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  • 1. Critical Thinking Lesson ByNina Zotina & Katya Loskutova

2. Lesson Aims

  • Develop speaking skills (a monologue)
  • Promote interest in the country of the language studied
  • Develop critical thinking skills( the ability to estimate the information according to the given criteria)


  • Develop collaborative skills
  • Develop creative thinking (cinquain)
  • Develop listening skills (listening for specific information while working on filling the table)

4. The Stages of the Lesson & their Outcomes 5. Evocation Stage

  • Permhas recently become a big cultural city. There are a lot of things to see. Thats why special tours are organized. Lets recollect whattoursare available here. Well make aspidergramwith your ideas.


  • However incapitalsthere are usually a lot more excursions and tours and they are rather original.

7. Evocation Stage

  • We continue speaking aboutLondon . Today well discuss some gripping tours that you can take there.
  • Before we do that lets imagine that weve already taken an ordinary tour (as you already know a lot of information about the city) and now the tour-guide will ask you differentquestionsto check how attentive you were.

8. Realization of Meaning

  • Nowlistento the songs andpredictwhat tours we are going to discuss with you today.


  • Group Work
  • You are going to work in 3 groups.
  • Table completion
  • Read the information about the tours, discuss it and fill in thetable , the second column.
  • ( 1 ,2 ,3 )
  • After that present the information about your tour to the students from other groups. While listening to others fill inthe table(the 2 ndand the 3d columns)


  • Then, return to your group. Discuss the facts you have collected.
  • Nowestimateall the tours according to the followingcriteria . Make a conclusion based on the results deciding which tour gains more popularity.
  • Decidewhich tour is the most interesting for you.Explainwhy.

11. Reflexion

  • Write thecinquainabout your favourite tour.
  • Here is the pattern to help you:
  • Noun
  • Adj adj
  • Verb verb verb
  • Phrase of 4 words
  • Noun (synonym)

12. Spidergram Perm Tours A Bus Tour Around the City (traditional) A Tour to a Chocolate Factory Perm Churches Perm Theatres A Walk Tour Around the City