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CRH Akademos. CRH Akademos has already existed for 10 years. It is the leading organ for 5 schools, such as: Paderewski High School Paderewski Grammar School College of Information Technology (IT) “Alles Klar” – Private School of German Language Paderewski Insitute of Languages. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • CRH Akademos CRH Akademos has already existed for 10 years. It is the leading organ for 5 schools, such as:Paderewski High SchoolPaderewski Grammar SchoolCollege of Information Technology (IT) Alles Klar Private School of German LanguagePaderewski Insitute of Languages

  • Paderewski High School Paderewski High School is the secondary school for students who are between 16-19 years old, the school prepares students for the university status schoolsPaderewski High School is one of the nine schools in Poland and the only one in the eastern part of Poland which realizes the International Baccalaureate ProgrammeThe school received the authorization in 1999 from the International Baccalaureate Organization in GenevaPHS is also the member of UNESCO associationAt present there are 170 students, including the group of students from UkrainePHS cooperates with Mercyhurst College in USA, which gives the scholarships to former students (20 000 USD annually)Foreign languages taught at PHS: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russion, Latin

  • International Baccalaureate The International Baccalaureate Programme takes 2 years to accomplish and it is introduced in the second and third year of High School studiesStudents choose 6 subjects to study, 3 out of the 6 subjects are on higher level, students take 6 subjects in their maturity examsIn the preparatory class (Pre-IB), students have extra hours of English (10 per week) and students learn some subjects in EnglishIB maturity exam is the alternative to the Polish maturity exam. IB is external examination and it is estimated outside the school by IB ExaminersAt present there are about 70 students preparing for IB Programme

  • Paderewski Grammar School PGS is a secondary school for students who are between 13-16PGS is the only school in Poland which realizes Middle Years Programme preparing for IB classesThe school received the authorization in 2002Foreign languages taught in PGS: English, German, French, Russion and SpanishThere are 100 students in PGSIn PGS and PHS students may use Internet Club (permanent connection to Internet) 10 hours per week

  • Middle Years Programme The official programme preparing for IBStudents who accomplish the programme receive certificatesStudies are divided into 8 blocks as regards subject matters

  • Private College of Information Technology (IT) It gives the profession of IT TechnicianStudies in external system lasts 2 years, students after completing a course of study receive a diploma in information technologyAt present there are 85 studentsThe school has two modern computer laboratories with 25 computers connected to the web-sideAll Paderewski schools may use the computer laboratories

  • Language Schools Alles Klar Private School of German Language and Paderewski Institute of Languages are the authorized Lublin test centre of the European Language Certificates TELCThe schools not only prepare students to take the examination but also conduct international exams at their schools TELC Certificate is an international document certifying students abilities in all language skillsThe classes are held in the afternoonsThe groups of students from 6 to 12There are about 400 students including foreignersThe school Internet Club is free for students (4 hours per week)The schools use traditional and communicative method of teaching, the Callan method for teaching English Systematic classes with native speakers

  • TELC The international organization, which conducts TELC examinations is International Certificate Conference with its headquarters in Frankfurt on the Maine.TELC Certificates are a system of language examinations based on the Europes Common Framework of Reference for Language learning and are ac-knowledged by the European Council.Certificate Deutsch (level B1) passed with at least good grade exempts students from the duty of taking the maturity exam in German.

  • Alles klar! Alles klar!It specializes in German language.It organizes courses for:International Certificates: ZD, ZDfB, ZMP;Conversations (with native speakers)Techical language: Low, Technology, Medicine, Buisness and other.

  • Paderewski Institute of Languages It teaches the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish for foreignersIt organizes courses for:International Certificates (KET, PET, FC, CAE, TELC)Conversations (with native speakers)Technical language: Buisness, Technology, Medicine, Tourism and other

  • LUBLINLublin lies in the middle-east part of Poland.Lublin is the major cultural and educational centre in this region.Lublin lies in a close distance from Warsaw (the capital of Poland), it is the distance of 150 km.However there is a significant difference in prices.For the purpose of comparison:In Lublin-to rent the whole flat costs about 200 USD, in Warsaw-its about 500 USD;In Lublin-Private High School fees are about 125 USD, in Warsaw-its about 250 USD;


  • Studies in Lublin Lublin has about 400000 inhabitants, including 50000 students.There are 6 university status schools in Lublin, such as:The Catholic University of LublinMaria Curie Sklodowska UniversityLublins Institute of TechnologyThe Medical AcademyThe Agriculture AcademyCollege of Management and AdministrationCollege of JournalismLublins Business SchoolForeigners have been the students of these schools for many years.

  • The region and relics of Lublin Lublin and its region is the attraction for tourists and guests Historical and friequently visited place ( especially by foreign guests ) is the State Museum in Majdanek ( The Monument of Fight and Martyrdom of the Jewish Nation and other Nations during the second World War ) The most attractive places to visit in Lublin are the Old Town, the Castle Hill, the Botanical Garden, the Museum of the Lublin Village.Lublin received the Location Act in 1364.In the neighbourhood there are many attractive and worth visiting places: Zamo, Naczw, Kazimierz Dolny, Kozwka, and czysko-Wodawskie Lake-District