATE UNIVERSITIESS. NO.NAME OF THE INSTITUTEINSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORYPRESENTSOFTWARE PACKAGEUSED1University of KashmirYESGreenstone2Bangalore UniversityYESDspace3Cochin University of S&amp;TYESDspace4GGSI UniversityYESDspace5Thapar UniversityYESDspace6University of HyderabadYESDspace7University of MysoreYESDspace8Delhi UniversityYESEprint9IGONUYESDspace10Madurai Kamraj UniversityYESEprint11MG UniversityYESNitya12Pt. Deendayal Petrolium UniversityYESDsapce259 State universities--130 Deemed Universities--65 Private University--42 Central universities--Total49612 (2.41%)EPILOGUE Today institutional repository is the current area of research in India The development of IRs in India is fast and many institutes are taking up initiatives to set up them.The prospect of Indian IR s are bright.Libraries will server their users better, and help them preserve their treasure of knowledge for future .</p> <p>16 THANK YOU</p>


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