Cub Day Camp 2014 - Dear Cub Scout Parent, Welcome to the 2014 Cub Scout Day Camp at Camp

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  • Cub Day Camp 2014

    “Knights of the Round Table”

  • Dear Cub Scout Parent,

    Welcome to the 2014 Cub Scout Day Camp at Camp Josepho! We are thrilled this year to offer a Cub Scout

    program that is bigger and better than ever before. We pride ourselves at Camp Josepho for combining the best of the

    outdoor camping experience with new and exciting developments in technology and entertainment. Thanks to a bevy of

    camp visitors that will rotate around the camp theme of “Knights of the Round Table” we will bring in professional

    actors, stunt performers, and professional fencers to work with Cub Scouts in their own Medieval wonderland. We

    believe that summer camp should transport a camper to another world. The world that we will transport you to in this

    camp is the world of King Arthur!

    In this guide you will find all of the information you need as you prepare to send your Cub Scout to camp.

    Remember that Cub Scout Day Camp involves the parents every step of the way. So don’t forget to look at the “Parent

    Participation” section of this guide and attend one of our two pre-camp parent meetings on Saturday, June 7th at 10am

    or Monday, June 9thth at 6:30pm. Both will take place at the Westside office: 10131 National Blvd. and take

    approximately 1 hour. Family night, the night before camp wraps up, is an excellent way to make Cub Day Camp an

    event for the whole family. Bring everyone on the second to last evening of camp for a Barbecue and Campfire.

    Each week of Camp follows a different theme, meaning that your son can pursue his exact area of interest in one

    of our sessions or attend both without getting bored. See what theme your week of camp is and remember that you can

    bring costumes or props (no weapons) with your den to add to the festive aura of the whole camp. Remember, nothing

    makes a Cub Scout’s day like an adult’s enthusiasm!

    Week 1— “Knights of the Round Table”: Cubs will learn about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Scouts

    experience the magic of every type of medieval role, from wizards to elves, and the honorable duties of Kings, knights

    and squires. They will participate in hands-on arts and crafts for creating their own costume embellishments, learn the

    science of medieval sorcery, and revisit camping classics like BB Guns and Archery with a twist.

    Week 2—“Defending Camp Josepho, huzzah!”: Everything from defending the innocent to slaying dragons will be

    covered in our second week. Scouts will learn from the best; professional fencers, stunt performers, and Medieval


    Please note, there is a Talent Release form, which we will need in order for your son to appear in any pictures or video

    shots in camp. Thank you for choosing Camp Josepho, we are thrilled to host you and your scouts in what we hope will

    be the most exciting roster of programs that this camp has ever seen! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate

    to call Sara Hagerty at 818-785-8700x181.


    Sara Hagerty and Tom Finn

    Camp Director and Program Director

  • Camp Josepho Mission

    The Western Los Angeles County Council Camping Department believes creating a world in which people make moral and ethical decisions. We believe that through outdoor adventure programs that are guided by the aims and methods of Scouting, we can influence young people over the course of their lifetime. Camp Josepho, which is at the intersection of technology and arts education in Scouting, addresses the wider goals of Scouting through Cub Scout and Boy Scout Programs that integrate Scouting values with creative enterprise.

    Getting To Camp Driving

    Camp Josepho is located at 3000 Rustic Canyon Rd, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272.

    From Sunset Boulevard, turn north on Capri Drive. You will get to a round-about. Take it around until you find Capri

    Drive again, it will be a near straight continuation. Stay on Capri Drive until the end and turn left onto Casale Road.

    Casale will curve around the hill and turn into a dirt road.

    Josepho’s main road into camp is considered a “Fire Road” and is open to hikers and bikers, as well as the normal flow of

    traffic. Most areas of the road are one-lane and this makes driving safely extremely important. THE SPEED LIMIT ON THE

    ROAD IS 5MPH. Please, be aware of the other traffic on the roads and we suggest carpooling to limit the number of

    vehicles coming into camp. When confronting another vehicle going the opposite direction, be advised there are narrow

    shoulders to allow the cars to pass but take your time. We will attempt to limit this difficulty by assigning times to enter

    and exit camp, so please enter during the assigned enter times and wait to leave until the assigned exit time to reduce

    congestion. The enter times for check-in are from 8:00am-8:45am and the exit time is at 9:00am. And enter times for

    the afternoon are 4:00pm-4:30pm with a 4:45pm exit time.

    The front gate requires a numerical code to allow access. This code will be given at the June pre-camp parent meetings

    and another reminder will be sent shortly before arriving to camp. Be sure to give this code to any drivers with your Pack

    who will be attending.


    There is a shuttle service available to campers for $50/week or $100 for 2 weeks and is strongly recommended to reduce

    traffic on the fire road. Shuttles will pick up from four locations on the Westside, you can see the routes and pickup

    times here. (Note: Shuttles for the last day depart from camp at 12:00 noon.)


    In accordance with BSA policy and safety regulations, PERSONAL VEHICLES ARE NEVER PERMITTED IN CAMP BEYOND

    THE DESIGNATED PARKING AREA. However, a handicap accessible pass will be provided upon request at the Admin Area.

    The parking lot is clearly marked and just inside the camp entrance. Be sure to always follow the instructions given at

    camp while parking and back-in your vehicle to comply with the fire code. Only emergency and maintenance vehicles

    will be allowed to park outside of the designated parking area and all others will be immediately towed. These policies

    are for the safety of all campers. Please make sure parents who might be visiting camp during the week are aware of

    these important policies. We appreciate your cooperation in parking only in designated areas. Upon arrival, the camp

    staff will help guide you through the check-in procedure.

    Check-In Procedures

    Our friendly staff will greet you as you arrive in the parking lot and point you towards the check in area. Camp

    begins at 9am on all days of camp though you may arrive earlier as per the drive-in schedule. Please note that the first

  • day of check-in will require more time if you do not turn in the forms and documents at either of the June parent

    meetings. The check-in will only occur on the first day of camp ONLY and check-in on subsequent days will be much

    easier and less time intensive. Assemble your Den/Pack at the parade grounds. One adult leader in charge should

    proceed to the Admin Area to submit the needed forms and any payments due. Any late arrivals should park in the

    parking lot and find a staff member in the lodge for check-in and a camp ID bracelet and/or t-shirt.

    When checking in you MUST have the following items (or have already turned them in at meeting or to ):

    Annual Health & Medical Form (parts A, B) For adult volunteers and campers

    Food Allergy Survey IF applicable for adult volunteers and campers--submitted electronically

    PROOF of Youth Protection For adult volunteers

    Family BBQ Meal Reservation Form One per household

    Talent Release Form For adult volunteers and campers

    Parental Firearms Permission and Release (Parts A, B, C and D) One per camper

    Pick-up Authorization Form One per camper (Two if attending both sessions)

    At Camp


    In accordance with BSA Youth Protection policies, there must be one adult leader for every five boys, one adult partner

    for each Tiger Cub, and a minimum of two leaders for each unit. Please be sure that all visitors and new adults arriving at

    camp check in with our camp staff in the Malibu Lodge to receive their ID bracelets. We ask that everyone clean up at

    meal times and in program areas. This is a great service to camp.

    Camp T-Shirts

    Each camper will receive a Camper T-Shirt with their registration and will have the option to purchase more. The shirts

    serve as a safety measure and allow us to identify campers. Please make sure campers wear their t-shirt every day.

    Adults will receive a shirt only if they volunteer for the entire week, otherwise they will receive visitor wristbands to

    identify them.

    Smoking and Alcohol

    Camp Josepho is a non-smoking facility. Smoking or tobacco use in front of any camper, leader, or staff member is

    strictly prohibited. Alcoholic beverages are never permitted on any Boy Scout property. Please help the camp enforce

    these rules by m