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Current Registered Contractor · PDF file 2021. 2. 5. · 2/1/2021 Current Registered ContractorsType Licens e Owner Business Name Phone Email Builder CR -1 Pamela Teltschick General

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Builder CR -1 Pamela Teltschick General Contractor Services 713-270-5300 [email protected]
Boat lifts CR-338 Paul Troegel Excell Boat Lifts, LLC 281-481-5555 [email protected]
Builder CR-724 Tony Whitaker FSI Construction 71-690-5330 [email protected]
Builder CR-681 Coy Elliott RyT Custom Homes 713-874-7736 [email protected]
Builder CR-685 Manuel Bruno Professional Construction
Builder CR-762 Bradley Miller Murler Builders, LLC 713-724-1611 [email protected]
Builder CR-774 Steve McKinney Conservation Construction of
Builder CR-777 Mathew Lamonte Paramount Construction &
General Contracting
832-335-3732 [email protected]
Builder CR-790 Matt McDaniel McDaniel Construtction, INC 409-762-6772 [email protected]
Builder CR-794 John Page Pro Construction 832-909-2679 [email protected]
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Builder CR-804 Carroll Chesnut Renovations Plus 713-248-6087 [email protected]
Builder CR-819 Robert Reeves Werner Construction 409-539-1902 [email protected]
Builder CR-824 Bill Hamm Hammco Builders 832-656-4084 [email protected]
Builder CR-825 Brad Cosentino Bull Dog Builders &
Builder CR-836 Rex Moore Wyndham Lake Devel 281-802-9615 [email protected]
Builder CR-837 Mason Cagnola Sweetwater Construction 409-370-1088 [email protected]
Builder CR-842 Charles Teer Infinite Construction 281-415-7363 [email protected]
Builder CR-848 Todd Standorf Standorf Construction Inc. 281-382-1154 [email protected]
Builder CR-852 William Rowe Old Galveston Construction
Builder CR-870 Emily Root Emily's Home Building 409-344-2726 [email protected]
Builder CR-872 Saqib Zia APKA Ghor LLC 281-683-7975 [email protected]
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Builder CR-888 Arvin Flores New Image Remodels 281-967-7575 [email protected]
Builder CR-890 William Brooks Brooks Construction Group,
Builder CR-147 Charles Huckaby Gulf Coast Palapas 281-549-6691 [email protected]
Builder CR-202 Juan Contreras Juan Contreras Construction 409-457-8978 [email protected]
Builder CR-117 Stephen Kadlecek Stephen Kadlecek 409-739-3107 [email protected]
Builder CR-100 Paul Hart Paul Hart 409-457-1742
Builder CR-128 Jeff Helms Jeff Helms Construction 409-771-6852 [email protected]
Builder CR-486 Herb Petticord DFW Texas Builders Inc. 409-737-1000 [email protected]
Builder CR-415 Perry Lewis Lewis Construction 281-910-9559 [email protected]
Builder CR-630 Jimmy Wisner Wisner Custom Construction 409-789-2521 [email protected]
Builder CR-639 Freddie Carmichael Galveston Bay Outdoors 409-739-3780 [email protected]
Builder CR-376 Jarron Ponce V Pro Construction 832-620-0573 [email protected]
Builder CR-909 Freddy Govea Uplift Outdoor 832-938-9595 [email protected]
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Builder CR-916 Marco Uribe Jr. Uribe Construction 832-221-8100
Builder CR-918 Shaun Huddleston Stable Foundation &
Builder CR-928 Bruce Fortin Sea House Construction 409-789-9171 [email protected]
Builder CR-930 Rhett Barry RJB Construction 832-776-7285 [email protected]
Builder CR-924 Evaristo Reyes Rivera's Painting 713-530-9780 [email protected]
Builder CR-938 Michael Taylor Taylor Made Outdoor Living 832-289-6668 [email protected]
Builder CR-942 William
Builder CR-944 Franc Del Campo Del Campo Customs LLC 281-797-0645 [email protected]
Builder CR-948 Brian Dunwell Premier Renovations 713-398-1001 [email protected]
Builder CR-955 Kevin Ashcroft Davanti Construction LTD 281-850-9833 [email protected]
Builder CR-927 Frank Zuniga JZ Tile and Granite Remod 832-310-5110
Builder CR-929 Antonio Rubio Antonio Rubio 409-204-2150
Builder CR-951 Dan Baraby DCB Remodeling LLC 832-656-4089 [email protected]
Bulkhead CR-403 Wilfred Flores Mabe's Bulkhead & Piling 409-526-9555 [email protected]
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Cargo lifts CR-910 Douglas Leach All Call Elevators & Lifts 409-750-0591 [email protected]
Cargo lifts CR-947 Jay Knapp Home Elevator of Houston 713-360-7353 [email protected]
Concrete CR-917 Michele DiBossir Structural Concrete Systems 346-225-6778 [email protected]
Concrete CR-953 Steve Wilson Steve Wilson Concrete 409-539-0624
Concrete CR-954 Daniel Martinez D & V Construction 409-354-7196
Concrete CR-346 R.O Hernandez R.O. Hernandez & Son 409-739-9534 [email protected]
Concrete CR-796 Mike Mouton Mouton Construction 409-695-1638
Concrete CR-881 Norman Bell Norman Bell Concrete 409-944-0065 [email protected]
Concrete CR-864 Alex Silva DRR Construction 409-256-3215
Demo CR-464 Pjillip Nunn Nunn Excavation 409-935-5578
Electrical CR -352 Kenneth Randall A Better Price Electric 832-884-6209 [email protected]
Electrical CR-106 Timothy Macon Total Electric 409-682-4501 [email protected]
Electrical CR-121 Steve Theim Steve Theim Electric 409-771-0776 [email protected]
Electrical CR-115 Freddie Carmichael Galco Electric Inc 409-948-3281 [email protected]
Electrical CR-108 Victor Mitosinka Rave Electrical Service 832-738-1356 [email protected]
Electrical CR-142 Dennis Tong Big D Electric 409-457-6305 [email protected]
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Electrical CR-625 Juan Salermon J C Phase Electric 281-802-2600
Electrical CR-749 Mariano Santiago Lynx Nova Energy 281-973-6200 [email protected]
Electrical CR-786 Carl Markowski Inland Electric 281-568-5680 [email protected]
Electrical CR-727 Willard King King and Son Electrical
Electrical CR-857 Jeremi Standford Chunky Funky Monkey
Plumbing & Electrical
409-744-7000 [email protected]
Electrical CR-898 Steve Parmley Parmley Electric 281-924-0025 [email protected]
Electrical CR-845 Dustin Shoemaker Selective Services 409-392-6803 [email protected]
Electrical CR-846 Juan Nunez Brilliant Electric Inc. 832-347-4912 [email protected]
Electrical CR-839 Nelson Fuentes Rock Electric LLC 832-878-7827 [email protected]
Electrical CR-
Electrical CR-162 Luther Jones L F Jones 409-682-6307
Electrical CR-813 Justin Rubio Rubio Electric 832-818-8706 [email protected]
Electrical CR-950 Andrew
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Electrical CR-902 Nathan Wolfe Freedom Electric 281-240-6059 [email protected]
Electrical CR-906 Fransico Castillo C Three Electrical Contractor 281-939-3357 [email protected]
Electrical CR-941 Rene Viramontes Affordable Electrical Solutions 832-846-3772 [email protected]
Electrical CR-925 Max Key Maximum Services LLC 832-237-0606 [email protected]
Electrical CR-931 Carlos Miranda Intelli-Systems Technologies 281-332-3576 [email protected]
Electrical CR-932 Melissa Griffin Tesla Energy Operations 713-969-9637
Electrical CR-921 Luis Suchil Luis Electric 832-722-4875 [email protected]
Fence CR-833 McDowell, Clark McDowell Fence and Electric 832-588-6870 [email protected]
Fence Cr-844 Juandiego Rivera Advance Ornamental 281-642-2668 [email protected]
Fence CR-496 Clive Hill Clive the Fenceman 713-882-9816 [email protected]
Fence CR-481 Jason Fewell Southern Fence Co 409-256-5608 [email protected]
Fence CR-294 Barry Alexander A to Z Fence 409-935-3033 [email protected]
Fence CR-245 James Griffin Gulf Coast Fence 409-795-0084 [email protected]
Fire Sprinkler CR-908 Edward Glynn Integrated Fire Group Inc 713-540-2379 [email protected]
Foundation CR-823 Henry DeShazene Atlas Foundation 713-641-4844 [email protected]
Handyman CR-841 Chris Salley Deep South Wood Working 985-373-7459 [email protected]
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HVAC CR-829 Joseph Mellen Air Control Inc. 409-744-0774 [email protected]
HVAC CR-807 Jose Hernandez Turbo Air Condition & Grill 832-455-1804
HVAC CR-803 Hung Vo Vo's Air Services 281-781-6875 [email protected]
HVAC CR-826 David Hargrove Colley Refrigeration 979-265-4711 [email protected]
HVAC CR-880 George Saleh Royal AC Inc 832-334-5959 [email protected]
HVAC CR-849 Juan Hernandez VIP AC & Heating 281-642-6714 [email protected]
HVAC CR-854 Juan Luna Trilogy Services AC 832-730-5047 [email protected]
HVAC CR-860 James Dalton Dalton Air Conditioning &
HVAC CR-758 James Barry Doctor Cool & Professor Heat 281-338-8751 [email protected]
HVAC CR-744 Douglas Farence Alford Air Cond Co 409-763-0111 [email protected]
HVAC CR-358 David Pelton Air Specialist 713-733-9241 [email protected]
HVAC CR-367 Timothy Brown Brown Air Conditioning &
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HVAC CR-188 Jim Dunn Dunn's Quality A/C 409-935-7216 [email protected]
HVAC CR-119 Larry Weeks Weeks Service Company 281-332-9555 [email protected]
HVAC CR-404 James Ferguson ARS Houston South 713-910-8737 [email protected]
HVAC CR-667 Pedro Jasso Fresno Tejas Mechanical Inc 281-798-5320 [email protected]
HVAC CR-945 Emmanuel Ramirez Comfort Squad Heating &
HVAC CR-152 Kerry Hartis Complete Comfort 281-463-7131 [email protected]
Irrigation CR- 185 Brian Criddle Aqua Sprinkler Systems 281-744-6145 [email protected]
Irrigation CR-200 Jenry Coello Cypress Landscape 409-370-1487 [email protected]
Irrigation CR-702 Jeremy Essex Flamingo Gardens 409-632-7329
Irrigation CR-799 Fausto Orozco Horticultural Specialists 832-483-8240 [email protected]
Irrigation CR-877 Robert Richardson Splash Irrigation Systems 281-477-7675 [email protected]
Landscaping CR-624 Susan E Roth Susie's Garden Services 409-370-2130 [email protected]
Palapas CR-828 Daniel Urquia The Best Palapas 281-339-3776 [email protected]
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Pile Drivers CR-158 Stephen Hutchins Island Marine Pile Drivers 409-692-7070 [email protected]
Plumbing CR-148 Cliff Mountain BacTrac Plbg, LP 713-695-6493 [email protected]
Plumbing CR-193 Richard Stedhem
Plumbing CR-353 Rigoberto Aguilar Pisces Plumbing 281-371-0850 [email protected]
Plumbing CR-171 Richard Lister Lister Plumbing 409-765-6833 [email protected]
Plumbing CR-470 Torrence Fisher Jr Quality Plumbing 409-256-8454 [email protected]
Plumbing CR-500 Todd Iocco Epic Plumbing 281-993-1616 [email protected]
Plumbing CR-855 Abe Sanchez Abraham the Plumber 281-698-2177 [email protected]
Plumbing CR-856 Jeremi Standford Chunky Funky Monkey
Plumbing & Electrical
409-744-7000 [email protected]
Plumbing CR-871 Rhonda Jarvis Jarvis Family Holdings LLC 832-276-3475 [email protected]
Plumbing CR-817 Mark Lange Lanco Plumbing 281-337-3703 [email protected]
Plumbing CR-805 Greg Mendez Four Star Plumbing 281-705-7132 [email protected]
Plumbing CR-810 Sam Paige Sam The Plumber 281-992-2310 [email protected]
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Plumbing CR-847 Joe Addison Pico Propane & Fuel 281-585-0705 [email protected]
Plumbing CR-263 Juan Carlos Ociedo Kalin Plumbing 713-545-4522 [email protected]
Plumbing CR-126 Raymond Mann Island Mann Plumbing 409-356-9273 [email protected]
Plumbing CR-940 David Okamura Kona Plumbing 832-536-2966 [email protected]
Plumbing CR-933 Ricardo Loza Pro Plumber 281-773-5576
Plumbing CR-936 Leonard Murillo Mainline Plumbing 832-720-2647 [email protected]
Plumbing CR-913 Jerry Collier Jerry Collier Plumbing 832-336*1960
Pools CR-911 IP Designs LLC 832-928-4380 [email protected]
Pools CR-920 Aaron Fredericks McKinney Custom Pools 281-489-9800 [email protected]
Pools CR-959 Thien Nguyen Luxe H20 Poolscapes 832-274-9266 [email protected]
Pools CR-835 Jason Boyd DecoTech Designs 936-253-6055 [email protected]
Pools CR-814 Luis Montezuma Luna Pools & Spa 713-553-9964 [email protected]
Pools CR-827 Shaw Capps AquaSport Pools 281-480-7665 [email protected]
Pools CR-386 Justin Yenger Aquatic Pool & Hot tubs 409-986-7600
Pools CR-109 Charles McIntyre Galveston County Pool & Spa 409-316-2020 [email protected]
Pools CR-342 Robert Trahan Gulf Coast Pools 281-251-0416 [email protected]
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Pools CR-943 Tyler Leslie Sandhill Pool & Design 409-370-2673
Roofing CR-904 Wynn
Roofing CR-177 Jeff Prouty Guaranteed Roofing &
Roofing CR-488 Girard Gaglicard Emerald Roofing &
Roofing CR-900 Robert Kizer RLK Roof Designs, Inc 832-434-4159 [email protected]
Roofing CR-868 Daniel Salazar Salazar Roofing & More 713-366-9278 salazarroofingand [email protected]
Roofing CR-792 Scott Tibitts George Cox Roofing 281-948 3696
Roofing CR-776 Joe Corbin JC Roofing 409-750-8043 [email protected]
Roofing CR-787 Wiley Moss Moss Roofing Houston 832-840-8027 [email protected]
Roofing CR-788 Doug Kelley Kelley Roofing 832-205-3199 [email protected]
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