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    Clive Oxenden Christina Latham-Koenig

    New ENGLISH FILE Upper-intermediateHungarian Wordlist

  • Upper-intermediate Hungarian wordlist

    New English File Upper-intermediate Hungarian Wordlist © Oxford University Press 20082

    This Wordlist is organized File by File. It includes all the words in the Vocabulary Banks in the Student’s Book and the MultiROM, all the words which are highlighted in the Student’s Book, and all the words in the More Words to Learn sections of the Workbook.

    1A More Words to Learn badge /b&dZ/ jelvény/kitűző He was wearing a badge with his name on it. chat (v) /tS&t/ beszélget I chatted to other people while we waited. embarrassing /Im"b&[email protected]/ zavarbaejtő What has been your most embarrassing moment? eyebrows /"aIbraUz/ szemöldök He raised his eyebrows in surprise. funeral /"fju;[email protected]@l/ temetés What song do you want to be played at your funeral? have a date /%h&v @ "deIt/ randizik Jane had a date on Friday – she went to a restaurant. partner /"pA;[email protected]/ társ Speed-dating can help busy people to find a partner. raise /reIz/ felvon/megemel He raised his eyebrows in surprise. trust /trVst/ hisz Don’t trust the smile, trust the actions.

    More words in 1A agony /"&[email protected]/ kínlódás I had terrible toothache and I was in agony. amused /@"mju;zd/ jókedvű The baby giggles when he’s amused. assertive /@"s3;tIv/ határozott My boss is assertive, she has a strong personality. awkward /"O;[email protected]/ kínos The atmosphere was awful – it was all very awkward. banker /"b&[email protected]/ bankár The men included a chef, a banker, and a novelist. bell /bel/ csengő A bell rings when it’s time for class to start. bubbly /"bVbli/ életvidám At the speed-dating event she seemed really bubbly. complicated /"kQmplIkeItId/ bonyolult Finding a partner is a complicated process. courtship /"kO;tSIp/ udvarlás They married after a year of courtship. current /"[email protected]/ jelenlegi She doesn’t enjoy her current career. deafening /"[email protected]/ fülsiketítő The music in the club was deafening. discotheque /"[email protected]/ diszkó We went dancing at a local discotheque double (v) /"dVbl/ megdupláz The company doubled profits last year. edit /"edIt/ módosít/szerkeszt If you could edit your past, what would you change? egotistical /%i;[email protected]"tIstIkl/ önimádó I’m an egotistical maniac with an inferiority complex. eliminate /I"lImIneIt/ kiiktat You can eliminate an option if it looks wrong. event /I"vent/ rendezvény The organizers of the event suggested a list of topics. evolve /I"vQlv/ kialakul It is a ritual which has evolved over the centuries. exchange /Iks"tSeIndZ/ cserél We exchanged telephone numbers. farewell /[email protected]"wel/ búcsú The Commodores never did a farewell tour. frenzied /"frenzid/ örjöngő The shark was frenzied, attacking the surfer. fresh /freS/ friss He has food poisoning – those prawns weren’t fresh. grimace /"[email protected]/ grimasz, fintor Her grimace showed she wasn’t impressed. guilty /"gIlti/ bűntudata van Lionel feels guilty about not being there for his kids. guy /gaI/ srác I went on one date with a guy who teaches Maths. housekeeper /"haUski;[email protected]/ házvezető A housekeeper would improve the quality of my life. imaginative /I m&[email protected]/ ötletes I tried to think of imaginative questions to ask. impression /Im"preSn/ benyomás I was worried I wouldn’t give the right impression. inferiority complex /In%[email protected]"[email protected]/ kisebbségi komplexus I’m an egotistical maniac with an inferiority complex. injection /In"dZekSn/ injekció I’d been to the dentist, and I’d had an injection. Labour /"[email protected]/ Munkáspárt I work for the Labour party. management

    consultant /"m&[email protected] [email protected]%[email protected]/

    vezetési tanácsadó He’s a management consultant in the City.

    maniac /"meIni&k/ mániákus I’m an egotistical maniac with an inferiority complex. match (n) /m&tS/ pár They are a perfect match – they share interests.

  • New English File Upper-intermediate Hungarian Wordlist © Oxford University Press 2008 3

    overuse (v) /%@[email protected]"ju;z/ agyonhasznál What words or phrases do you most overuse? participants /pA;"[email protected]/ résztvevők According to the participants, the meeting was good. pose /[email protected]/ magát kiadja Journalists posed as students to investigate the story. possession /[email protected]"zeSn/ vkinek/vminek

    tulajdon What’s your most treasured possession?

    pre-prepared /%pri;prI"[email protected]/ előre összeállított Have a list of pre-prepared questions ready. pre-school (n) /"pri;sku;l/ óvoda I was terrified on my first day at pre-school. propose /[email protected]"[email protected]/ megkéri a kezét I proposed in Paris, then we got married the next day! prospective /[email protected]"spektIv/ leendő She met some prospective partners speed-dating. publish /"pVblISIz/ megjelentet Every week The Guardian publishes a short story. quick-fire /"[email protected]/ gyorstűz The politician was asked quick-fire questions. ritual /"[email protected]/ szertartás The ritual has evolved over many years. scorecard /"skO;kA;d/ pontozólap Put a tick in the ‘yes’ box on a scorecard. shift (n) /SIft/ műszak I had the breakfast shift – I had to go in at five a.m. smoothly /"smu;Dli/ simán The conversation ran very smoothly. solo /"[email protected]@U/ szólóénekes Lionel Richie was successful as a solo singer. speed-dating /"spi;d %deItIN/ villámrandi In recent years speed-dating has become popular. treasured /"[email protected]/ becses/féltett What’s you’re most treasured possession? type /taIp/ típus/zsáner I’m sorry, you’re not my type. unknown /%Vn"[email protected]/ ismeretlen Guess the meaning of an unknown word from context. unmarried /%Vn"m&rid/ hajadon My aunt is unmarried. watchful /"wQtSfl/ éber The supervisor has a watchful eye.

    1B Vocabulary Bank Personality adventurous /@d"[email protected]@s/ kalandvágyó I’m not adventurous enough to try speed-dating! arrogant /"&[email protected]@nt/ arrogáns It’s very arrogant to think you’re better than her. as hard as nails /@z %hA;d @z

    "neIlz/ kőkemény You can’t upset Anna, she’s as hard as nails.

    assertive /@"s3;tIv/ magabiztos I wish I was more assertive, not so afraid to speak. bad-tempered /%b&d"[email protected]/ rosszkedvű It isn’t you he’s angry with, he’s just bad-tempered. calm /kA;m/ higgadt It’s important to keep calm in an emergency. cheerful /"[email protected]/ derűs I love visiting my gran, she’s always so cheerful. cold fish /%[email protected] "fIS/ rideg/zárkózott Joe’s a bit of a cold fish: he seems rather unfriendly. conscientious /%kQnSi"[email protected]/ lelkiismeretes She’ll do a good job, she’s very conscientious. easy-going /%i;zi"[email protected]/ lezser She’s quite easy-going – relaxed about most things. eccentric /Ik"sentrIk/ különc I had an eccentric aunt who used to sing opera. forgetful /[email protected]"getfl/ feledékeny Grandad can’t help being forgetful, he’s getting old. funny /"fVni/ mulatságos He thinks he’s funny, but no one else can see the joke. heart of gold /%hA;t @v "[email protected]/ jószívű Janice has got a heart of gold, she helps everyone. immature /%[email protected]"[email protected]/ éretlen Grow up – stop being so immature. impulsive /Im"pVlsIv/ meggondolatlan You’re too impulsive, you should think before you act. insecure /%InsI"[email protected]/ bizonytalan Hannah isn’t a confident child, I think she’s insecure. insincere /%InsIn"[email protected]/ nem őszinte Don’t believe what Greg says, he’s totally insincere. loyal /"[email protected]/ hűséges Jenny’s very loyal, she never says anything unkind. moody /"mu;di/ szeszélyes You’re so moody – I never know what to expect. open-minded /%@[email protected]"maIndId/ nyitott az újra My dad accepts new ideas, he’s quite open-minded. optimistic /%QptI"mIstIk/ optimista I’m quite optimistic about moving to London. pain in the neck /%peIn In [email protected]

    "nek/ idegesítő She’s a real pain in the neck – she’s so difficult.

    pessimistic /%pesI"mIstIk/ pesszimista I’m pessimistic. I always expect the worst. possessive /[email protected]"zesIv/ birtokolni vágyó Don’t be so possessive, she needs a bit of freedom. reliable /rI"[email protected]/ megbízható Brian is very reliable; he does what he says. rely on /rI"laI/ megbízik vkiben I’m asking you because I know I can rely on you. reserved /rI"z3;vd/ visszafogott She’s not unfriendly, just a bit reserved, that’s all. self-confident /%self"[email protected]/ magabiztos Being self-confident is a good thing. sensible /"[email protected]/ értelmes She’s far too sensible to agree to that. sensitive /"[email protected]/ érzékeny Don’t mention his results, he’s feeling a bit sensitive.

  • New English File Upper-intermediate Hungarian Wordlist © Oxford University Press 20084

    stubborn /"[email protected]/ makacs They’re both as stubborn as each other. vain /veIn/ hiú Anna is so vain, she looks at herself in every mirror. well-balanced /%wel"b&[email protected]/ kiegyensúlyozott It’s important to be well-balanced. wise /waIz/ bölcs I need someone wise to advise me.

    1B More Words to Learn childhood /"tSaIldhUd/ gyerekkor I had a very happy childhood. deduce /dI"dju;s/ következtet A psychic can deduce a lot from your appearance. handwriting /"h&ndraItIN/ kézírás Clear handwriting is really important. illegible /I"ledZIbl/ olvashatatlan His signature is illegible. initials /I"nISlz/ kezdőbetűk My signature contains my surname and initials. psychic /"saIkIk/ médium The psychic says I’ll become very rich. secretive /"si;[email protected]/ titkolózó He’s very secretive, he won’t tell anyone. sign (v) /saIn/ aláír Some people actually sign in capital letters. signature /"[email protected]@/ aláírás Put your signature here, please. trick /trIk/ trükk He uses all the tricks of the trade to make money.

    More Words in 1B ability /@"[email protected]/ képesség A self-confident person feels sure about their ability. academic /%&[email protected]"demIk/ egyetemi He enjoys academic lif

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