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Road Safety. Fire Safety. www. CRUCIAL CREW. First Response. Safety Near Water. Drugs Awareness. Train Safety. Police. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Fire Safety

    First Response

    Drugs AwarenessRoad SafetySafety Near Water

    Train Safety

  • Can you identify drugs from sweets?

    WARNING!Never take any pills -you dontknow where they are from andtaking one may kill you. Dontrisk your life just to be cool withyour so-called friends!You might be able to tell now but Drugs and sweets often look the same. If someone offers you a sweet and youre not sure what it is DONT take it because it could be a drug! By Olivia, Lily and Lauren

  • Never walk on the road without looking.Never cross without an adult.At night wear bright clothing and never listen to music or look at your phone when you are about to cross a road.JordanMatthew L

  • Railways are really dangerous and you shouldn't mess around on them. Did you know that trains go twice the speed of a car on a motorway? That is 135mph which is really fast and could kill a fully grown man. To stay safe you need to never cross a railway line and never climb one of the poles as they carry enough electricity to kill a human.

    By Jamie and Max

  • Recovery position Facts about the recovery positionSteps for a perfect recovery position.It prevents the tongue from blocking the persons airway.It promotes drainage of fluids, such as blood or vomit, from their mouth.

    By Amber, Jade and Abigail.

    Place the arm nearest to you at a right angle. Move the other arm, with the back of their hand against their cheek. Then get hold of the knee furthest from you and pull up until foot is flat on the floor.Pull the knee towards you, keeping the person's hand pressed against their cheek, and position the leg at a right angle. Make sure that the airway remains open by tilting the head back and lifting the chin. Check breathing. Monitor the casualty's condition until help arrives.Our video of how to put someone into the recovery position is also on the blog. Why not take a look?

  • In water safety we learnt about which types of water we are supposed to swim in and what not to swim in. If you ever see some one drowning never dive in after them. Call for help and look for the nearest life buoy. Never swim in lakes or rivers in case you get your foot caught and drown.

    By Tom.G, Josh and Connor