Catalog 2010 A-R July 1st 2010 REDDICK MILITARIA 1-800-786-6210 REDDICK MILITARIA ADOLF HITLER VISOR CAP in BROWN At last, we again have this rare cap in the correct material replicating Adolf Hitler's NSDAP visor cap, which the Fuhrer wore with his brown uniform. This premium quality "sattelform" cap is made of brown wool gabardine and features heavy gold bullion piping around the top, gold bullion national eagle, a rust brown velvet cap band piped in white, with a hand-embroidered wreath and cockade, a genuine, Havanna brown leather visor and sweatband, and gold-colored bullion chin cord. Replace ** with size desired, 57 - 60. 0102-040-9** $295.00 ERICH HARTMANN LUFTWAFFE "CRUSHER" CAP Popularized by Luftwaffe ace, Erich Hartmann, this fine quality cap features the soft leather visor preferred by pilots and is characteristic of the "crusher" form of visor cap. Featuring a blue-grey wool top, silver piping, ribbed mohair cap band, gold satin lining, hand-embroi- dered, silver bullion, Luftwaffe eagle, wreath, cockade and chin cord, it is correctly maker-marked "Verkaufs-Abteilung der Luftwaffe" and double-marked "Erel" on the sweatshield and genuine leather sweat- band. Replace ** with size desired, 56 - 61. 0102-202-3** $169.00 RAILWAY-POLICE LEADER VISOR One of the rarest of the Third Reich visors, this cap is made in police green wool with black velvet cap band, silver bullion piping, chincord & buttons, black Vulkanfiber visor, and satin lining. The wreath & cockade is hand-embroidered in silver bullion and incorporates the winged wheel of the Railway-Police, with a cap eagle being in alu- minum. Double "Erel" marked on the sweatshield and leather sweat- band. Replace ** with size desired, 56 - 61. 0102-015-3** $169.00 RAILWAY LEADER VISOR CAP Another rare cap is this Leader's model of the Railway Service, made in beautiful blue wool with red piping, black velvet cap band, black Vulkanfiber visor, and satin lining. The wide, winged wheel of the Rail- way replaces the more typical wreath & cockade and is hand-embroi- dered in gold bullion. The eagle is gold colored metal of the NSDAP and the sweatshield and leather sweatband are double "Erel" marked for this premium maker. Replace ** with size desired, 56 - 61. 0102-026-6** $169.00

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Catalog 2010 A-RJuly 1st 2010



ADOLF HITLER VISOR CAP in BROWNAt last, we again have this rare cap in the correct material replicatingAdolf Hitler's NSDAP visor cap, which the Fuhrer wore with his brownuniform. This premium quality "sattelform" cap is made of brownwool gabardine and features heavy gold bullion piping around the top,gold bullion national eagle, a rust brown velvet cap band piped in white,with a hand-embroidered wreath and cockade, a genuine, Havannabrown leather visor and sweatband, and gold-colored bullion chin cord.Replace ** with size desired, 57 - 60.

0102-040-9** $295.00

ERICH HARTMANN LUFTWAFFE"CRUSHER" CAPPopularized by Luftwaffe ace, Erich Hartmann, this fine quality capfeatures the soft leather visor preferred by pilots and is characteristicof the "crusher" form of visor cap. Featuring a blue-grey wool top,silver piping, ribbed mohair cap band, gold satin lining, hand-embroi-dered, silver bullion, Luftwaffe eagle, wreath, cockade and chin cord,it is correctly maker-marked "Verkaufs-Abteilung der Luftwaffe" anddouble-marked "Erel" on the sweatshield and genuine leather sweat-band. Replace ** with size desired, 56 - 61.

0102-202-3** $169.00

RAILWAY-POLICE LEADER VISOROne of the rarest of the Third Reich visors, this cap is made in policegreen wool with black velvet cap band, silver bullion piping, chincord& buttons, black Vulkanfiber visor, and satin lining. The wreath &cockade is hand-embroidered in silver bullion and incorporates thewinged wheel of the Railway-Police, with a cap eagle being in alu-minum. Double "Erel" marked on the sweatshield and leather sweat-band. Replace ** with size desired, 56 - 61.

0102-015-3** $169.00

RAILWAY LEADER VISOR CAPAnother rare cap is this Leader's model of the Railway Service, madein beautiful blue wool with red piping, black velvet cap band, blackVulkanfiber visor, and satin lining. The wide, winged wheel of the Rail-way replaces the more typical wreath & cockade and is hand-embroi-dered in gold bullion. The eagle is gold colored metal of the NSDAPand the sweatshield and leather sweatband are double "Erel" markedfor this premium maker. Replace ** with size desired, 56 - 61.

0102-026-6** $169.00

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AFRIKA KORPS VEHICLE PENNANTSOur standard vehicle pennants are very popular, so we've added the DAK versions for both Heer (Army) &Luftwaffe officers. Made of cotton fabric and thread, they're complete with original type internal wire framesjust like the ones in our collection. Both models are double sided, featuring excellently detailed, machine em-broidered national eagles in white cotton thread on sturdy, Afrikakorps Tan cloth. Approximately 12" to 13"in length.

0120-300-003 Army DAK Pennant $32.000120-300-004 Luftwaffe DAK Pennant $32.00

SS HEIMWEHR DANZIG FLAGDesigned for the SS Heimwehr "Danzig", an SS unit establishedJune 20, 1939 in the Free City of Danzig, (today Gdańsk, Poland)before the WWII, fighting with the German army during the in-vasion of Poland. It later became the 3rd SS Division Totenkopf,thus ceasing to exist as an independent unit. Measuring 3' x 5',these flags are made from durable polyester fabric and doublestitched for added strength, with grommets for hanging.

0120-285-016 $10.00 Ea $9.00 Ea(3+)

SAVE $30.00!!GERMAN PARATROOPER HELMETSpecially produced for the Fallschirmjäger, this is an almost perfect replicaof the highly desired, M-38, or 2nd model, worn by both Army and Luftwaffeparatroopers. Shells are comparable to originals in weight, shape and thick-ness and fine leather liners are foam padded with the proper aluminum bands.Chinstraps are made from the correct grey colored soft leather with originalstyle grommets, buckles, snaps and early war style spanner bolts. Size ap-proximately 61-62 which fits most heads.

0102-009-258 Reg. $109.00 NOW ONLY $79.00

CAMO COVER FOR PARA HELMET This is the correct "Splinter" pattern camouflage cover for the Luftwaffe para-trooper helmet. Made in heavy cotton twill fabric and featuring the proper

drawstring closure, it's ready to slip over your helmet and secure with ties.

0102-930-005 Regular - $30.00 SALE $24.00

AFRIKA KORPS TROPICAL HELMETThis is a very nice copy of the second version pith helmet made fa-mous by Rommel's Deutsches Afrikakorps in North Africa. The gen-uine cork shell is covered in olive green canvas, with an air vent andtwo DAK insignia shields (sans swastika), leather chinstrap and an ad-justable liner that fits most head sizes.

0102-009-170 $65.00


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M34 ARMY OVERSEAS CAPThe distinctive M34 field cap was themost common German headgear forenlisted men and NCO's during thefirst 4 years of the war. Meticulouslymade of fine grade field grey wool(black for Panzer) and lined in periodcorrect, gray cotton twill, our caps fea-

ture factory applied cockades and the correct soutache branch colors. Maker marked with the early Erel inkstamping: “Robert Lubstein, Berlin NO 55”.

0102-722-1** Infantry (White) $52.00 Ea0102-722-6** Artillery (Red) $52.00 Ea0102-722-7** Cavalry (Yellow) $52.00 Ea0102-722-5** Panzer (Pink) $52.00 Ea

SPECIAL PRODUCTION RUN CAPS!!During a recent visit with our cap maker in Germany, we arranged to have a run of special caps made. Thesewill be available on this special order basis only, one time this year for delivery in October, so place yourorders now so you won’t miss out!

MOUNTAIN TROOPS “BERGMÜTZE” CAPThis special cap was introduced in the early 1930's and served as the basis for the later, M-43 design. However,it has a noticeably shorter visor and higher crown, giving it a very distinctive style. Our EM version is made ofhigh quality field grey wool, while the Officers model is made of the finest "Trikot" wool available and istrimmed in aluminum-silver woven piping. Both styles feature a correct grey cotton lining, pebbled buttonsand a partial sweatband in thin, grey-colored leather that is typical of higher quality caps. Maker marked withthe early Erel ink stamping: “Robert Lubstein, Berlin NO 55”.

0102-425-0** EM $69.00 Ea0102-426-3** Officer (Silver) $72.00 Ea



size (Inches)

21 7/822 1/422 5/8

size (U.s.)


7 1/87 1/4





size (Inches)


23 1/423 7/8

size (U.s.)

7 3/87 1/27 5/8





ADJUSTABLE HAT STRETCHERWe have finally found a great item for displaying headgearwhile preserving its shape. These hat stretchers will fitmost any size cap and are nicely made of quality woodwith a threaded turnbuckle style adjustment screw.

0102-999-020 $19.95 NeW

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ECONOMY DAGGERSWe’re expanding our line of pop-

ularly priced daggers with these 3new models, which will help round

out your collection of German edgedweapons. All have correct style metal

scabbards and the Hitler Youth has thecorrect HJ motto, “Blut & Ehre”, while the

SS Presentation model is etched with the“Meine Ehre heist Treue” on the blade and

fancy, oak leaf fittings on the scabbard. The Luft-waffe Officer’s model comes with the standard

blade, white grip and pebbled scabbard.

4924-101-004 SS Presentation Dagger $16.00 ea4924-101-009 Luftwaffe Officers Dagger $15.00 ea4924-101-011 Hitler Youth Dagger $15.00 ea

In Solingen, we discovered a small quantity of these original “Christianswerks” WWII production blades andhad them fitted with period correct hardwood handles. Maker marked “Gebrü der Christians”

4924-006-135 Boot Knife with Scabbard $89.004924-006-335 Boot Knife Scabbard $26.00

Produced in large numbers and issued to German infantrymen during WWII, this well-made reproductionfeatures the standard double edged, stiletto type blade with double style crossguard and genuine hardwoodgrip, attached, with 3 steel pins. The scabbard is tube steel with the two down and one up style metal re-taining clips for boot or belt. Overall length is 11.5” with a 6.5” blade.

4924-106-139 Boot Knife with Scabbard $69.00


SS PARATROOPER KNIFEPurportedly issued to SS Paratroopers, these “pantograph” type pocketknivesfeature a unique folding handle that completely encases the blade and is SSmarked along with the RZM number assigned to the prestigious Eickhornfirm, M7/66/34/SS. The extremely sharp, finely ground stainless steel bladeis marked with a swastika. Available with either a silver or gold (brass) coloredhandle.

Item Number Type Each4924-007-001 Gold Handle $9.954924-007-002 Silver Handle $9.95

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U.S. M-3 TRENCH KNIFEThis is the best copy we've seen of the classic WWII Trench Knife! It features a stacked leather grip withcorrect crossguard, pommel and high quality steel blade, which is marked "US M3 1943", like the highly desired'blade dated' originals. The metal parts have the correct, dark brownish finish and with a little wear, it wouldbe hard to distinguish these from wartime issued pieces. Overall length is 11-5/8” with a 6-¾” blade. This isthe perfect knife for the M-6 Scabbard, below.

4924-801-003 $69.00 U.S. M-6 LEATHER SCABBARDOur fine reproduction of this early and rare scabbard for the M-3 Trench Knife is made of fine quality vegetabletanned leather and features correct style rivets, snaps, protective metal plate and "Milsco M-6" company mark-ings, complete with the "Flaming Bomb" symbol. With a nice oil finish and a few scuff marks, it will look likea battle-worn original and is the perfect protection for our Trench Knife or to replace a missing original! Overalllength is 15". 4924-801-303 $59.00Purchase Both the M-3 & M-6 & SAVE $10.00! 4924-801-103 Only $118.00

V-42 COMMANDO STILETTO WITH SCABBARDThis extremely rare dagger was designed by Major General R.T. Frederick for issue to his First Special ServiceForce, or “Devil’s Brigade”, for commando operations behind enemy lines during WWII. An authentic repro-duction, it features a blackened steel blade with the unique serrated “thumbprint” the ricasso, 2 5/8” leather-backed steel crossguard, serrated leather washer handle and characteristic pointed butt in blackened steel.Overall length is 12½” with a 7” blade. The high quality, 19” long leather scabbard is correctly made with theproper rivets and staples, just like the originals. 4924-801-105 $99.00

MINIATURE ALLIED FIGHTING KNIVESDesigned for close combat, espionage operations andtrench warfare, these knives became symbols of the variousbranches of service they served, including the Army, Ma-rine Corps, 1st. Special Service Force, OSS & British Com-mandos. Averaging 7¼” long with 4” to 4-3/8” blades,they are exact copies of their full-size counterparts and aretrue in every detail! They make great letter openers, con-versation pieces or attractive additions that will enhanceany WWII display!

Item Number Description Each 4924-804-001 Mark 1 (1918) Trench Knife $25.004924-804-002 Mark 2 “Ka-Bar” $25.004924-804-003 M3 Trench Knife $25.004924-804-004 Fairbairn/Sykes Dagger $25.004924-804-005 V-42 Dagger $25.00

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DAGGER SNAP HOOKS & REPLACEMENT SPRINGSThese are fine reproduction Snap Hooks, or “Karabinerhaken”, that are used onboth the standard and vertical hangers for SS and SA Daggers. Often missingfrom original daggers, ours is a high quality replacement and is maker marked onthe reverse side with the well-known “A” of the F. W. Assmann & Söhne firm,along with “DRGM” patent markings. Our replacement springs fit nicely in mostoriginals and are very simple to install.

Item Number Type Each 0127-107-031 Snap Hook $10.00 0127-107-032 Replacement Spring $5.00

SS NCO BAYONET KNOTThis rare knot for SS Junior NCO's consists of a black and aluminum-silverstriped ball and crown with a zig-zag striped stem and slide, and an alu-minum-silver strap with two vertical black stripes. The bottom, recessedcenter of the knot has an inset piece of the aluminum-silver strap, makingit an excellent reproduction!

0128-003-015 $ 35.00

P-08 LUGER & P-38 HARDSHELL HOLSTERSMade exactly like the originals in every way, using top quality, heavy black molded leather and white cottonstitching, these holsters are complete with spare magazine pouches and the P-08 model includes the combotool compartment. Correct in all respects, these fine holsters feature the original style “P-08” or “P-38” marks,1941 Nazi maker marks, and Waffenamt acceptance markings “WaA170”. Perfect for reenactors or as a goodhome for your pistol!

0130-006-081 P-08 Hardshell $39.00 0130-006-381 P-38 Hardshell $39.00


Ideal for reenactors and collectors, this softshell holster is a perfect replicaof the original, featuring top quality leather, a spare magazine pouch,heavy stitching and correct Nazi period markings. This is a great holsterfor storing or carrying your P-38!

0130-006-382 P-38 Softshell $25.00

Top quality brown leather and proper construction make these slings almost perfect replicas of the originals!Correctly cross-hatched and complete with correct buckles and keepers, these are correct for use with all WWIIperiod Mausers.

0130-008-098 98K Sling $16.50


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Item No. Description Each A 0107-004-077 Kriegsmarine Blockade Runner $15.00B 0107-004-074 Kriegsmarine E-Boat $15.00C 0107-004-076 Kriegsmarine High Seas Fleet $15.00D 0107-004-001 Wound Badge, Black $12.00E 0107-004-002 Wound Badge, Silver $12.00F 0107-004-003 Wound Badge, Gold $12.00G 0107-004-040 SS General Officer Stickpin, Silver $9.00H 0107-004-041 SS General Officer Stickpin, Gold $9.00

COMBAT BADGE & SS STICKPINSExceptional details and high quality plating make our new stickpins virtually identical copies of the originals!Nicely finished and feature correct, 3rd Reich style twisted pins. The Wound Badges are maker marked onback with B & N, L, for Berg & Nolte, Lüdenscheid and the SS is RZM marked, M/183.

U-BOAT COMBAT CLASPSThese high quality, rare badges are finished in exceptionally fine detail, with flat pins and correct makermark of “Entwurf Peekhaus – Ausf. Schwerin Berlin 68”. The gold and silver clasps have a frosted finish,like the originals.

Item No. Description Each 0107-080-032 U-Boat Combat Bar - Bronze $35.000107-080-033 U-Boat Combat Bar - Silver $35.000107-080-034 U-Boat Combat Bar – Gold $35.00

LUFT PARATROOPER CLASPOfficially designated the “Luftwaffe Paratrooper Combat Clasp”, it was designed late in the war exclusivelyf or the Fallschirmjaeger for close combat and was awarded in three grades: bronze, silver and gold. Ours arereproduced from an original badge and feature excellent details!Item No. Description Each 0107-112-022 Luft Paratrooper Clasp Bronze $18.000107-112-023 Luft Paratrooper Clasp Silver $18.000107-112-024 Luft Paratrooper Clasp Gold $18.00


This large medallion is brightly plated in silver with a black enamel borderand white enamel center, mounted with an antique silver NSKK Eagle inhigh relief. The inscription around the edge reads “4 NiedersächsischeBurgenfahrt; Motorgruppe Niedersachsen” with the date 21. VII.1938.This was to commemorate a rally of the Nazi Motor Corps of Lower Sax-ony, with a route leading between historic castles or “Burgen.”

0107-300-010 NSKK Commemorative Medallion $35.00 each


a B CD e



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SPANISH CROSS in SILVER with SWORDSInstituted by Adolf Hitler, April 14th 1939, the Spanish Cross was a dual campaignaward and decoration for service in the Spanish Civil War. The version with swordswas the combat award for active service in the Condor Legion. This museum qualitycopy is die-struck and vaulted, featuring a fine, frosted silver finish with burnishedhighlights and the correct style broad pin. The presentation case is superb qualitygreen leatherette with silver “LDO” impressed on top, burgundy interior and push-button closure; made in Germany by an original wartime manufacturer.

0107-181-603 Spanish Cross w/Swords $59.00 Ea0107-900-181 Spanish Cross Presentation Case $55.00 Ea0107-910-181 Spanish Cross With Case $105.00 Ea

A: 1936 OLYMPIC GAMES COMMEMORATIVE MEDALDie struck in fine detail, this is a high quality copy of the medal issued to German participants in the Olympicgames held in Berlin, prior to World War II. This large medal is 38mm. in diameter, with fine silver platedfinish and complete with a length of proper ribbon in orange with black edging and 5 white center stripes.0107-136-003 $18.00 eachB: SPANISH “BLUE” DIVISION MEDALAn excellent reproduction of this rare medal issued to the Spanish volunteers on the Russian Front. 33mm.in diameter and finished in antique bronze, the inscription on the reverse reads “Division Espaňola de Volun-tarios en Rusia” and comes with the proper red, white, black and yellow ribbon suspension. 0107-184-012 $18.00 each

GERMAN EAGLE ORDERInstituted by Hitler in 1937, the Eagle Order was originally awarded to foreign states-men and dignitaries; but, this changed in 1939 and awards were made to several Ger-man nationals. Notable recipients included Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, BenitoMussolini, Count Ciano and Francisco Franco. This pin-back version is the 2nd classwith swords and is museum quality, featuring a fine gilt finish with high quality whiteenamel. The pin and hinge are the correct broad type for this impressive and rareaward.

0107-119-604 German Eagle Order $65.00REICHSBANK GOLD BAR Our new “gold” bar is a perfect copy of an authentic, 1 kilogram continentalEuropean bank gold bar similar to the fabled Nazi Gold bars produced inGermany in 1942 and 1943 by the Deutsche Reichsbank when they re-smelted confiscated Dutch and Belgian gold. Etched with the dreaded Nazieagle and swastika, weight, serial number and other appropriate Reichsbanknomenclature, our replica is 4” x 1-3/4” x ½” thick, and weighs 7 ouncesinstead of the 2.2 pounds of a solid gold bar. This finely crafted, all-metalreplica makes a great conversation piece, paperweight or display piece to en-hance your militaria collection.

0107-406-400 $25.00Ea


a B

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LUFTWAFFE OFFICERS COLLAR TABSThese collar tabs are hand embroidered in aluminum silver wire on yellow wool backing for Flight personnel. Excel-lent quality and ready to attach. A 0104-007-211 Leutnant $21.00 ea.B 0104-007-212 Oberleutnant $22.00 ea.C 0104-007-213 Hauptmann $23.00 ea.

D 0104-007-214 Major $24.00 ea.E 0104-007-215 Oberstleutnant $25.00 ea.F 0104-007-216 Oberst $26.00 ea.



“AFRIKAKORPS” CUFF TITLEA fine quality repro of the original cuff title authorized in July 1941, for wear by members of the DAK fight-ing in North Africa. Produced in correct materials with the inscription “Afrikakorps” in silver thread on a darkgreen base with silver bands top and bottom, and light brown edging.

0105-160-112 Reg. $24.00 Each Now $20.00 Each

**NEW** WAFFEN SS OFFICER SHOULDER BOARDSHigh quality, slip-on boards made using correct, light grey braid on black wool underlay, with secondary colored pip-ings of White - Infantry, Pink - Panzer, Cavalry - Golden Yellow, Panzergrenadier - Light Green, & MountainTroops - Dark Green. 0106-051-102 Lt. - Captain - Infantry 0106-050-802 Major - Colonel - Infantry0106-051-103 Lt. - Captain - Panzer 0106-050-803 Major - Colonel - Panzer0106-051-105 Lt. - Captain - Cavalry 0106-050-805 Major - Colonel - Cavalry0106-051-106 Lt. - Captain - Pan-Gren 0106-050-806 Major - Colonel - Pan-Gren0106-051-107 Lt. - Captain - Mt. Troops 0106-050-807 Major - Colonel - Mt. Troops

$25.00 per Pair $35.00 per Pair


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BULLION GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD – PANZER & SSOn black wool for Panzer & SS troops, our new cloth German Cross is made withbullion and artificial silk threads like the originals, with the correct, finely detailedgold metal wreath.

0107-024-203 $22.00 each

PANZER COLLAR TABS FOR SSCAVALRY & ASSAULT GUNNERSOur collar tabs are properly mounted using high qualitywool, correct piping colors and our finest repro metalskulls. SS Cavalry tabs are black with yellow piping and As-sault Gunners are field grey with panzer pink piping. Readyfor mounting on your uniform or for display..A 0104-009-054 SS Cavalry $28.00B 0104-009-055 Assault Gunner $28.00

Per Pair

BEVO M-43 CAP INSIGNIAAfter several years of trying to find a new maker who could produce the original type, fine quality BeVo insigniathat we have always offered, and here is the result. We had the proper field-grey thread dyed to make these asclose to originals as possible and we are sure you will be very happy with them! We also added the Trapezoidform insignia for Army Panzer, so we now have all 8 M-43 Heer types.0105-105-101 Army Panzer Officer Trapezoid 0105-106-101 Army Panzer Officer T-Form0105-105-102 Army Panzer EM Trapezoid 0105-106-102 Army Panzer EM T-Form0105-105-104 Army Officer Trapezoid 0105-106-104 Army Officer T-Form0105-105-105 Army EM Trapezoid 0105-106-105 Army EM T-Form

$7.00 Ea $6.30 Ea(10+)

These fine quality reproductions are die struck and are identicalcopies of F.W. Assmann & Sohne's deluxe, 2nd. model. Producedin aluminum, they capture the exquisite details of the originals, in-cluding the well-known "A" maker mark of this highly respectedfirm. We are pleased to offer these in both silver for officers and gold for generals. They will make an almostindistinguishable replacement for missing originals or as a fine collector piece!0105-001-840 Police Officer Cap Eagle $16.00 Ea. 0105-001-841 Police General Cap Eagle $16.00 Ea.


POLICE OFFICER BULLION SLEEVE EAGLEHand embroidered in genuine silver-aluminum wire bullion, These are correct witha black swastika, on a field grey wool background. They are superb quality, made incorrect proportions with details just like the originals!

0105-225-804 $25.00



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NEW PINSThese are fine quality reproductions of original pieces from our owncollection. The DJ Badge is a heavy, cast piece finished in antiquesilver plate with locking pin back. The SS/SA Tinnie is a typical hol-low back rally commemorative, die-struck piece in “altsilber” (antiquesilver) finish with period type safety-pin closure and the inscription“10 Jährige Wiederkehr des Gautages Berlin.”

0107-002-093 D.J. (Hunting Assoc.) Badge $12.00 ea. 0107-003-403 SS/SA Gautages Tinnie $12.00 ea.

These are exceptionally high quality reproductions of rare, original medals, capturing the finest details of theoriginals. The NSDAP 15 and 25 year medals feature the correct blue and white enamel and silver and goldplating. The Faithful Service Award is comprised of a 42mm cross with oak leaf wreath, a black enamelswastika on the center front, and the inscription “Für treue Dienste” on the reverse. These are exact copies,with sharp details, high quality plating and correct, cornflower blue ribbon suspension.


Item No. Description Each A 0107-164-022 NSDAP, 10 Yr, Bronze $39.00 B 0107-164-023 NSDAP, 15 Yr, Silver $48.00C 0107-164-024 NSDAP, 25 Yr, Gold $48.00D 0107-148-023 Faithful Service, 25 Yr. Silver $24.00E 0107-148-024 Faithful Service, 40 Yr. Gold $24.00


NAZI - JAPANESE UNITY BADGEThis rare commemorative badge is for the Hitler Youth "Unity" trip to Japan in1942. The front depicts both the Nazi and Japanese flags, Hitler Youth eagleand the 1942 date. The badge reads: 4.DEUTSCH JAPAN.AKAD TAGUNGacross the top and below is: ST CHRISTOPH AM ARLBERG TIROL. Thebadge is fully enameled in red, white and black and plated in a matte gold finish.The reverse carries the RZM maker's mark M1/4, Ges. Gesch. This is a fairlylarge badge at 1 3/8" diameter and it has a typical pin back attachment.

0107-003-013 $12.00 Ea

MINIATURE KNIGHTS CROSSThis ½ size miniature version of the famed Knights Cross was worn on civiliandress to identify the wearer as a holder of this coveted award. Measuring 25mmacross, it is die struck in fine detail, with silver plated and black painted finishexactly like its full-size counterpart. Complete with a length of miniature ribbon!

0107-012-001 $16.00 each

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OLYMPIC & ZEPPELIN BADGESBeautiful and extremely rare, these two-piece badges are done in high relief with 4 different colors in eachstyle. The Zeppelin commemorative reads “Nord-u. Sudamerika, Jubilaurnsfahrt 1933” and features the maker’smark “Kefbach, Dresden”. The Olympic Judges badges are from the 1936 Olympic Games held in Berlin, thelast before WWII, and are Maker marked with a diamond and “Ges. Gesch.”Replace * with the item number with the desired style.

0107-300-00* Zeppelin Commemorative Badge 2” x 1 ½” $35.000107-301-00* 1936 Olympic Judges Badge 2” Diameter $35.00

12 3 41 2 3 4

PILOT-OBSERVER'S BADGE This two-piece badge is top quality, being die-struck with exquisite de-tails that rival the originals, which along with the correct type pin andcatch set it apart from the many cheaper reproductions on the market.The eagle is finished in frosted silver with burnished silver highlights andis beautifully accentuated by the gilt wreath of oak and laurel leaves.Complete with F.W. Assmann stylized "A" maker mark.

0107-088-020 Regular - $49.00 Ea. SALE - $44.00 Ea.

PILOT-OBSERVER'S BADGE CASE Hand-crafted to original wartime specs, these cases are handcraftedwith navy blue leatherette coverings, dark blue velvet bottoms andsatin-lined tops, correct push-button closures and gold foil embossedlettering on top.

0107-900-088 Regular - $55.00 Ea. SALE - $44.00 Ea

WOUND BADGES The 1936 model Wound Badge is the standardWWII issue and ours are die-struck with a hollowback, capturing the fine details of pebbling, laurelleaves, swords, helmet and swastika. The correctstyle pins make these some of the best available, so

take advantage of the savings we're offering and get all 3 grades!

0107-066-001 Wound Badge - Black 0107-066-003 Wound Badge - Silver0107-066-004 Wound Badge - GoldRegular - $16.00 Ea. SALE - $13.60 Ea.


GOLD WOUND BADGE CASE These are the same type cases that were specially made by ourGerman supplier for presentation of the Gold Wound Badge dur-ing WWII and they have recently reproduced them for us. Theyare Hand-crafted, are just as they were over 60 years ago, withpush button closures and covered in burgundy leatherette withcream white interior, white satin top lining and embossed gold foil"LDO" on the top.

0107-900-991 $55.00 Ea




Page 13: Current Militaria Flyers

The Infantry Assault Badges – Sascha WeberThis is the first work specifically devoted to an in-depth study of the Infantry AssaultBadge, one of the most recognized awards of the German military during World WarTwo. With over 1,000 color photographs, the author traces the history of the Infantrie-Sturmabzeichen, presenting multiple views of examples by all of the known (and someunknown) manufacturers. Clear color photos and tables containing specification of un-precedented detail provide the collector with a wealth of knowledge that has previouslybeen unavailable. Award documents and issue packets are also covered in this comprehen-sive work, which is a first rate addition to every military library. 253 pages, with over1,000 photos, most in full color.

4185-094-093 $90.00 Ea

The Flak Badges of the Luftwaffe & Heer – Marc GarlascoThis comprehensive reference is the result of years of study by one of the leading expertson the Flak Badges of the Wehrmacht. Marc Garlasco has meticulously examined dozensof variations by all known makers of these war badges of World War II and his clear pres-entation makes this work essential for anyone interested in collecting the anti-aircraftbadges of the Luftwaffe and Heer. The novice and expert collector alike will benefit fromthis ground-breaking treatment, which for the first time dissects and demystifies the FlakBadges of the German Army. In addition to badges, he incorporates the history, awarddocuments, and cases, turning simple pieces of metal into a tangible connection to historicalevents. This book is a “must have” for every serious collector of war badges. 462 pages, withover 800 fine photographs, with most in color. 4185-092-093 $109.00 Ea

The Glider Pilot Badge – Stijn DavidThe Glider Pilot Badge is among the rarest of all of the Luftwaffe qualification badges ofthe Third Reich, and information about the badge has been almost as scarce as genuine ex-amples of the award itself – until now. Here, for the first time, is a comprehensive collectionof such information. Not only are all of the currently known variations of the badge itself il-lustrated and described in clear detail, but also included is an overall history of the glidertroops, accounts of their specific missions, examinations of glider licenses, award documents,presentation cases, and much more. Author Stijn David has done an excellent job gatheringall of this information into a fascinating book that belongs on the shelf of anyone who is in-terested in the history of the German Luftwaffe during World War Two. 139 pages with over250 excellent photos. 4185-093-093 $59.00 Ea

The Knights Cross of the Iron Cross – Dietrich Maerz“The Bible” for the serious collector and student of the Knights Cross, this book coversterminology, materials, the manufacturers and manufacturing processes. Utilizing a multi-tude of original, awarded pieces, original documents and testimony, Maerz distinguishesbetween original pieces and post-war reproductions and fakes, as well as the differencesand variations between each manufacturer. Data includes precision measurements andweights and the finest, close-up and microscopic photos of details ever presented.This monumental work covers the regulations, distribution, and all accepted makers ofthis highest award in exceptional detail, as well as in-depth information on the presenta-tion cases, Oak Leaves, the Swords, the Diamonds, the Golden Diamonds, the GrandCross and the Star. Chapters on fakes and reproductions, award procedures, distribution

channels, the LDO, miniatures, documents and the 1957 version complete this fascinating history. Over 450 high-quality, color photographs, diagrams and tables are packed with information making this 430 page book a "must-

have" for every collector! 4185-090-093 $125.00 Ea



Page 14: Current Militaria Flyers


The Luftwaffe Ground Combat Badge – Sascha WeberOften overlooked in favor of the more “glamorous” battle awards of the Luftwaffe, theGround Combat Badge nonetheless deserves a respected place in the field of military awardsand in militaria collections. This book represents the first ever in-depth look at all aspects ofthe award, including virtually all of the different types of badges from all of the known (andunknown) wartime manufacturers! Detailed examinations of the various award cases andpackets, award documents, miniatures, Soldbuch and Wehrpass entries, 1957 versions, repro-ductions, and much more covers everything you need to know about the Luftwaffe GroundCombat Badge is in one concise volume. 136 pages and over 500 outstanding photos and il-lustrations. 4185-091-093 $79.00 Ea

THE GERMAN CROSS – Dietrich Maerz Finally! A highly detailed reference devoted exclusively to the highly desired German Cross.With over 440 pages and 1,200+ superb color photographs in never-before-seen detail, in-cluding the manufacturing process, dies, individual parts and assembly, differences be-tween manufacturers, maker marks, as well as virtually every other detail imaginable. Thiscomprehensive volume is the reference on this rare award, covering every known maker ofthe Gold, Silver & Diamond versions, along with both cloth and metal versions by typeand style. Miniatures, cases, award documents and the “order in wear” complete this mag-nificent reference. 4185-095-093 $130.00 Ea

THE KRIM SHIELD – Sascha Weber Campaign shields bestowed upon deserving members of the Wehrmacht during WorldWar II represent a unique series of awards honoring specific participation in some of theimportant campaigns of that great conflict. This book presents a comprehensive exami-nation of one of those awards -- the Krim Shield. Detailed descriptions are accompa-nied by clear, high-quality photos of all of the currently known variations of thisdecoration, as well as examples of award documents, document entries, miniatures, re-production, and much more information which has never before been assembled in a sin-gle volume. Hardbound, with 144 pages and over 300 photographs in full-color! 4185-096-093 $82.00 Ea

Bravery, Courage & Valor, Volume 1Decorations & Awards of the Third ReichThis book covers the history of German medal making from the eighteenth to the twentiethcenturies. It describes the various makers’ marks used together with the history of some of thefamous makers such as Godet. It also reveals some of the faces behind the names of firms likeCarl Poellath, BH Mayer, Steinhauer and Luck and more. The attempts at regulation and controlimposed by the Nazi state only served to add more confusion to the story of medal makers.Hopefully, this book will add some clarity and dispel some of the myths surrounding this vastand varied subject. 244 pages with over 300 B&W photos and illustrations. SC.

4185-100-999 $99.00

IRON CROSS 1ST CLASS “This is the most comprehensive book yet written for collectors about the Iron CrossFirst Class and the Wiederholungsspange of 1939. Over 530 pages and 2000 photo-graphs (most in color) detail awards made by over twenty-five manufacturers. Alsoincluded is new information on manufacturing techniques, award regulations, and thedistribution process. Award documents, presentation cases, and miniature award ver-sions are also presented. And there is much more never before seen material relatedto the 1939 version of the Iron Cross First Class. This book is an essential volumefor any collector of this very famous German award.” Expected October 2010

4185-097-093 $150.00

Page 15: Current Militaria Flyers

UNIFORMEN-MARKT DVDAt last, the complete set of this rare trade publication of the German UniformIndustry is finally available! Original copies are impossible to find, but our DVDfeatures all the issues as listed below. This indispensable reference includes awealth of original source material, with news for the industry, government con-tracts, new regulations, and trade & personal news. Includes information on uni-forms, medals, emblems, insignia & flags, along with interesting advertisementsof well-known manufacturers such as “EREL” and others. Issues include: 1934/ 35 (monthly issues), 1936-1942 (bi-weekly), 1943 (monthly) now calledDeutsche Uniformen Zeitschrift,and 1944 (only a few issues printed).

ULRICH OF ENGLAND - Based on two years of auction sales, this invaluable priceguide and reference covers literally thousands of items of German WWII Militaria. Con-veniently organized into 16 sections, including Daggers, Bayonets, Knives & Swords,Accoutrements, Helmets, Visor & Field Caps, Uniforms, Belts & Buckles, Field Gear,NSDAP, SS, Army, Luft & Kriegsmarine Insignia, Gorgets & Aiguillettes, and muchmore. Complete with condition of each item and a range of 3 values from high tolow, based on actual realized prices. 137 pages and over 1900 sharp, high quality pho-tographs.

4185-085-027 $30.00


DVD 4185-900-028 $139.00 (was $199.00)


THE SS TOTENKOPF RING Every collector of German memorabilia will enjoy this fascinating account of the origins,production and distribution of this the rare SS Honor Ring, showcasing many unpublishedexamples including the famous Karl Wolff, Hermann Priess and Xavier Schwarz rings.Drawing on over 200 original examples, this in-depth analysis focuses on every minute detailimportant to the serious collector, including differences between the 1930s and 1940s stylerings, anomalies between engraved descriptions, runic symbols and the skulls, numberawarded and known to be in existence today. Numerous other tips and details are presentedin fantastically detailed, close-up color photos that will help you distinguish between originals,reproductions and outright fakes. 169 pages with 155 full color photos, 30 document fac-similes, and 23 period photos showing rings in wear. Hardcover.

4185-234-224 $60.00

GERMANY'S COMBAT HELMETS 1933-1945: A MODERN STUDY Perhaps the best reference yet written on the overall subject of the Third Reich steelhelmet. Included are Transitional, M-35, M-40, M-42, Paratrooper and Tropical PithHelmet models. Details and numerous previously little known facts are presented inchronological order through the examination of scores of the finest original examples.867 high quality photographs document these details in full color, with close-up detailsof every part of these helmets, including decals, maker marks, chinstraps, rivets, liners,liner systems, acceptance stamps and a comprehensive comparison of decals and theirvariatons! Augmented with interesting period photographs of helmet in wear, it givesthe reader a full understanding of the production, adornment and period modificationin design of the combat helmets of Hitler's armed forces. 468 pages, 867 color photos,90 period photos. Hardcover. 4185-038-339 $69.95

German Medal Makers and Their Marks 1813 - 1957 Mark WoodsThis book covers the history of German medal making from the eighteenth to the twentieth cen-turies. It describes the various makers’ marks used together with the history of some of the famousmakers such as Godet. It also reveals some of the faces behind the names of firms like Carl Poellath,BH Mayer, Steinhauer and Luck and more. The attempts at regulation and control imposed by theNazi state only served to add more confusion to the story of medal makers. Hopefully, this bookwill add some clarity and dispel some of the myths surrounding this vast and varied subject. 244

pages with over 300 B&W photos and illustrations. SC. 4185-020-424 $48.00


Page 16: Current Militaria Flyers



Reddick Militaria is pleased to announce that we have acquired therights to the Military Vehicle and Military History & Collector titles formerlypublished by Victory Publishing and USM. We now publish these fine titlesalong with our other military collector books and we look forward to providingyou with our high quality customer service.

All American Wonder Vol. IRay Cowdery - 1993 revised edition, of the 1986 study of the WWII version of thefamous jeep. Over 150 rare photos and original line drawings carefully documentthe provenance, history, manufacture, repair and restoration of Willys MB andFord GPW military jeeps. You won’t want to miss this! 144 pgs. 8.5” x 11”. SC


$29.00 Each

All American Wonder Vol. IIRay Cowdery - All new information! Companion to the American Wonder, Vol. I.Covering more features, idiosyncrasies, as well as additional history of the FordGPW, Willys MB, and military jeeps of the WWII era. Previously 150 unpublished,photos - 19 in color. Drawings and charts. 144 pgs. 8.5” x 11”. SC


All American Wonder Vol. III: The Photographic History of theU.S. Military ¼ Ton TruckFred W. Crismon - This book is the photographic history of the U.S. Army’s 1/4ton truck from the beginning of the 20th century to today. Featuring 600+ pageswith over 2400+ B/W photos and a new 100 color photo section, most photosnever seen before. SC


$59.95 Each

Selling the All American WonderFred Coldwell - Complete account of Willys-Overland Motors, Inc. advertisingand their battle with the U.S. Gov. to capture the rights to the JEEP trade name.58 full-page color WWII Willys-Overland jeep ads. Full descriptions of ads andillustrations. U.S. FTC Findings & Order, trade mark reg. info., etc. 104 pgs.10.5” x 14”. SC


$30.00 Each

$29.00 Each

Page 17: Current Militaria Flyers

MAINTENANCE MANUAL WILLYS MB - TM 10-1513Reprint of original book published by Willys-Overland Motors, Inc. for the USGovt., 1942. Technical Manual TM-10-1513 - the complete maintenance manualfor Willys MB and Ford GPW jeeps. Many photos & line drawings. Complete toollist, 18 page section in Russian. 158 pgs. *8.5” x 11”. SC


MASTER PARTS LIST WILLYS MB - TM 10-1186Reprint of original book published by Willys-Overland Motors, Inc. forthe US Govt., 1943. The Technical Manual TM-10 1186 is a complete partslist for Willys-Overland MA and MB jeeps and the MBT jeep trailer (useful forthe Ford GPW jeep). Illustrated - 70+ photos and line drawings. 198 pgs. 8.5”x 11”. SC Expected August/September 2010


FORD GP MASTER PARTS LIST TM 1100A letter perfect reprint of Ford’s original edition. Printed for the US governmentin 1941. The Technical Manual TM 1100 is the complete parts list for the Ford GPprototype jeep and is illustrated with 35 exploded view, line drawings of all themajor components. 66 pgs. 8.5” x 11”. SC


JEEP JEEP JEEP NO.2Yasuo Ohtsuka - Ohtsuka’s latest work. Covering Jeeps in Japan, the GPA, radio, fieldambulance, winter equipment, Amry Air Corps units, and much more. Hundredsof combat and test photographs. English text. Filled with interesting facts on theseclassic jeeps. An excellent addition to his first book! 224 pgs. 8.25” x 11.5”. SC


$16.95 Each

$30.00 Each

FORD MASTER PARTS LIST SNL G-658A Reprint. Published by Ford Motor Co. for the US Government Februrary 29,1944. The Technical Manual SNL G-658 is the complete parts list for all of thecars and trucks Ford made for US Forces during WWII. Reference book is fully il-lustrated. 200+ full page line drawings. 730 pgs. 8.5” x 11”. SC Expected Sept.2010


$50.00 Each

$25.00 Each

$25.00 Each


Page 18: Current Militaria Flyers


PHANTOM MB JEEP POSTERThis Phantom MB is similar to one published in Autocar magazine in Britainin the 1940s. It has been completely redrawn by Ray Cowdery with over 120corrections to the original Autocar illustration. We have left a few glaringerrors for your amusement. How many can you find? 14” x 22”


$9.95 Each

MODERN U.S. MILITARY VEHICLESFred W. Crismon - This book has over 300 black & white photographs with detailedcaptions. It covers all vehicles from tank transporters, missle carriers, airport crashtrucks, amphibious landing vehicles, recovery vehicles, ambulances, to heavy equipment.And many more extrodinary vehicles. 160 pgs. 8.5” x 11”. SC


$25.00 Each


David Doyle - This book has nearly doubled in size from the previous edition, pub-lished 10 years ago. Twice as many photos and pages have been added, makingthis the most comprehensive guide on the subject. 8.5” x 11, 496 pgs., 1,000 B&Wphotos, 8pg color section. SC Limited Supply!


$39.50 Each

RARITAN ORDINANCE MANUALRay Cowdery - Produced by the Raritan Arsenal in 1943 as an identification guidefor Armed Forces personnel, this facsimile reprint contains large clear photo-graphs of guns & carriages, artillery, machine guns, rifles, pistols, rangefinders& telescopes, armored cars & personnel carriers, half tracks, tanks, & trucks.A must for any WWII or Vehicle collector, with over 300 photographs in 212pages. 8.5” x 11”. SC


$30.00 Each JEEP PRINT Set of 8Willys-Overland Advertising Illustrations by James Sessions. Prints of thefamous WWII MB paintings, renowned combat watercolorist James Ses-sions, created for Willys-Overland Motors, Inc. Suitable for framing; color;on 150 gsm art paper. Bio. of artist and story of each print incl. Sessionsdid more illus. for WO advert. than any other WWII artist. 8 Print Set,Full Color, 10” x 12.5”


$14.95 Each

MAJOR VEHICLES & COMBINATIONS - SNL G-1(ORD3)Reprint of the original 1943 Dept. of the Army catalog of vehicles listing the symbol,stock number, nomenclature (manufacturer, armament, ORD manuals, etc.), weight& capacity of every vehicle in use during the WWII period, along with a B&W pho-tograph of each! Includes jeeps, trucks, wreckers, ambulances, trailers, tanks, half-tracks, motor gun carriages, tractors, automobiles, buses & even bicycles. This bookcontains a wealth of information and is a must for any WWII collector, historianand enthusiast! 163 pages and 239 photographs. 8” x 10.25” SC


$18.00 Each

Page 19: Current Militaria Flyers

U.S. MILITARY WHEELED VEHICLES 1900-1983Fred W. Crismon - A timeless, classic vehicle history book, with over 2100 photos ofU.S. military vehicles from 1900 to 1983. Covers everything from bicycles, jeeps,4x4’s, 6x6’s, 8x8’s, 1/4 ton’s to 50 ton trucks. A must for military vehicle enthusiasts,and collectors. Order now, don’t miss this one! 484 pgs. 8.5” x 11” SC


$40.00 Each

INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS 100 years 1907-2007Fred W. Crismon - This huge, timeless classic is the complete photographic history ofInternational Trucks from their beginning in 1907 through 2007. With over 2,500black & white photographs, it covers every vehicle the company produced and is,without at doubt, the most comprehensive work ever done on these world famoustrucks. 720 pages, including 55 pages with 204 full-color photos. 8.5” x 11”. SC


$49.00 Each

DEIN KDF WAGENA fine reproduction of the extremely scarce, 1939 German "Kleiner Prospekt" oforiginal sales brochured designed to sell consumers on the KdF Wagen (Volkswagenautomobile). With full color covers, it is beautifully illustrated with over 60 rarephotos of the KdF car and its features. A complete American language translationof the original German text explains the car’s function, standard equipment, costprices, model choices, and purchase and delivery terms. 36 pages. 11.2” x 8.2”. SC


$14.95 Each

DER KDF WAGEN (Original Volkswagen)Printed in 1938, this brochure shows and describes in detail, the KdFWagen, or “Strength Through Joy Car”, that eventually became the world-famous Volkswagen. Developed by Ferdinand Porsche at the directionof Adolf Hitler, it provided German workers with inexpensive, depend-able transportation. Beautifully reproduced with many full color illus-trations, this booklet explains the development, testing and features ofthe car. An English translation is provided on detachable pages inside afacsimile of the brochure, in its original color. 12 pages. 10.8” x 7.8” SC


$9.95 Each

1929 OWNERS SUPPLY BOOK Western AutoA facsimile reprint of the original parts and supplies catalog of the Western AutoSupply Company listing every replacement and repair part available, from fendersto fog lights! This fascinating catalog includes prices for every conceivable ac-cessory for early automobiles, including tires & tubes, Klaxxon horns, fancy radi-ator caps, a special section of Ford & Chevy repair parts, all types of tools andeven camping supplies, in case you’re between motels! 128 pages; hundreds ofdrawings & photos. 5.5” x 8.5”. SC


$5.00 Each


Page 20: Current Militaria Flyers


GERMAN PRINT ADVERTISINGCowdery - This new reference is the only one of its type, an amazing time capsule ofthe Third Reich era in Germany, featuring the stunningly powerful graphics usedat the time. There is a lengthy historical introduction, definitions of key Germanwords, abbreviations, and a full index. Many uniform, weapon, vehicle and othermilitary ads are included, along with English translations for most of the ads shown.176 heavily illustrated pages and over 400 illustrations, almost 100 in full color! HC

4185-244-442 $40.00

PAPERS PLEASE! Identity Documents, Permits and Authoriza-tions of the Third ReichCowdery - Broad range of Nazi era documents in full color & provides a page-by-page analysis of each one. Beautiful reproductions record the process the Nazi gov-ernment used to extend its control into organizations that would have been privatein any other country. A chilling historical treatise that finally sheds light on a longoverlooked sunbject. 144 pgs., 200+ B&W and color illustrations. HC

4185-241-442 $30.00

THE NEW GERMAN REICHSCHANCELLERY IN BERLIN 1938-1945Cowdery - The most remarkable government structure ever built in Germany. De-signed and built by super-architecht Albert Speer in just 12 months, it was oblit-erated by the Russians only 76 months after it was completed! This in-depthglimpse into that little-known palace, the seat of the most powerful secular leaderin the history of Europe, presents the history, architechture, sculpture, Land-de-tail, with a room-by-room tour of the building, It’s construction and destruction,and the Reichschacellery at Berchtesgaden. 130 pgs. and 200 photos, with 75 infull-color illustrations. HC

4185-243-442 $40.00

WWII ENVELOPE ART of Cecile CowderyCowdery - This is a collection of sketches, cartoons, and pithy wisdom that illustratedher daily letters to soldier husband Raymond who, the book describes, “participated inthe battles of Saipan, Guam, Leyte and Okinawa as a combat medic and was on the tinyisland of le Shima when Ernie Pyle was killed there.” SC

4185-245-442 $20.00

SOLDATEN: When Soldiers March Through TownThe German children’s classic book published in 1942 after noted il-lustrator Herbert Rothgängel made 14 colored drawings to accompanythe Hermann Siegmann poem by the same name. It was an instantwar-time hit among grade school age children who got a chance to seetheir troops and equipment pass in review, and to fantasize about beingsoldiers themselves. 16 pages with the 14 original drawings and coversreproduced in full color. 6.5” x 5.3”. SC

4185-246-442 $7.95

Page 21: Current Militaria Flyers

FAKE OR REALCowdery - A fascinating exposé on the post-war manufacture & trade in “Nazi Relics”,containing over 30 photos & illustrations depicting both fake & real. Subjects includethe myth of the RZM, an industrial view of German militaria, museums & fakes, the art& science of fakers & “Made in Germany”. The author, with a background in museummanagement & subject expertise of over 40 years, (15 in Europe), pulls no punches. Amust for serious 3rd Reich students & collectors. 64 pgs. & 60+ photos. SC

4185-242-442 $8.95

NAZI BUCKLES Psychology and the Fighting SpiritCowdery - Excellent book on the German buckles of WWII, how they were made, non-military buckles, Nazi Regalia in Russia, divisions of the German Reich, the RZM andit's buckle manufacturer’s trademarks and current German buckle manufacturers. Ex-cellent glossery, abbreviations, runic alphabet, bibliography and military museums. Nu-merous color and black and white photos. Superb book for the buckle collector. 64 pgs. SC

4185-247-442 $9.95

HITLER’S NATIVE LANDCowdery - This book is based in part on a heavily illustrated booklets published inLinz in April 1938, to celebrate the political 'reunion' of Austria with Germany.It focuses in great detail on the buildings, towns, people and places connectedwith the birth and childhood of Adolf Hitler. Hitler’s native land was an area inthe west-central shoulder of the present country of Austria - an area known asOberösterreich or Upper Austria. The rare 60-year old German language bookletmentioned above, is reproduced in its entirety and is followed by a thorough andaccurate translation plus many current photos of these historic places and build-ings of today. SC

4185-248-442 $20.00

MASTERS OF CEREMONYCowdery - 128 pages containing over 140 two page, full page and half page HeinrichHoffmann photographs taken at the two most spectacular Nazi ceremonies everstaged. This new book combines the photos from two Hoffman books, ParteitagGrossdeutschland (Party Day Greater Germany) and Ein Volkehrt seinemFührer(A People Honors Their Führer). SC

4185-249-442 $20.00

LOOK TO GERMANYMcClatchie - Young McClatchie, a member of a wealthy and well-known SouthernCalifornia family, had lived in Germany prior to the Nazi ascent to power in Jan-uary 1933. Returning to Germany at the time of the Olympics in 1936, Mc-Clatchie found himself very impressed by the consolidation of political powerthat Hitler had engineered, and by the industrial, technical and social revolutionthat had taken place in Germany under the Nazis. In Look to Germany, Mc-Clatchie describes and depicts, in 300 photos, the new Germany with which hewas so impressed. SC Expected July/August

4185-250-442 $30.00


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SS Leithefte BookLet (Heydrich Funeral)Adolf Hitler and Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, paid their final tributes to theirfriend and comrade SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich on 9 June 1942 duringthe grandest state funeral to take place in Germany during World War Two. Their eu-logies to the slain Acting Reichsprotektor and Police General were recorded in theJune 1942 issue of the SS-magazine Germanische Leithefte. Our perfect reprint con-tains a detachable American/English translation bound in. 32 pages, 7 full page pho-tos, 5.5” x 8.5”. SC


$9.95 Each

CAPONE’S CHICAGOCowdrey - A letter-perfect reprint of the very rare 1931 edition of Enright's AlCapone - On the Spot with 115 extremely gruesome newspaper photos andthree maps. The very comprehensive original text has been updated and recentphotos of many Capone-era Chicago locations have been added. Al Capone'sChicago is a very interesting book for students of prohibition, American his-tory, Al Capone, Chicago and gangsters. Many half and full-page photos ofthe victims of Chicago's gang wars. Not for the faint-hearted. 96 pgs, over 100photos, 8.5” x 11”. SC Limited Supply


$14.95 Each

LINDBERGH: His Story in PicturesPhotos from every available source document Lindy, his family, aircraft, famous tripto Paris, subsequent but little-known visits to Belgium and England and his Americanand Latin American Tours. The hero is shown as a child, and posed with dignitariesfrom many countries. His medals, prizes, trophies and awards are shown in perfectdetail. The Spirit of St. Louis is examined at every historic moment from its concep-tion to its final resting place in the Smithsonian. An important book for those inter-ested in aviation, Charles Lindbergh and American history. 320 pgs, over 360 photos,5.5” x 8”. SC


$19.95 Each

KATYN MASSACRE BOOKLET A Documentary Account of the EvidenceCowdrey - An official 1943 examination of the evidence of the Katyn Massacre,the summary execution of 12,000 Polish officers that the Soviet Union success-fully blamed on the German Armed Forces. A faithful reproduction of the orig-inal booklet with a full English translation on separate pages, including 29fascinating original photographs. 48 pages. 8.2” x 5.5”. SC


$9.95 Each GROSSDEUTSCHLANDCowdrey - This facsimile reprint of the 1942 directory lists actual street addresses andphone numbers of German government and paramilitary organization offices inGrossdeutschland (Greater Germany) and the occupied European countries. Over800 entries from Gauleiters to Ministers, even including the Reichsfuhrer of the SS,Heinrich Himmler! This is a great guidebook for travelers, students of history, teach-ers and collectors. 24 pages. 8.5” x 11”. SC


$10.00 Each

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REINHARD HEYDRICH: Assasination!Cowdery - The story of the life and untimely death of SS-Obergruppenführer andActing Reichsprotektor of Bohemia and Moravia, Reinhard Heydrich is truly fas-cinating. The perfect German administrator, Heydrich rose from relative obscurityin the 1920s to the pinnacle of power in the Third Reich by 1936. The story of thecommandos that parachuted into Czechoslovakia to kill him is absolutely incredible!The complete and unbiased story of these events is told here for the very first time,superbly illustrated with several maps and over 130 rare photographs, many neverbefore seen. 8.5” x 11”, 120 pgs. SC


$20.00 EachICH KAMPFEThe Book the Allies Wanted Burned! A perfect copy of the actual 100-page hand-book given by the NSDAP to each new enrollee in the Nazi Party in 1943. Thefinal 44 pages are a competent English translation of the entire German text, quo-tations and photo captions. Ich Kämpfe was the Nazi's own testament to the suc-cess of their Movement. Nearly all copies of this book were destroyed at the endof the war with the result that originals are very rare, often commanding prices inexcess of $200.00 per copy. Over 50 rare photos, 8.5” x 9.5”, 144 pgs, SC


$25.00 EachORTSGRUPPE BROOKLYN YEARBOOKA perfect facsimile reprint of the rare 32-page booklet produced by the Nazi Party’sOrtsgruppe (regional organization) in Brooklyn, New York, to commemorate its firstyear as a sanctioned Ortsgruppe of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei(NSDAP or National Socialist German Worker Party). In German & English, thebooklet presents rare full-page photos of members of each uniformed detachment,the Ortsgruppe office on Knickerbocker Avenue, the Deutschtum Erwache concertthat attracted 2,000 people and the Ortsgruppe protest of the New York City-wideboycott of German made goods. More than thirty Ortsgruppe members advertisedtheir businesses in this yearbook. 32 pgs, 5½” x 8½”. SC


$9.95 Each NAZI PARAMILITARY ORGANIZATIONS & THEIR BADGESA comprehensive study of the vast array of paramilitary organizations of the NaziParty, such as the SA, SS, DAF, NSFK, Hitler Youth, NS-Frauenschaft, RAD,NSKK, RLB, etc. This book contains 18 chapters, 45 black & white photos and il-lustrations, with 31 full-page color plates depicting more than 730 Nazi Partybadges of all kinds. Full information for RZM categories M1 (insignia) and M9(badges) is included. Nazi Paramilitary Organizations & Their Badges is essentialreference information for those with an interest in World War II history, the NaziParty and its paramilitary organizations, German history, and collectors of insignia.142 pgs, 8½” x 11” SC


$25.00 Each

This massive volume documents, in incredible detail, the uniforms, shoulder boards,collar tabs, Police generals' uniforms, specific insignia, awards, decorations, belts andbuckles. Next is the history, organization and uniforms of the five major branches ofthe complex Police organization: The Protection, Traffic and Municipal Police, theGendarmerie (including motorized branch) and the Technical Emergency Corps(TeNo). Appendices provide the most complete details of organization and commandof the Protection Police, Landjägerei/Gendarmerie, Motorized Gendarmerie and TeNoever assembled. 808 pages, 1,083 photos and illustrations, most in full color, with deluxehard binding! 4185-041-339 $90.00



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German Military Pins

6001 Hoch und Deutschmeister Stalingrad Kreuz - Stalingrad Cross S $7.506002 Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps - NS Flying Corps (NSFK) S $6.006003 Reichskulturkammer - State Chamber of Culture (RKK) S $6.006004 Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei - Nazi Party (NSDAP) S $6.00

6001 6002 6003 6004 6005

6006 60076008 6009

6010 6011

We are pleased to announce that we have purchased the USM, Inc. line of extremely high quality, well-made pins and badges that have often been widely offered and sold at much higher prices elsewhere.Many items are properly marked on the reverse with maker marks, Ges. Gesch., etc. All pins are shownat approximately 90% of actual size, so they will be about 10% larger than the photos shown here..

S-twisted stick pin back attachment P-safety pin back attachment B-butterfly pin back attachmentThe same abbreviations are used in the pin descriptions

To order, replace *-*** with the number of the item desired. No. 0107-40*-***

6005 SS-Totenkopf - SS Death’s Head S $ 6.006006 SS-Lebensborn - SS “Well-Spring of Life” Racial Purity Organization S $ 6.006007 Deutsche Jägerschaft - German Hunting Association (DJ) S $ 6.006008 SS-Adler - SS Eagle S $ 6.006009 SS-HIAG Veteran Hilfsgemeinschaft auf Gegenseitigkeit Organization S $ 5.006010 Reichskolonialbund - State Colonial Society (RKB) S $ 6.006011 Volksbund für Deutschtum im Ausland -

People’s Society for Germanism in Foreign Countries (VDA) S $ 6.00

6078 Volkswagen KdF Car Sunwheel P $ 6.006079 Volkswagen Mechanical Spezialist P $ 6.006080 Owner’s Pin for Volkswagen with 100,000 km on the Odometer S $ 6.00

(companion piece to item number 6085 certificate)6081 Volkswagenwerk Mai 1938-May 1938 Commemorative pin $ 6.006082 Deutsche Arbeitsfront - German Labor Front (DAF) S $ 6.006083 VW Grundsteinlegung - VW Factory Groundstone Laying 1938 P $15.006084 1000 km of Reichsautobahn 1936 - State Freeways (First 1000 km) S $ 6.006085 Owner’s Certificate for a VW with 100,000 km on the Odometer $ 6.00

(companion piece to item number 6080 lapel pin) Not shown.6086 VW Stadt des KdF Wagens Fallersleben (hometown of the VW) P $ 6.006088 Ford am Rhein - Ford on the Rhein (Köln - Cologne, Germany) P $ 6.00

6078 6079 6080 6081 6082 6083



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6101 1st SS-Panzer Division “Leibstandarte” tactical insignia S $ 5.006102 3rd SS-Panzer Division “Totenkopf” tactical insignia S $ 5.006103 17th SS-Pz Grenadier Div “Götz von Berlichingen” tactical insignia S $ 5.006104 16th SS-Panzer Grenadier Div “Reichsführer SS” tactical insignia S $ 5.006105 25th SS Waffen Gren Div “Hungaria II” (Hungary) tactical insignia S $ 5.006106 25th Panzer Grenadier Division tactical insignia S $ 5.006107 7th SS-Volunteer Gebirgs Division “Prinz Eugen” tactical insignia S $ 5.006108 12th SS-Panzer Division “Hitlerjugend” tactical insignia S $ 5.006109 36th SS-Waffen Grenadier Division “Dirlewanger” tactical insignia S $ 5.006110 38th SS-Panzer Grenadier Division “Niebelungen” tactical insignia S $ 5.006111 5th SS-Panzer Division “Wiking” tactical insignia S $ 5.006112 11th Panzer Division tactical insignia S $ 5.006114 2nd Gebirg Division tactical insignia S $ 5.006115 2nd SS-Panzer Division “Das Reich” tactical insignia S $ 5.006116 20th SS-Waffen Grenadier Div “Estland I” (Estonia) tactical insignia S $ 5.006117 9th Panzer Division tactical insignia S $ 5.006118 28th SS-Volunteer Pz Gren Div “Wallonie” (Belgium) tactical insignia $ 5.006119 13th SS-Gebirg Division “Handschar” (Croatia) tactical insignia S $ 5.006120 29th SS-Waffen Grenadier Division “Italia I” (Italy) tactical insignia S $ 5.006121 9th SS-Panzer Division “Hohenstauffen” tactical insignia S $ 5.006122 8th SS-Cavalry Division “Florian Geyer” tactical insignia S $ 5.006123 10th SS-Panzer Division “Frundsberg” tactical insignia S $ 5.006124 18th SS-Volunteer Pz Gren Division “Horst Wessel” tactical insignia S $ 5.006125 19th SS-Waffen Grenadier Div “Lettland II” (Latvia) tactical insignia S $ 5.006126 27th SS-Volunteer Gren Div “Flemish I” (Belgium) tactical insignia S $ 5.006127 15th SS-Waffen Grenadier Div “Lettland I” (Latvia) tactical insignia S $ 5.006128 33rd SS-Waffen Gren Div “Charlemagne” (France) tactical insignia S $ 5.006129 34th SS-Gren Div “Landstorm Nederland” (Holland) tactical insignia S $ 5.006130 4th SS-Panzer Grenadier Division “Polizei” tactical insignia S $ 5.006131 22nd Volunteer Cavalry Division “Maria Therese” tactical insignia S $ 5.006132 23rd SS-Vol Pz Gren Div “Nederland” (Holland) tactical insignia S $ 5.006133 6th SS-Gebirg Division “Nord” tactical insignia S $ 5.006134 11th Volunteer Pz Grenadier Division “Nordland” tactical insignia S $ 5.006135 SS-Runen - SS Runic Shield S $ 5.006136 SS-Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler LSSAH Eagle Head Shield S $ 5.00

6101 6102 6103 6104 6105 6106 6107 6108

6109 6110 6111 6112 6114 6115 6116 6117 6118

6119 6120 6121 6122 6123 6124 6125 6126 6127

6128 6129 6130 6131 6132 6133 6134 6135 6136

6253 SS Contract 77/42 Tesch und Stabenow hollow brass container for a cyanide vial(empty). We do not supply the glass vial - just the two-part threaded brass container. Theglass vial shown is for reference only. $40.00



To order, replace *-*** with the number of the item desired. No. 0107-40*-***

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6259 Gestapo identity disk security ring. This is attached to the end of the chain oppo-site a German police identity disk to prevent the loss of the disk. The open end of the ringis slipped over a button and the thread holding the button on slips into the narrow slot. Marked CD B/W GES. GESCH. M1/44/39 (C.Dinsel, Berlin 1939) $ 5.00

6260 Puma (blademaker) logo lapel pin B $ 5.006261 Eickhorn (blademaker) logo lapel pin B $ 5.006262 Paul Weyersberg (blademaker) logo lapel pin B $ 5.006263 ALCOSO (blademaker) logo lapel pin B $ 5.006264 WKC (blademaker) logo lapel pin B $ 5.006265 SMF (blademaker) logo lapel pin B $ 5.006267 Deutscher Radfahrer Verein - German Bicyclist’s League (DRV) P $ 5.00

6260 6261 6262 6263 6264 6265 6267

6270 62716272 6273

6270 Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei brooch - Zeppelin Shipping Company P $15.006271 Frontkjemper, Norwegian SS Front Fighters badge P $ 7.506272 Reichstierschutzbund - State Animal Protection Society (RTB) P $ 7.006273 München Wappen - Munich City Coat of Arms P $ 6.00

6274 NSDAP Nazi Party Ortsgruppe in Brooklyn, New York U.S.A. S $ 6.006275 Köln-Düsseldorfer Rhein Dampfschiffahrt - Rhein Steamship badge P $ 6.006276 1936 Berlin Olympic Games Lapel Pin P $ 6.006277 Heinrich Himmler SS-Lebensborn Mutter brooch - Mother’s brooch

“Every Mother of Good Blood is a Sacred Asset of Our Existence” P $15.00

6274 6275 62766277


To order, replace *-*** with the number of the item desired. No. 0107-40*-***

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6279 Rocket Research Center Peenemünde Employee buttonhole badge $25.006280 SS “Wir fahren gegen Engelland” brooch - “We Sail for England” P $15.006281 SS black and silver lapel pin with stick pin back S $ 5.006282 SS black and silver lapel pin with safety pin back P $ 5.006283 SS black and silver lapel pin with butterfly pin back B $ 5.006284 Official’s Badge from the Reinhard Heydrich SS Sports Complex in

Olmütz (now Olomouc) in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia P $10.00



6281 6282 6283


6285 Visitation or “Day” badge for the SS-Order Castle at Wewelsburg P $15.006286 Glauben und Schönheit Bund der Deutschen Mädel der HJ

Belief and Beauty Section, League of German Girls of the Hitler Youth $15.006287 Drive on the Right in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia

(Czechs had driven on the left prior to German annexation) P $ 6.006288 Wehrwolf Freikorps and SS “Fourth Reich” identity badge P $ 6.006289 Saarland pin “We Wish to Be Free and German” P $ 6.00

6290 Wehrmacht Tank Destruction Badge in Silver P $15.006291 SS Tank Destruction Badge in Silver P $20.00The slogan on the silver and gold tank destruction badges translates “Steel Hearts over-come Steel Masses”.

6282 has a safety pin (P)

back as shown;. 6281

has a stick pin (S) and

6283 has a butterfly (B)

back as shown.


6285 6286



6290 6291

To order, replace *-*** with the number of the item desired. No. 0107-40*-***

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6350 Kriegsmarine Battleship Tirpitz shield P $ 6.006351 Kriegsmarine Submarine U-83 - Viking Ship shield P $ 6.006352 Kriegsmarine Submarine U-552 - Black Devil shield P $ 6.006353 Kriegsmarine Submarine U-596 - Water Boy shield P $ 6.006354 Kriegsmarine Submarine U-255 - Fox shield P $ 6.006355 Kriegsmarine Submarine U-124 - Frog shield P $ 6.006356 Kriegsmarine Submarine U-132 - Eagle shield P $ 6.006357 Kriegsmarine Submarine U-753 - Skull and Bones shield P $ 6.006358 Kriegsmarine Submarine U-48, U-564 - Black Cat shield P $ 6.006359 Kriegsmarine Submarine U-505 - Shell shield P $ 6.006360 Kriegsmarine Submarine U-505 - Submarine shield P $ 6.006361 Kriegsmarine Battleship Bismarck shield P $ 6.00

6292 Wehrmacht Tank Destruction Badge in Gold P $15.006293 SS Tank Destruction Badge in Gold P $20.006294 Adolf Hitler Replica World War I Erkennungsmarke or Dogtag.

Hitler was Soldier Number 148, First Company, Bavarian ReserveInfantry Regiment Number 16. $20.00

6370 Luftwaffe JG1, Thunderbird squadron shield S $ 6.006371 Luftwaffe JG2, Von Richthofen R squadron shield S $ 6.006372 Luftwaffe JG3, Udet Flying U squadron shield S $ 6.006373 Luftwaffe JG7, Greyhound squadron shield P $ 6.006374 Luftwaffe JG26, Schlageter S squadron shield S $ 6.006375 Luftwaffe JG52, Sword squadron shield P $ 6.006376 Luftwaffe JG53, Ace of Spades squadron shield S $ 6.006377 Luftwaffe 9./JG54, Devil Head squadron shield P $ 6.006378 Luftwaffe JG-300, Wild Sow squadron shield S $ 6.006379 Luftwaffe 2./JG-400, A Flea squadron shield S $ 6.006380 Luftwaffe 1.JG1, Devil squadron shield P $ 6.006381 Luftwaffe NJG, Nightfighter over England squadron shield S $ 6.00

6350 6351 6352 6353 6354 6355

6356 6357 6358 6359 6360 6361

6370 6371 6372 6373 6374 6375

6376 6377 6378 6379 6380 6381

6292 6293 6294To order, replace *-*** with the number of the item desired. No. 0107-40*-***

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A SS TOTENKOPF (HONOR) RING NOW AVAILABLE IN 4 SIZES!After numerous requests to offer these rings in sizes, we had completely new molds made in sizes 8, 9, 10 and11. At the same time, we have greatly improved the size and quality, including an overall heavier ring with ex-cellent details, including the proper inscription inside the ring, with each size featuring a different recipient'sname. The skull has the proper features as well as the correct runic symbols. Made from genuine SterlingSilver. Replace ** in the item number with size desired. 0104-051-0** $89.00

B PRESENTATION BOX for SS TOTENKOPF RING SAVE 20%Our presentation box for the SS Honor Ring is copied from an original example and features fine leatheretteouter covering with embossed silver SS Runes on top, and a silver foil lining and black velvet lining. An excellentcompanion piece for authentically storing your Totenkopf or other SS Rings!

0104-050-643 REG. $29.00 SALE - $23.20 C SS RUNIC RINGThis popular style ring is also now available in 4 sizes: 9, 10, 11 and 12. The SS runes are nicely set off againstthe solid black enamel background, and with improved details and fine, silver plated finish, it makes a strikingring! Replace ** in the item number with size desired.

0104-051-1** INTRODUCTORY PRICE $39.00



Chinese Air Force Wing #4200 $20.00

1st PS#4201 $6.00

2nd PursuitSquadron #4202


3rd PS#4203$6.00

Flying Tiger V#4204 $10.00

Flying Tiger Wing#4205 $20.00

AVG Letters#4206 $6.00 AVG Peacock

#4207 $6.00

AVG Round#4208 $6.00


Bur ma Road#4213 $6.00

Flying Tiger Membership Care#4214 $2.50

3” AVG Jacket Patch#4211 $7.00

6” Flying Tiger Jacket Patch

#4212 $10.00


To order, replace *-*** with the number of the item desired. No. 0107-40*-***

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ENLISTED ARMY & SS BUCKLES IN ALUMNIMUMAluminum buckles are considerably more rare and desirable than the steel versions, so we had a special run ofthese made. Capturing all the fine details of the originals, these buckles are correctly made and include theproper maker marks: OLC in a diamond shaped outline on the Army Buckle and “RZM 36/42 SS” on the SSBuckle.

0104-036-017 Army EM Aluminum Buckle $35.000104-036-047 SS EM Aluminum Buckle $35.00

SPECIAL PURCHASE SS OFFICER BUCKLEWe found a small quantity of these buckles at a very good price, so wepurchased them, now we can pass the savings on to you! These areslightly heavier than our aluminum buckles and the edge is a bit thinner,but the details are excellent and they are correctly marked “SS”, withmaker code “RZM 4/51 - WBuS”. These are very nicely made piecesat a great value!

0104-036-049 ONLY $49.00

CIGARETTE CASE - WWII GERMAN STYLEFor the German soldier, cigarette cases such as these were commonand popular items for protecting the delicate cigarettes. Many dif-ferent types were used and many were engraved with martial motifs,names, dates, etc. Ours is nickel plated steel, featuring the typicalpush-button closure and elastic bands to hold the smokes. Suitablefor engraving.

0130-004-401 $15.00 Ea

STILL AVAILABLE!!SS OFFICERS BUCKLEInadvertently left out of our Catalog 6, we have plenty of these high qual-ity, aluminum buckles on hand. Extremely difficult to distinguish fromthe originals, these superbly made pieces are the finest available and arecorrectly marked “SS” and maker code “RZM 36/49 - OLC”.

0104-036-043 SS Officer’s Buckle - Aluminum $85.000104-035-007 Extra Keeper $6.00 ea.

LEATHER EM BELTHigh quality, WWII leather combat belt, complete with our exclusive, Assmann style, stamped steel hooks tofit EM buckles, above.

0104-037-010 Small 32”-34”0104-037-012 Medium 36”-38”0104-037-014 Large 40”-42”0104-037-016 X-Large 44”-46”

$28.00 Each


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U. S. & Canada Toll Free Order Line: 1-800-786-6210Customer service, account inquiries and foreign orders please call (903) 786-2287

7:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. CST MONDAY THRU FRIDAY24-HOUR FAX: (903) 786-9059


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P.O. Box 847 Pottsboro, TX 75076-084

We are finally able to have excellent quality reproduc-tions of World War II period Army and Army AirCorps visor caps made and are pleased to offer them!Made from the finest materials available, they featureO.D. (olive drab) or Khaki wool twill tops, wool mo-hair cap bands, genuine leather visors and chinstraps,silk-type lining, with plastic sweat shield, and the cor-rect, gilt metal U.S. Army cap insignia and buttons.Replace ** in the item number with the size desired:

7 – 56; 7¼ - 58; 7½ - 60; 7¾ - 62.


0102-080-1** O.D. $119.00 ea0102-080-2** Khaki $119.00 ea


0150-100-001 Pratt & Whitney Engines $3.00 Ea 0150-100-002 Rolls Royce - Enamel $3.00 Ea 0150-100-003 Hamilton Standard $3.00 Ea 0150-100-004 Wright Engines $3.00 Ea

Reg. $6.00 Ea Sale

Used extensively by the fighter pilots in World War II, thiswas not just a fashion article; these soft silk scarves werevery functional in that they protected the pilot's neck fromseveral chafing that would result from his almost constantmovement of the head keeping an eye out for "bandits".This white scarf is 100% genuine silk, featuring a finelyembroidered U.S. Army Air Corps logo on each end andmeasuring a full 6 feet long by 1foot wide!


0150-208-200 $36.00

Save 50%

We have a limited quantityof these surplus, privatepurchase style overseascaps in the rare "pink"shade and the price isright! Condition is excel-lent and most are like new,so take advantage of this

opportunity before they are gone. Also known asgarrison caps, these were standard issue from 1939onward and will make a great addition to your uni-form or display. Regular $19.95

0102-588-053 6-5/8 $9.950102-588-057 7-1/8 $9.950102-588-054 6-3/4 $9.950102-588-058 7-1/4 $9.950102-588-055 6-7/8 $9.950102-588-060 7-1/2 $9.950102-588-056 7 $9.95