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  • Creative Culinary Arts

    Wedding Ideas

  • o Youve come to us for an extraordinary Southern California wedding in a

    spectacular venue. The Wedding

    Curation Team is here to coordinate the

    wedding of your dreams.

    o Serving the right combination of flavors

    and foods is one of the most important

    aspects of your wedding.

    o The Culinary Arts team will work with

    you to create a fantastic menu that will

    provide all of the guests with an

    overwhelming sense of extravagance.

  • o Each couple becomes an essential part of our Culinary Arts Team, ready to create an unforgettable dining experience.

    o Meet with our celebrated Executive Chef, Robert Villanueva.

    o Enjoy tasting and selecting from our menus for cocktails, hors doeuvres, and main courses. Youll even help design your dream wedding cake.

  • o Welcome guests with an elegant glass of sparkling champagne, or passed trays of your uniquely designed signature cocktail.

    o Passed hors doeuvres start the festivities

    with just the right taste and visual impact, from sushi bites with cucumber to our lamb lollipops.

    o Vegetarian choices are a wonderful

    complement, showcasing artfully crafted combinations of the freshest seasonal produce.

    For Openers - The Appetizers

  • Elegant Table Service or Free-Flowing Buffet

    o The Deluxe Buffet offers a broad selection of items, chosen together with your Culinary Arts Team, to suit every guests palate and diet.

    o A traditional sit-down meal is ideal for more

    elegant service, with your choice of gourmet main course and embellishments.

    o A complete beverage service is designed with

    your input to enhance the meal and the overall experience.

  • The Sweetest Things - The Cake

    o The wedding cake helps to create your personal signature as a couple.

    o Part of a timeless ritual, it is your chance to

    offer each guest a sweet memory of your day.

    o The Culinary Team accompanies you to a

    tasting with our carefully selected bakery to ensure a perfect outcome.

  • The Sweetest Things - Other Confections

    o Choose alternative desserts like a cupcake

    tree or mini-cakes for an up-to-date twist on

    the finishing touch to your wedding menu.

    o Try a colorful, jam-packed dessert buffet for

    mini-tastes of multiple flavors, together with

    artfully displayed seasonal fresh fruits.

    o Offer a Kids Candy Buffet for a playful option

    filled with color.

  • o The floral arrangements are essential in

    the presentation of your chosen wedding

    theme and accent the delicious culinary


    o The table centerpiece becomes a strong

    visual component in the individual dining


    o The total table setting is an intimate part

    of the guest experience, and carries your

    personal vision throughout the room.

  • The [seven-degrees] Wedding Portfolio includes several meetings and

    discussions to plan every detail and create your own wedding packet.

    o You will never be more creatively inspired than you

    are right now, planning your own special wedding

    day, and you want each guest to enjoy every

    moment shared with you and your new spouse,

    from beginning to end.

    o The entire Wedding Curation Team takes care to

    express your aesthetic, themes, and colors in every

    detail, from food to floral display, linens and even


    o Culinary Arts are enhanced and supported by all

    other aspectsor degreesof your wedding plan.

  • o [Seven-Degrees] is a dramatic wedding

    venue and an idea lab, home to a gallery

    full of art and artists creations.

    o Drawing on the capabilities and inspiration

    of professional team members and resident

    artists, we create unique, memorable

    weddings based on each couples vision.

    o Together, we celebrate each couples beauty by ensuring that their wedding is a

    work of art.

    o Visit us online at

  • Come to [seven-degrees] for an extraordinary

    wedding in a spectacular venue. The Wedding

    Curation Team will pull together all seven degrees of

    service to make your day perfect with our Wedding

    Portfolio Service. Work with our professional

    Culinary Arts Team to develop your wedding ideas

    into an unforgettable dining experience.