Cub Scouting Program Change Overview. Cub Scouts TIMELINE 1930-2014 1930’s Dens – boy led Joining Age – 9 Bobcat, Wolf (9), Bear (10), Lion (11) Knickers.

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Cub Scouting Program Change Overview Slide 2 Cub Scouts TIMELINE 1930-2014 1930s Dens boy led Joining Age 9 Bobcat, Wolf (9), Bear (10), Lion (11) Knickers I (name) promise to do my best to be square and to obey the Law of the Pack. Slide 3 Cub Scouts TIMELINE 1930-2014 Women in Scouting Den Mother Leadership Position Boy Scout Den Chief Slide 4 1940s Monthly Program Themes/Roundtable New Joining Age 8 On to Boy Scouting at 11 Requirement regarding previous ranks eliminated All rank badges could be worn Blue and Gold banquets Den Mothers must be registered Cub Scouts TIMELINE 1930-2014 1950s Pinewood Derby New Promise I (name), promise to do my best to do my duty to God and my country, to be square and to obey the Law of the Pack. Webelos Den created for 10 yos who had earned the Lion rank and encourage transitioning to Boy Scouting Webelos Day Camp program introduced. Slide 5 1960s Cub Scouting undergoes thorough revision for greater advancement opportunities New Webelos program Goodbye Lion rank Cub Scout Day Camp Cub Scouts TIMELINE 1930-2014 1970s Woman as Cubmaster Arrow of Light rank New Promise I (name), promise to do my best to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people, and to obey the Law of the Pack. Embroidered Bobcat badge Revisions to rank requirements and electives to encourage more outdoor activity. Rocket Derby Slide 6 Cub Scouts TIMELINE 1930-2014 1980s Tiger Cubs Tiger Track Big Bear Book 24 achievement choices Whittling Chip Webelos full 2 years more camping Separate neckerchiefs per rank Cub Leader Knots BSA Family Program World Crest 1990s Tiger Cubs part of the pack Academics and Sports Program Ethics in Action It Happened to Me YPT video Guide to Safe Scouting Webelos Leader Outdoor Training Webelos Den Leader Guide National Den Award Slide 7 Cub Scouts TIMELINE 1930-2014 2000s Pack Family Camping Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award Character Connections/Core Values Tiger Cub becomes a rank Tiger Cub 1 st handbook, blue shirt Age appropriate guidelines for LNT and LNT award Good Turn for America Slide 8 2010-2014 Adopt the Scout Oath and Law for use in the Cub Scout & Venturing program, retiring the Cub Scout Promise, Cub Scout Law of the Pack & Venturing Oath. The Cub Scout Adventure Program Cub Scouts TIMELINE 1930-2014 Slide 9 One Oath and Law Approved Cub Scout Changes Revise the Core Values of Cub Scouts to align with the twelve points of the Scout Law. Retire the Cub Scout Promise, while maintaining Duty to God and Country. Retire the Cub Scout Law of the Pack, while maintaining the concept of Akela as leader. Maintain the current Cub Scout motto, sign, salute, and handshake. Slide 10 WhoWhyWhat & Where Slide 11 Who & Why Slide 12 We have changed our programs to reflect the results of a thorough program review and assessment that clearly identifies those elements that are appealing, exciting and culturally relevant to todays youth and families. The BSAs programs match what todays youth both want and need. Dynamic and Relevant Program Slide 13 411 Task Force Structure Chair Russ Hunsaker Character Betsy Eubanks Citizenship Al Patrick Personal Fitness Scott Armstrong Outdoor Skills John Savage Leadership Devl. Brad Smith Advancement Diane Cannon Approximately (75) Volunteers Nationally Representative Networked to other functions and discipline Religious Relations Committee Aquatics Task Force Program Impact Health & Safety Other Departments as well Governance thru the Program Content Support Committee to the National Board Slide 14 411 Task Force Charge: To ensure that Scoutings programs are exciting, culturally relevant, and appealing to todays youth; attracting them at an extraordinary rate and retaining them longer. Define Program Evaluate the advancement system Ensure that it delivers the Mission of BSA and the Aims of Scouting Amplify what does deliver on the mission and aims Slide 15 Cub Scout Assessment Phase Examination Take-Away Many advancement requirements support passive rather than active behavior. Leader aids are insufficient in guiding leaders on how to fulfill aims - lack tools and resources to implement aims. Youth handbooks lack breath and frequency of activities/learning situations that support the aims. Character Citizenship Personal Fitness Slide 16 What Slide 17 New Program Design Slide 18 Cub Scout Program Design Objectives Program Design Den-based Advancement Model Desire To Reduce Complexity Opportunity To Enhance Fun w/ Academics & Sports Pgrm More Purposeful Alignment with Mission & Aims Slide 19 Organizing Principle Design for All Cub Scout Ranks Character Development Participatory Citizenship Personal Fitness Outdoor Skills & Awareness Leadership & Life Skills Slide 20 Desired Outcomes for Each Area Slide 21 New Program Development Slide 22 Program Development Development Charge: Apply the Desired Outcomes to develop an engaging program for boys that is easy for adults to implement Cub Adventure Development Team (developers/authors) Experienced CS leaders recruited nationally to develop new program materials Cub Adventure Team Tasks Design a simplified advancement system adventures Draft adventure requirements from desired outcomes Turn-key experience for leaders Slide 23 New Program Model Rank Advancement Thru Adventures For each rank, complete seven adventures, (five den based, one a family-based Duty to God adventure, and one and elective of choice) to earn rank Adventures = interdisciplinary, theme-based experiences, 3 den meetings Immediate recognition after each adventure Elective adventures available; same recognition approach Slide 24 How does rank structure differ? Rank # Defined Adventures # Elective Adventure(s) of Choice Adventure Recognition Device Tiger61 Adventure Belt Loops Wolf61 Adventure Belt Loops Bear61 Adventure Belt Loops Webelos52 Adventure Pins Arrow of Light43Adventure Pins Slide 25 Example- Webelos Walkabout Slide 26 Program Development Recognition Devices: Adventure belt loop for Tiger, Wolf, and Bear Adventure Pins for Webelos and Arrow of Light Slide 27 4/18/2015 Tiger Required Tiger Electives Slide 28 4/18/2015 Wolf Required Wolf Electives Slide 29 4/18/2015 Bear Required Bear Electives Slide 30 4/18/2015 Webelos Required Arrow of Light Required Slide 31 4/18/2015 Webelos & Arrow of Light Shared Electives Slide 32 Program Development Leader Materials Self-contained guides at each level for T-W-B-W/AoL Simple and easy to use Field Testing Summer 2013 Feedback incorporated into draft materials Report: Easy to use, fun, engaging for boys Slide 33 Cub Scout Change Summary NOT Changing Family focus Ranks Bobcat still first rank earned (updated) Ages Den/pack meeting structures Outdoor program Delivery model Fun even more than before CHANGING Oath & Law Tiger Cub becomes Tiger with new image Arrow of Light will no longer require earning Webelos Activities more active, more aligned with Aims/Mission Advancement simplified Academics & Sports program discontinued (5/15) Current immediate/elective recognition devices replaced One Den Leader Guide per rank Slide 34 Cub Scout Changes: Big Picture To develop a boys character, Train him in good citizenship, And encourage him to become more fitphysically, mentally, and morally AIMS REMAIN Slide 35 Cub Scout Changes: Big Picture 1. Living the Ideals Movement to Scout Oath and Law 2. Belonging to a Den 3. Using Advancement Revisions to Current System 4. Involving Family and Home 5. Participating in Activities 6. Serving Home and Neighborhood 7. Wearing the Uniform 8. Making Character Connections Scout Law METHODS REMAIN Slide 36 4/18/2015 Where Slide 37 4/18/2015 Continue doing the fantastic your doing now with the current program! Review current information on the program updates page Review new adventures and their requirements Continue to check the program updates page frequently Where now for you: Slide 38 National Council Opportunity to receive email updates as a local council ambassador Scouting Magazine articles (proposed) Florida National High Adventure Sea Base Week of Jan. 4th-10th National Annual Meeting May 2015 Atlanta Philmont Training Center Conferences 2015 Week 3 June 21-27 Week 6 July 12-18 Week 8 July 26-August 1 Week 9 August 2-8 Where for more information: Slide 39 Training Support National, Region, Area, and Council Training Support Overview Presentations Cub Adventure Guides Working with area and region program impact chairs Roundtables Pow Wows University of Scoutings Updates to Position-specific training Q1/Q2 2015 Webinars proposed for Spring 2015 Slide 40 4/18/2015 Program Updates Page Look Slide 41 Slide 42 Slide 43 Slide 44 44 Slide 45 Slide 46 Slide 47 Slide 48 4/18/2015 And an even closer look Slide 49 Youth Handbook Slide 50 Title of Adventure Picture of Belt Loop Actual Cubs Ethan Inviting summary of adventure Slide 51 Snapshot Action photos Requirement Helpful knowledge Character Compass Slide 52 Signature Block and end of each requirement section Slide 53 Den Leader Guide Slide 54 NEW ITEMS Rationale for Adventure Takeaways For Cub Scouts Requirement Listing Notes to Den Leaders Slide 55 Clear and Complete Meeting Plan Gathering Opening Talk Time Activities Explanation Step-by-step instructions Closing After the Meeting Slide 56 All Meeting Resources follow the meeting plan Everything in one book! Slide 57 Sample paperwork can be copied or paraphrased as needed Slide 58 Transitioning to the June 1, 2015 changes 4/18/2015 Slide 59 Cub Scout Program Transition Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos Convert to new program June 1, 2015 59 Slide 60 Cub Scout Program Transition Arrow of Light Candidate Options 2015/2016 school year: Convert to new program June 1, 2015 OR Continue using current program for AOL rank award for this one year of transitioning 6/1/2015 to 6/1/2016. 60 Slide 61 Cub Scout Program Transition Arrow of Light Candidate Options: Convert to new program June 1, 2015 May use electives earned in the current program not used towards receiving their Webelos badge to count them towards electives needed for AOL rank in new program. EXAMPLE: 2014/2015 Webelos Rank earned: Completed the following activity badges: Fitness, Citizen, Family Member, Forester, Naturalist, Sportsman, Traveler, Scientist, Artist 61 Slide 62 Cub Scout Program Transition Newly Registered Arrow of Light Candidate 2015 Options: Newly registered AOL Candidates can use electives from Webelos required adventures as electives towards their AOL. 62 Slide 63 Cub Scout Program Transition LDS transition plan available online at program updates. Boys birthdates used for ranks vs. school year Review what has been completed, count it and move into adventures If nearing completion of rank in current program, encourage them to finish Do what is best for the boy All Transition Details: See 2015 Cub Scout Transition Guidelines on 63 Slide 64 4/18/2015 Some more information you might like know. Slide 65 Todays Status Materials Handbooks Publishing company currently finalizing edits 2 handbooks Spanish translation Final Manuscript read in October On schedule for printing and release May 2015. Den Leader Guides Publishing company currently editing Slide 66 Todays National Camp School Status National schools for Camp Directors and Program Directors of Cub Scout Day camp and Resident camp programs Updated faculty syllabus and learners workbook o 12 Core Values Session 12 Points of the Law at Camp Session o Academic and Sports Round Robin Adventures at Camp Round Robin Camp Schools will use new materials to train participants beginning Fall 2014 and through 2015 Slide 67 Questions? 4/18/2015 Change. It happens. It must happen to stay relevant and dynamic for our youth. Glad we have Scouters like you all leading the way!


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