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credit-suisse Credit Suisse First Boston Foundation Social Responsibility Report 2001

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2. Dear Colleagues and Friends, Im very proud to introduce this Report which describes the philanthropic efforts of the Credit Suisse First Boston Foundation and the men and women of the Firm who, through their volunteer efforts, make a positive impact on the communities in which we live and do business. Empowering change is more than an eye-catching phrase to support the image and substance of a global investment bank that strives for excellence in all of its endeavors. Building for the future, breaking down barriers to success and John J. Mack creating opportunities for change are important parts of what we do in our day- to-day business and what we support as a Firm through the Foundation and the many volunteer programs described in this Report. The Foundations mission is to support programs and education for inner city youth and to contribute to cultural institutions in our community, both because of their intrinsic value as a reflection of what we admire in the world around us and because of the special benefits they offer to the Firms employees. While it would be impossible to describe every act of kindness, support or expression of the volunteer spirit which permeates the Firm, this Report will give you a snapshot of the Foundations grant making activities and the volunteer programs in which the men and women of Credit Suisse First Boston are actively engaged. I want to thank all of you who support the Foundations efforts with your time and contributions and I hope that in the year ahead all our employees will find a constructive way to give something back to the community in which they live. Sincerely, John J. Mack Chief Executive Officer 3. TA B L E CONTENTS OFPageI. CSFB Foundation Introduction 1 Mission and Priorities Statement 1 Grants 1 United States1 Europe 1 Asia Pacific 1 Cultural Commitment2 Volunteer Program2 Disaster Relief3II.Grants 4 United States4 Alphabetical Listing of Grants 7 Europe 8 Alphabetical Listing of Grants10 Asia Pacific11 Alphabetical Listing of Grants12III. CSFBs Cultural Commitment13 Museums and Other Cultural Institutions 13IV.Volunteer Programs14 Employee Volunteer Activities 14 Departmental Partnerships 20V. Disaster Relief 24VI.CSFB Perspectives 26VII. Grant Making Guidelines 28VIII. Conclusion 29 4. I.C S F B F O U N D AT I O N I N T R O D U C T I O NMission Statement The CSFB Foundation supports organizations whose primary goals are education and programs that benefit inner city youth. This support takes the form of both financial grants and employee volunteers.In addition, the Foundation supports the cultural institutions in the major cities in which we work and live. Most of the Foundations activities are focused on programs in New York City, the Firms headquarters in the Americas. In addition, the CSFB Foundation allocates funds to our larger branch offices, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Palo Alto, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Finally, the Foundation coordinatesThe Future the philanthropic activities directed by the Europe Charity Committee and Asia Pacific Philanthropic Committee. Grants United States Choosing which organizations and programs to support financially in the United States, principally in New York City, is an extremely difficult task given the hundreds of grant applications the Foundation receives annually from respected groups. Programs for young people at long established settlement houses, social service agencies and other community organizations receive a significant portion of the Foundations financial grants. We invest in the leadership of these groups, in innovative projects that may not attract other funding and in organizations in which our employees are involved as long as they are consistent with the Foundations mission. Grants Europe Cheers, CSFB! The Charity Committee budget is directed primarily at local charities in the Docklands area of London where our offices are situated. The focus of the funding is to support organizations concerned mainly with children and education. The Committee also regularly supports national charities, including the British Red Cross and Macmillan Cancer Relief. The Charity Committee meets once a quarter to discuss the requests. Grants Asia Pacific The Asia Pacific Philanthropic Committee was established in 1998 to fulfill the Firms responsibility as a good corporate citizen within the nations of that region. Since its founding, the Committee has donated to over 100 charitable organizations.The Committee meets on a quarterly basis to consider proposals submitted by employees and Costume Parade at the Globe1 5. organizations and makes allocations as appropriate in Asia Pacific. The focus of CSFBAsia Pacifics philanthropic giving is disadvantaged children and education. Organizationsseeking funding must be registered charities located in the Pacific region where CSFBconducts business.Cultural CommitmentCredit Suisse First Bostons cultural commitment is concentrated in New York City, butalso includes other renowned museums and cultural centers. Employees and theirfamilies are able to partake in a host of activities offered by these cultural institutions incities such as New York, San Francisco and Venice. The Foundations corporatemembership in many of these institutions gives CSFB employees discounts onadmissions and goods purchased in the museum stores, or dining at a museumrestaurant.In addition, the Foundation also funds programs such as the Brooklyn Brooklyn Museum of Art ApprenticeMuseum of Arts Apprentice Program for high school juniors and seniors, which provides Programstudents with the opportunity to learn and teach art to younger children during thesummer. Programs like the BMA Apprentice Program help the Foundation to fulfill itsmission of supporting educational programs for inner city youth.Volunteer ProgramCSFB employee volunteers are personally involved in improving our communities andneighborhoods and share their time, talents and resources to bring hope and assistanceto those in need. By creating mutually beneficial volunteer programs for the communityand for CSFB employees, we strive to develop model programs, build support andenthusiasm with our partner non-profits, and solve tough problems.The CSFB Foundation provides employee volunteer opportunities for both ongoing andone-time commitments. Individual and team-based volunteer projects offer a wide rangeof commitment levels so that every employee can find a way to help.Over the course of the year, hundreds of CSFB employees volunteered their time tutoringchildren, delivering meals to people living with HIV/AIDS, revitalizing city parks andgardens, visiting the elderly, and working to bridge the digital divide at schools and socialservice agencies throughout New York City. Making new friends volunteering at Greenwich HouseWhile this report includes a summary of our grants, it is also about people helping people volunteering their time, talents and resources. 2 6. Disaster Relief When disasters like earthquakes, floods and epidemics strike, CSFB and its employees respond by providing disaster relief funds, often through experienced service providers such as CARE and the American Red Cross. More recently, in the aftermath of the World Trade Center disaster on September 11th, the CSFB Foundation organized dozens of employee volunteer efforts, ranging from preparing and serving food to rescue and emergency crews to helping high school students displaced from their school by the events to regain access to a computer network and continue their studies. 2001 CSFB Foundation Contributions by Category Arts 7%Youth CSFB Volunteers working withDevelopment American Red Cross 20%Sports & Recreation3%Education33%E a c h y e a r, C S F Bsupports hundreds of Humanprograms and Servicesinitiatives serving31%Health & Nutritioneducation, the arts, 6%health, human servicesand youth 2001 Grantsdevelopment. New York City$ 2,764,523 Branch Offices outside New York City 377,500 Europe 840,000 Asia Pacific 440,000 Business Line Contributions* 10,830,000 Total$15,252,023 * Paid out of the various business lines within CSFB, these gifts are by design business-related and generally support the charitable interests of our clients.3 7. II.G R A N T S U N I T E D S TAT E S , E U R O P E A S I A PA C I F I C ANDUnited States Core GrantsIn 1998 the CSFB Foundation trustees identified five key organizations which bestrepresented the Foundations mission, had senior management on their boards andoffered volunteer opportunities for our employees. We call those organizations our COREgroup. That list has since expanded to eight organizations. Below is a brief descriptionof our CORE group.CityKids Foundation is a New York-based, multi-cultural organization which providesyoung people with a forum to discuss and develop constructive responses to issues ofimportance to them racism, drugs, peer pressure, AIDS, violence, literacy, etc. Withprograms focusing on self-esteem, health and education, CityKids is dedicated tocommunicating positive values to youth and helping them change their world.Good Shepherd Services is a social service and youth development agency that serves Henry Street Settlement Baseball Playersover 10,000 New York City children and families each year. Good Shepherd Servicesprovides a continuum of services that includes citywide residential and group care, fostercare/adoption, and professional training services as well as a network of twentycommunity-based social, educational, cultural, recreational, health-related, andvocational-training programs that serve children and adults in New York neighborhoods.Henry Street Settlement seeks to curb urban poverty by providing individuals and familieswith crucial social and cultural services. Today the