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importance of creative advertisingtypes of creative advertisingexamples of successful and failed creatives

Text of Creative Advertising

  • Creative AdvertisingRationalists vs Artists

  • Strategic CreativityStrategy

    driven by specific objectives target audience message offers a relevant benefit (selling proposition)


    the big idea (unifying)original link to strategy!!!


    craftsmanshipthe right executioneffective media

  • Creative Strategy DevelopmentCentral theme that will become the major selling ideaUSP: Product attributes, unique, strongCreating a brand imageFinding inherent drama

  • Creative ProcessImmersion: Data gatheringIncubation: Getting away and letting ideas developIllumination: Seeing the light or solution. Birth of an ideaVerification: Refining and shaping the idea to practical usefulness

  • Brand image or personality is particularly important when brands are similarSTRATEGY:David OgilvyCREATIVITY:Leo Burnett

  • Find the Inherent DramaCreate a Brand ImageUse a UniqueSelling PositionTwin Masters Strategy & CreativitySeeking the Major Idea

  • UniqueBenefitUnique Selling Proposition

  • A Big Idea Resulting From The Creative Leap

  • Establish a particular place in the customers mind for the product or servicePositioning

  • This Ad Positions 3M as Highly Innovative

  • Creating a brand imageThe creativity sales strategy is based on a strong, memorable brand identity through image advertisingUsed when competing brands are so similar it is difficult to find or create a unique attribute

  • BMWs Slogan Has Helped Build Its Brand Image

  • LB Inherent DramaCreativity call for an intuitive ability to identify the inherent drama that resided within a product. Characteristic of the product that makes consumers buy it.

  • A Big Idea Resulting From The Creative Leap

  • Unique Selling Proposition vs. Inherent dramaUSPStrategic perspectiveThe promise must be strong to move peopleIDCreative perspectiveCharacteristic of the product that makes consumers buy it

  • WHY?Creative ads can breakthrough competitive clutter, grab the consumers attention and have some impactTo make an impression, an ad needs to be unique and entertainingCreativity is an aid to memorability; it can plant associations so deeply that people simply cant forget them

  • The ChallengeImposing too many sales and marketing oriented communications objectives on the creative team can results in mediocre advertising, which is ineffective in todays competitive, cluttered media environment

    But ads that are creative only for the sake of being creative often fail to communicate relevant or meaningful message

    Importance of balancing the its not creative unless it sells

  • Creativity is an aid to memorability; it can plant associations so deeply that people simply cant forget them

    Ads that are well designed, executed and generate emotional responses can create positive feelings that are transferred to the product/service being advertised

  • The greater the similarity between brands, the less part reason plays in brand selection. There isnt any significant difference between the various brands of whiskey, or cigarettes, or beer. They are all about the same. And so are the cake mixes and the detergents and the margarines. The manufacturer who dedicates his advertising to building the most sharply defined personality for his brand will get the largest share of the market at the highest profit. By the same token, the manufacturers who will find themselves up the creek are those shortsighted opportunists who siphon off their advertising funds for promotions. David Ogilvy

  • Taking creative riskWrigley has long dominated the market for chewing gum, was very conservative with its advertising and relied on traditional attribute-focused messages

    Kiss a Little Longer Campaign

  • Creative Copy Writing

    Creative Design Layouts

    Creative Illustration

    Creative Execution

    Creative Medium

  • Creative Copy Writing

  • Creative Visuals

  • Creative Execution

  • Creative Medium

  • Creative Campaign: Live Young

  • Rules lead to dull stereotyped advertising, and they stifle creativity, inspiration, initiative, and progress. The only hard and fast rule that I know of in advertising is that there are No rules. No formulas. No right way. Given the same problem, a dozen creative talents would solve in a dozen different ways. If there were a sure-fire formula for successful advertising, everyone would use it. Then thered be no need for creative people. We would simply program robots to create our ads and commercials and theyd sell loads of product to other robots. Hank Sneiden

  • CSF of Creative AdvertisingGenerate fresh, unique and appropriate ideas

    Must be relevant to the target audience

    Built around a creative core or power idea and uses excellent design and execution to communicate information that interests the target audience

    They should be consistentTherefore the analysis of the final ad should bring us to the same conclusion independent of the perspective

    *He believed advertising should be based on a foundation of consumer benefits with an emphasis on the dramatic element in expressing those benefits. inherent-drama approach are for McDonalds, Maytag appliances, Kellogg cereals, and Hallmark card*A big idea that is original and dramatizes the selling point

    **positioning as an approach to the major selling idea is that advertising is used to establish a particular place in the customers mind for the product or service. This can be done on the basis of product/service attributes or benefits, price/quality, use or application, type of user or the ability to solve a problem. Positioning is often used as the basis for the big idea when developing campaigns for a variety of products and services.


    *The most advanced engine on earth. BMW 4.4L V8*Turn all of the information regarding product features and benefits, marketing plans, consumer research, and communication objectives into a creative concept that will bring the advertising message to life

    *Evian the producer of mineral water from the French Alps launched their Baby & Me ad campaign, a fun and tongue-in-cheek campaign based around their tagline Live young. Together with the Swedish agency B-Reel, The Mobile Life was tasked with creating the Baby & Me app.Using GPU servers and image processing technologies, we created an app that shows you your baby-self from a picture youve just taken or uploaded. Its definitely one for sharing with friends