CRKit R4 BFM Simulation

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CRKit R4 BFM Simulation. WINLAB Rutgers University Date : June 16, 2011. Bus Functional Simulation. Enables verification of hardware components connected to a bus (Ex: PLB, OPB) Involves Bus Functional Models(BFMs) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • CRKit R4 BFM Simulation

    WINLAB Rutgers UniversityDate : June 16, 2011

  • Bus Functional SimulationEnables verification of hardware components connected to a bus (Ex: PLB, OPB)InvolvesBus Functional Models(BFMs) hardware components (provided as hdl files) that model a bus interface.Bus Functional Language(BFL) high level language to describe the behavior of a BFM. User can create a .bfl file which describes the required bus transactions. Bus Functional Compiler(BFC) Software that translates BFL code to commands that actually program a BFM.IBM CoreConnect Toolkit provides tools for simulation of PLB, OPB and DCR systems

  • IBM CoreConnect PLB ToolkitBFMsPLB MasterPLB SlavePLB Monitor - samples all PLB signals in every clock cycle and checks for violations of the PLB architectural specification during simulation. Reports error, warning conditions to the user with a display message.PLB Core/ArbiterBFM Synchronization Bus - inter-communication bus for event and transaction synchronization among the models, consists of non- PLB I/O signals or signals used for testing purpose. Ex: Processor interrupt, Simulation start pulse

  • BFM System

  • IBM CoreConnect ToolkitHDL files for predefined systems that include bus, master, slave, monitor.Modify the predefined systems to manually connect and test the required hardware components.XPS BFM PackageBFMs tailored to be used in XPS IP cores.BFM system to test your IP can be generated via create/import peripheral wizard.

    BFM System Simulation Methods

  • Generating BFM System using XPS (1/2) Install BFM packageGenerate simulation platform (xps project) by selecting an option in the create/import peripheral wizard while importing your IP to XPS.Generate simulation HDL files (GUISimulation Tab)

  • Generating BFM System using XPS (2/2) Important Files generated @/pcores/xxx/devl/bfmsimbfm_system.mhs/simulation/behavioral/bfm_system.vhd top level/simulation/behavioral/my_core_wrapper.vhd instantiates xxx_tb (xxx is the IP you import) /pcores/xxx_tb/simhdl/vhdl/xxx_tb.vhd instantiates the DUT (your IP xxx) and has logic to send stimulus to user I/O other than PLB signals and to process synch. signals./simulation/behavioral/ -- compiles all the vhdl files required for simulation/scripts/sample.bfl /scripts/run.dobfm_sim_cmd.make

  • CRKit System

  • BFM simulation of CRKit System (1/4)

  • BFM simulation of CR Kit System (2/4)Unzip xps project at crkit_svn\design\trunk\pcore\R4 locallyMove *.vhd from /pcores/xxx/devl/bfmsim to crkit_svn\design\trunk\bfm\R4\srcMove /pcores/xxx/devl/bfmsim/pcores/xxx_tb/simhdl/vhdl/xxx_tb.vhd to crkit_svn\design\trunk\bfm\R4\src

  • Modify xxx_tb.vhdinstantiate tb_top as DUTadd synch. Logicadd generic test_case_noModify my_core_wrapper.vhd add generic test_case_noModify bfm_system.vhd add generic test_case_noDesign/trunk/tb/R4/tb_top.vhd - instantiate cr_top_app + phy, eth_drv, sim_mgr generic test_case_no

    BFM simulation of CR Kit System (3/4)

  • BFM simulation of CR Kit System (4/4)