Creating environments of inclusion for all children

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  • 1. Creating Environments of Inclusion for All Children Brittie Crawford . Pacific Oaks College

2. Special Needs Legislation and Education IDEA2004, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 aims to ensure equity, accountability and excellence in education for children with disabilities (Common Wealth of Virginia Department of Education, 2010) 3. Beyond IDEA2004 Acknowledgment of legislation Commitmentto fulfilling the needs of all children Every child = Unique abilities Identify needs for individualized instruction 4. What is Inclusion? 5. How does inclusion look in practice? Authentic IEPs Inclusion of parental feedback Appropriateassessment tools Inclusion not Mainstreaming 6. Operationalizing Inclusion IEP team = parents, admin & teachers Obtain support for particular needs Curriculum focus on tolerance and diversity Hire staff with special needs Invite special needs community Modify facility for special needs 7. Creating Inclusive Environments 8. Including Families of children without disabilities 9. Recommended websites forinclusion practice research Office of Special Education: /osep/index.html Special Education News Inclusive Schools: National Association of Special Education Teachers: 10. References(2010). Parents guide to special education. Virginia:Commonwealth of Virginia Department ofEducation.Hultgren, S. (n.d.). Inclusion: What does it reallymean?. Retrieved from, E., & Ahearn, E. (2004, December). In J. Markowitz (Chair). High quality inclusion opportunities for preschool-age children with disabilities. Presented at the Project forum at the National Association of State Directors of Special Education, Alexandria, VA.