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  • 1. An innocent cry of ababy girl broke thedelivery rooms silence ataround 10:15pm datedSeptember 10, 1992. Itwas ME! I was namedafter the combination ofmy parents name ji+ ter.Being the first born, Igrew up having everythingI wanted. May it be inclothes, in food, in toys, Imean everything. Maybethat made me a personwho always feel secure,and safe that does makeme a person who can easilyadopt to environment andtrust people.

2. I was brought up by myparents understanding thevalues of contentment andthanksgiving,.That I should be thankful toGod for every blessing, inevery rice grain present inmy plate. I should be happyand contented to whatever isonly present for me that Ishouldnt ask for more. I studied my preschooleducation in Queen of PeaceSchool just nearby ourvillage, a school who is ran bynuns. It was of greatexperience studying there. 3. this was a picture taken12yrs ago. I was having afun time with my youngersister, Terese JeanneSullivan who is 2yrsyounger than me. we are of great partnerswhen it comes to naughtyplans. of course, she is also assmart as her big sister, Ithink smarter than me. 4. MY FAMILY excludes my mom who took the picture ^.^ 5. She changed her faith. And now a muslim. 6. Bredco endin the port going peninsula ILOILO ! 7. COLLEGE YEARS as I graduated my highschool in St. Joseph School La Salle, I then decide tostudyatColegioSanAgustin Bacolod. I had aconfusion on what to takeup so I ended jumping froma course to another. Istarted my 1st year 1st semtaking up Computer Science.Just came 2nd sem, Ishiftedto Managementaccounting. But now, I tooka Business Administrationcourse. It was a steeringwheel of mind alterationsbut I didnt regret becauseI met lots of fellows ofdifferent courses. 8. These Are My PreciousTreasures 9. Ihave manydreams,aspirations and plans for myfuture all I wanted is justthe source, outlet or wayto it. I know I have manythings still to achieve. Manythings tolearn andpractice. Though I was notable to fulfill all thedesires of my parents tome,I still strive tosomehow justify all theirhard work and sacrificesfor me and for our family. I just wish to God for himto continue bless us withgood health and healthyrelationshipswith eachother. I pray for him toforbid us to have conflictswith each other. and lastly, I want to givethem the things that issufficient for them. I want