Crossword Puzzle Clues - aps.· Crossword Puzzle Clues ... The name given to gasses that trap heat and cause global warming. 9. A tool used to illustrate how much impact a human being

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Text of Crossword Puzzle Clues - aps.· Crossword Puzzle Clues ... The name given to gasses that trap heat...

  • Crossword Puzzle Clues


    1. The three Rs that offer a guide to helping you lessen your impact on the environment and create a more sustainable world.

    2. One of the factors that causes global warming, desertification, and loss of topsoil. It is often a result of poor management of natural resources.

    3. The most abundant element in the universe. It can be used as a fuel source. 4. These plentiful and useful organisms consume carbon dioxide, convert it to food, and produce oxygen. 5. The program endorsed by the US Environment Protection Agency to reduce energy use mainly in

    household appliances and heating and cooling units. 6. The most toxic greenhouse gas emission. It is common around landfills and farms. 7. It gives people the power to make environmental policy a priority age 18. 8. The name given to gasses that trap heat and cause global warming. 9. A tool used to illustrate how much impact a human being has on the Earth. 10. A transportation vehicle using a combination of electricity and gasoline. 11. The most abundant energy source capable of being harnessed by humans. 12. It combines Hydrogen and Oxygen to create energy that can be used in cars. 13. The government agency which monitors environmental issues (acronym).

    Down 1. Energy that can be used and reused an infinite number of times. 2. It was started in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson and Dennis Hayes. It is celebrated by over 500

    million people around the globe on April 22 every year. 3. Living within the limits of earths natural resources. 4. The term given to food sold in supermarkets and grown or fed without synthetic fertilizers, chemicals,

    hormones, and antibiotics. 5. The type of fuel humans depend on most. It is nonrenewable and found underground. 6. The cleanest fossil fuel, most often found in fragile areas of nature. 7. The most common greenhouse gas. Humans breathe it out and trees consume it 8. An international treaty giving countries a timeline to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases. It has

    not been signed by the United States. 9. Another name for buyers. They can influence what products are carried in stores. 10. The part of the earths atmosphere that repels the suns ultraviolet rays. 11. This important layer of dirt is essential for ensuring plant growth and its nutrients are retained by trees.

    Over time, it is washed away by agriculture. 12. An interdependent community of organisms including plants, animals, water, air and the ground. 13. The most efficient form of transportation in terms of energy usage. It does not pollute.

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    Crossword Puzzle

    The answers to the Crossword Puzzle come from lessons in the Ecological Footprint curriculum unit, but here are some additional clues.

    Rearrange the letters into words that fit the above clues. Across

    1. ERYEUSCDCERLUERECE ____________________________________________

    2. TESTONIFEDRAO ____________________________________________

    3. DGRENYOH ____________________________________________

    4. ESERT ____________________________________________

    5. RGEYNE ASTR ____________________________________________

    6. NHETEAM ____________________________________________

    7. EOTV ____________________________________________

    8. NOEERHUSGE ____________________________________________

    9. GLCOOCALIE TROPITNFO ____________________________________________

    10. YHRBDI ACR ____________________________________________

    11. SLRAO YGNEER ____________________________________________

    12. LEUF ELCL ____________________________________________

    13. APE ____________________________________________

    Down 1. WEAENBELR EGERYN ____________________________________________

    2. TRAHE YDA ____________________________________________

    3. STILABAUSNE ____________________________________________

    4. NGACIRO ____________________________________________

    5. SISLOF USLEF ____________________________________________

    6. URLAANT AGS ____________________________________________

    7. ROBNCA OXIIEDD ____________________________________________

    8. YOTKO YRAETT ____________________________________________

    9. UMSNOESRC ____________________________________________

    10. NZOEO RAYEL ____________________________________________

    11. TLPSOOI ____________________________________________

    12. ETSSMEYCO ____________________________________________

    13. LYCCEIB ____________________________________________

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    Crossword Puzzle

    Crossword Puzzle 1 4 1 2 3 7 2 5 6 8 3 4 9 5 6 7 10 8 9 11 12 10 11 13 12 13

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    Crossword Puzzle

    Crossword Puzzle Answers

    R1 O4 R1 E D U C E R E2 U S3 E R E C Y C L E N A U G C7

    E D2 E F5 O R E S T A T I O N6 A W O T T N A R A S H A I T B B S D I C K8 U O L I A N H3 Y D R O G E N T4 R E E S L Y A O A D E F B T L I N U L O G O E E E T A X R L R S I G S C9 E D Y O A E E5 N E R G Y S T A R S Y U M6 E T H A N E V7 O10 T E Z R G8 R E E N H O U S E N E

    E9 C O L O G I C A L F O O T P R I N T11 A O E12 H10 Y B R I D C A R P C E S S11 O L A R E N E R G Y B13 O S I I Y F12 U E L C E L L S Y T C E13 P A L M E

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    Crossword Puzzle

    Crossword Puzzle Answers


    1. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle 2. Deforestation 3. Hydrogen 4. Trees 5. Energy Star 6. Methane 7. Vote 8. Greenhouse 9. Ecological Footprint 10. Hybrid Car 11. Solar Energy 12. Fuel Cell 13. EPA


    1. Renewable Energy 2. Earth Day 3. Sustainable 4. Organic 5. Fossil Fuels 6. Natural Gas 7. Carbon Dioxide 8. Kyoto Treaty 9. Consumers 10. Ozone Layer 11. Topsoil 12. Ecosystem 13. Bicycle