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  • 8/13/2019 Ctb Sample


  • 8/13/2019 Ctb Sample


    This ebook sample has been brought to you by:

    Michael Lee of


    This is a small sample of the full

    ebook, Choose To Believe.

    To purchase the full ebook, go to:


  • 8/13/2019 Ctb Sample


    Choose To BelieveA Practical Guide To

    Living Your Dreams

    Alan Tutt

    Author of:

    Harmonic Prayer: How to Instantly Increase our Prayer Power

    Awa!en the Avatar "ithin

    2# Days to $ffortless %uccess

    Pros&erity 'rom the Insi(e )ut

    Treasure Ma& to )nline *iches

    +eys To Power Persuasion

    ,reator of:

    $m-*A,$% -elief $ntrainment %ystem

    PowerKeys Publishing

    Grand Rapids, MI


  • 8/13/2019 Ctb Sample


    LEGAL D!"LA#E$

    either the &ublisher nor the author are en/a/e( in (is&ensin/ me(ical

    a(vice or &rescribin/ the use of any techniue as a form of treatment for

    &hysical1 emotional1 or me(ical &roblems without the a(vice of a

    &hysician1 either (irectly or in(irectly. In the event you use any of the

    information in this boo! for yourself1 which is your constitutional ri/ht1 the

    author an( &ublisher assume no res&onsibility for your actions. If you (o

    not a/ree to be boun( by these terms1 &lease return the boo! for a refun(.

  • 8/13/2019 Ctb Sample


    Choose To BelieveA Practical Guide To

    Living Your Dreams

    Alan Tutt

    PowerKeys Publishing

    Grand Rapids, MI


  • 8/13/2019 Ctb Sample


    %ublisher&s "ataloging'in'%ublication(Provided by Quality Books, Inc.)

    Tutt1 Alan.

    ,hoose to believe : a &ractical /ui(e to livin/ your

    (reams Alan Tutt. 33 4st e(.

    &. cm.

    Inclu(es biblio/ra&hical references an( in(e5.

    I%-346: 78#303787982933

    I%-340: 037879829336

    I%-346: 78#30378798293638

    I%-340: 037879829363;

    4. 'aith an( reason. 2. -elief an( (oubt.

    6. *easonin/. . Decision ma!in/. ;. ,on(uct of life.

    I. Title.

    -T;0.T## 200# 244

    200# by Alan Tutt

    'irst $(ition

    All ri/hts reserve(. o &art of this boo! may be re&ro(uce( or transmitte(1 in

    whole or in &art1 by any means1 electronic or mechanical1 without the written

    &ermission of the &ublisher1 e5ce&t by a reviewer who may uote brief &assa/es ina review.

    Pro(uce( usin/ )&en)ffice %oftware from )&en)ffice.or/

    ,over (esi/n by Archer3$llison Desi/n -oo!,overs.com

    ,o&y e(itin/ by Toni $(son ? Lauree "hite

    Printe( in the @nite( %tates of America

    Power+eys Publishin/4#0; "al!er Ave "

    =ran( *a&i(s1 MI 7;0



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  • 8/13/2019 Ctb Sample


    What People are Saying About

    Choose To Believe

    This may be the best in terms of ne3, useful information

    ha4e hear* in years. An* &4e rea* an* hear* plenty.

    C *obert -la!e from Philly

    ou so clearly an( sim&ly e5&laine(

  • 8/13/2019 Ctb Sample


    viii ,hoose To -elieve

    Alan1"ith your boo!1 Choose to Believe, you have &rovi(e( an

    enormous amount of information. To the &oint that I foun( my

    %elf ta!in/ notes so that I may a&&ro&riately use them for myself

    an( also in /ui(in/ others.

    'rom your own &ersonal e5&eriences1 you are brin/in/ forth

    an( e5&ressin/ what you !ow to -$ true1 which comes from the

    inner "is(om that we all have1 an( in (oin/ so this will have a

    &ositive an( ma/nificent ri&&le effect that will -$ for the benefit

    of many.

    I con/ratulate you for all of the above an( in what I believe

    is a /reat boo! that you have written1 an( es&ecially with the

    &rocesses you &resente( to enhance the lives of others.

    Choose to Believe is for the best an* highest goo* of all.

    It is time an( well (eserve(.

    Ilumine 2 Ao1C Al DiaB

    htt&:www.The Miracle)fLove.com

    -eliefs are the blue&rints of a &ersonJs life an( the sin/le

    most im&ortant as&ect to un(erstan( if you wish to ta!e control of

    your life. This is why Alan TuttJs new boo!1 Choose to Believe,

    3ill probably be the most important book you rea* this year.At 220K &a/es1 it isnt a uic! rea(1 however it is e(ucational1

    ins&irin/1 thou/ht &rovo!in/ an( &otentially life chan/in/.

    My favorite section is where Alan ta!es you by the han( to

    uncover your current beliefs an( then hel&s you create new

    em&owerin/ beliefs. He then /oes on to show you many ways

    how to enforce these new beliefs into your life.

    IJve rea( hun(re(s of &ersonal (evelo&ment boo!s but stilllearne( a wealth of new information. This is a boo! I will be

    referrin/ bac! to many times an( IJ( recommen( it to anyone who

    is serious about ta!in/ control of their future.

    C Iain Le//


  • 8/13/2019 Ctb Sample


    "hat Peo&le are %ayin/ About ,hoose To -elieve i5

    Alan writes so clearly1 so smoothly1 that even the most(ifficult subEects Fthe role of uantum &hysics in formin/ your

    reality1 for e5am&leG become utterly sim&le. HeJll have you

    won(erin/ why these thin/s ever seeme( har( before. -ut while

    /oo( e5&lanations are crucial1 theyJre not enou/h1 an( Alan

    !nows this. %o he also teaches you &ractical1 &roven metho(s an(

    techniues for choosin/ more useful beliefs1 an( then ma!in/

    them a &ermanent &art of your life. 5ith this book, Alan

    *eli4ers 3hat other teachers only promise.

    C ,harles -ur!e


    )f the hun(re(s of boo!s IJve rea(1 this has /ot to be in the

    To& 6 IJve rea( about miracles before1 but never have I foun(

    any material that clearly e5&lains how they ha&&ene(.

    Choose to Believe not only reveals the (ee&est secrets ofhow beliefs can &ro(uce miracles in real life1 but also &rovi(es

    un(eniable &roof an( case stu(ies to confirm the reality of its


    Anyone 3ho rea*s this book 3ill e6perience a miraculous


    C Michael Lee1 Persuasion $5&ert


    I havenJt come across a /em li!e this for a lon/ time. I

    woul( li!e to avoi( usin/ &hrases li!e &ure /ol(1 or a treasure

    trove of information1 but I canJt because the boo! is e5actly this.

    f you really care to change your life for the better, this book is

    for you.

    "ithin its &a/es1 you will fin( answers to not only uestionswe all have about our worl(1 but also solutions to many &roblems

    an( &ractical a(vice on how to &erform miracles in your own life1

    inclu(in/ settin/ your financial thermostat. =et your co&y soon.

    C Irena "hitfiel(


  • 8/13/2019 Ctb Sample


    5 ,hoose To -elieve

    Dear Alan1our boo!s an( MP6Js were outstan(in/ an( very hel&ful.

    The Choose To Believe boo! I have rea( 6 times the whole

    220K &a/es of it. This is the book that hit home 3ith me an*

    inspire* me to turn my life aroun*.

    Alan1 I (onJt !now how to say than! you enou/h for your

    hel& an( wis(om that came throu/h your boo!s. It has chan/e(

    my thin!in/ aroun( in all as&ects of life1 love1 trust1 an( es&ecially

    -$LI$'1 which I ha( so many &roblems with.

    ou see1 I ha( a very challen/in/ life from the moment I was

    born. I was born 6 months earlier than I shoul( have1 I e5&eri3

    ence(: aban(onment reEection se5ual1 verbal1 emotional an(

    mental abuses since I was a tiny little /irl I witnesse( slau/hter of

    &eo&le in front of me (urin/ the war in my country1 inclu(in/ the

    horror of a babyJs hea( bein/ blown out with a machine /un1

    s&latterin/ its brain all over its mother an( me. My family an( Iesca&e( (eath with the count3(own to C by assassination for

    attem&tin/ to esca&e the country1 but were sto&&e(. Two (ays