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France. Cub Reporter . Spain. Thailand. By Olivia. Ethiopia . Pakistan. South Africa. France. The people of France are called the French people. The French are a nation that share common French culture the culture of France has been shared geographically - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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South Africa


PakistanFranceThe people of France are called the French people. The French are a nation that share common French culture the culture of France has been shared geographicallyThe population is approximately 65,350,000 at the beginning of 2012. The French currency used to be the French franc but in 1998 France along with 10 other European states joined to become the euro zone and they officially launched the euro in January 1999.The capital of France is Paris.France has a government that votes separately for their president and the party that leads their country .French climate has four different types of climates French kids Lucas Legendre is twelve he lives in France Paris .He has a big bowl of hot chocolate and fruit with a toasted baget with honey His school starts at 8.00 and ends at 4.00 with two hours for lunch. His favourite subject is math he is doing algebraOnce a week they have technology class they pretend to own a shopThen he has English then he has history and he studies GermanyHe has sardines and sauce for lunchHe goes to the library and plays games and readsNext he has grammar and reading After school he sometimes study's LatinHis dad and sister pick him up He starts his homework almost as soon as he gets homeHis favourite meal is fish and potatoes.He reads or talks to his sister before he goes to bed He goes to bed at 9.

Bonjour - HelloAu revoir- Bye

SpainThe people of Spain are called Spanish Spains population is around 46,030,109 (2010)The currency is also a euro zone along with France.In Spain they have a king and a government.Summer is usually sunny it isnt always sunny July and August can be too hot in most cities.And it starts the year cold.

Spanish KidsAndrea Crespo is 11 years old and lives in SpainHer school starts at 9.30 and ends at 4.45.For dinner she usually has a ham sandwich or omelette.She goes to bed at 10.30 during the week.There is 29 students in her class Then she does history She likes to play soccer or basket ballShe does art then EnglishShe wants to be an animator or cartoonist Her mum walks her home then she does a sport it is either rugby soccer or basket ball Then she goes to bed

hello = hola PakistanThe population is 177,100,000The currency of Pakistan is Pakistan RupeeThe climate is usually Hot in summer and cool in winter Federal parliamentary republic which means that they choose a person to lead them and make the new laws

8Pakistan childrenRajbanu lives in Pakistan she is 12 years old She has tea and bread for breakfast First she goes to a assembly then goes back to class her first topic is English then she has grammar then erdu math She has a school of 300 students and 5 teachers but most students dont come to school They have half in hour play she plays cricket At 1.00 pm they return to there class She eats with her dad who is a teacher they have fish and vegetables After school she has religious studies After this she goes home and helps her sister with chores She now sits on the cement flour and does her homework it usually takes her two hours she has no electricity so she does it under a lantern cause she doesnt have much light it strains her eyes At 10.00 she goes to bed she doesn't have TV they sleep on the floor in a room

10Thailand Population 66,720,153The currency of Thailand is the Baht .The climate is tropical with monsoon seasonsIn Thailand they have a king and a government.

Thailand KidsLaddawadee Maroomdee is twelve and lives in Thailand.She has rice and porridge for breakfast Then she prays and goes to school Her first class is math or Thai language Then she ether ha social study's or English At break time she talks with her friends and eats ice creamNext she is learning to sew She starts school at 8 and finishes at 3.30 Then she walks to her sisters school and does dance For dinner she has rice and chicken with basil leaves.She goes to bed at 9

Ethiopia Ethiopia has a population of 82,101,998. The currency is birr .The climate is tropical monsoon it is cooler than the other regions October to February a light rainy season March to May a heavy rainy season June to December average rain falls The government is a federal government were the prime minister is head of the government

Ethiopia children Enaya nuru is 8 says a morning prayerShe has bread, chilli and porridge for breakfastShe walks to the bus stop and catches the bus it takes her 30 minutes to schoolBefore class they gather around and sing the national anthem and prayher classes are science (solar system stars) English vocabulary At 4 pm they have dinner they have salads vegetables or sandwiches they have cinnamon and clove tea At 5.30 her tutor comes to help her with the subjects she needs extra practice withWhen her tutor leaves she prays and then goes and watches TV. with her family if the powers not out They pray for the last time in the living room and then at 9.00 she gets ready for bed.

South AfricaPopulation 50,586,757 The currency of South Africa is the Rand.The climate only changes slightly between winter and summer.In South Africa they have a President who is the head of state and the head of government.South African ChildrenZandile Mazatlan is 13 and lives in South Africa.He starts school at 10 and finishes at 4.00.He has cereal or toast and tea His dad take him to the train station on his way to work he either listens to music or reads a bookWhen he gets to school he does Math and English At two oclock he goes to the city of peace and does his homeworkThen he catches the train home and he watches TV with his sisterHe has potatoes, eggs, rice and sausages for dinner. Sometimes he has no electricity and so they have bread for dinner.He goes to bed at 9.00pm.

French and Thai kidsThey are alike because they all go to school and they do similar subjects like maths, technology and they work using the internetIn France they have a two hour lunch break and they finish school half an hour later than in Thailand.They are different because they eat different food.Their lives are very similar to mine for school and home. We are different because of our language and food . They have different cultures and different rules to follow They all live a happy life with their parents

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