Craft Salads Craft Foods Craft Pies Everything Craft ... Le Provencal (Rose) Inviting bouquet of red
Craft Salads Craft Foods Craft Pies Everything Craft ... Le Provencal (Rose) Inviting bouquet of red

Craft Salads Craft Foods Craft Pies Everything Craft ... Le Provencal (Rose) Inviting bouquet of red

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  • Regular Toppings 9” 6-cut $1.75 ea 12” 8-cut $2.25 ea Sicilian 8”x10” 6-cut $1.75 ea

    Authentic Italian Beef Sandwich How To Order:

    With Giardiniera $8 or Without Giardiniera $7

    Classic Way Served in it’s own natural gravy with an extra spoonful to top it off

    Dipped The ends of the bread are dipped in gravy Baptized The entire sandwich is dunked in gravy Add cheese to any sandwich for $1

    Authentic New Orleans Muffaletta Ham, Salami, Mortadella, Provolone & White American cheese, Italian dressing

    C raft S

    alad s C

    raft Fo o

    d s C

    raft P ies E

    verything C


    Fresh Salads Antonio’s Special Crispy pepperoni, provolone cheese, iceberg, served with house italian dressing 8 AntiPasto Black olives, cucumbers, hot peppers, pepperoncini, red onion, egg, ham, chickpeas, salami, provolone, iceberg, served with house italian dressing 9 BrewWall Beet & Arugula Roasted beets, goat cheese, red onion, tomato, toasted pine nuts with a balsamic vinaigrette 9 Caprese Fresh tomato, fresh mozz, fresh basil, balsamic drizzle 8 Funky Cold Medina (Rt. 18) Pears, arugula, dried cranberries, crumbled gorgonzola, glazed pecans, served with poppyseed dressing 9

    Small Plates

    Mozzarella Stuffed Arancini Venetian rice ball stuffed with fresh mozz 8 Stuffed Peppadews Chévre stuffed peppadews with arugula and balsamic glaze 7 Hearth Roasted 3 Pepper Hummus Served with a side of veggies 8 Mozzarella Bruschetta Crostini Crostini, fresh mozz, bruschetta, balsamic glaze, fresh basil 8 Breaded Ravioli 6 breaded ravioli with a side of marinara 6 Hand Breaded Tenders Marinaded buttermilk tenders with a side of Ray’s-N-Amazin’ 8 Bread Sticks 6 total served with a side of marinara 5 Stuffed Hot Peppers Sausage, cheese and risotto stuffed hot peppers topped with a san marzano tomato sauce 7 Eggplant Stack Breaded eggplant, mozz blend, san marzano tomato sauce 7

    Nuggets Pepperoni & Cheese Nuggets Served with a side of marinara 6 Philly Cheesesteak Nuggets Philly steak, prov/mozz cheese blend, white american, mushrooms, served with a side of mayo 7 Italiano Nuggets Prov/mozz cheese blend, old world pepperoni, meatballs, spicy sausage, served with a side of marinara 7 Bacon Cheddar Jalapeño Nuggets Served with a side of ranch 7

    Antonio’s Classic Pan Pizza Pies (Any Antonio’s Specialty pizza can be ordered upon request) Deluxe Red sauce, provolone blend, pepperoni, mushroom, onion, green pepper, sausage 14 18 Veggie Alfredo sauce, provolone blend, green & red peppers, broccoli, red onion, portobello mushrooms 13 17 Capricciosa Red sauce, provolone blend, pepperoni, bacon, ham, sausage 14 18 Pepperoni Trio Red sauce, provolone blend, hand cut, old world and traditional pepperoni 13 17 Bianca White garlic sauce, provolone blend, spinach, tomato 13 17

    Antonio’s Sicilian Pies Portobello Palermo Garlic sauce, mozz/prov cheese blend, old world pepperoni, caramelized onion, portobello mushrooms 13 California Supreme EVOO, mozz/prov cheese blend, red onion, green pepper, bacon, jalapeno, chicken, ranch drizzle 14 The 216 Traditional and old world pepperoni, sausage, sweet sicilian sauce, italian spices, mozz/prov cheese blend, 13

    Brick Oven Pies

    Build Your Own Antonio’s Classic or Sicilian Pie

    Brooklyn Bros. Cheese (For Those That Love The Gold Medal Slice) A New York favorite blend of part skim & whole milk mozz with san marzano sauce 13 Prosciutto White Pie Garlic infused EVOO, fresh mozzarella, ricotta, roasted garlic, topped with prosciutto & arugula salad 17 IDGAF Pie (Italian’s Do Great At Food) San marzano sauce, mozz & ricotta cheese, pepperoni, sausage, italian spices, roasted garlic, EVOO & romano 17 Seaside Pie Pesto sauce, fresh mozz, garlic shrimp and clams finished with Garlic infused EVOO, romano cheese and red pepper flakes. 18 BYO (Build Your Own) San marzano sauce, fresh mozz with choice of these toppings pepperoni, portobello mushrooms, sausage 1-Topping $14 2-Topping $15 3-Topping $16

    Sibling Rivalry Margarita’s (The brothers couldn’t decide who’s was better so they had to put both on the menu)

    Pepperoni • Sausage • Mushrooms • Onions • Green Peppers • Hungarian Peppers • Red Peppers • Black Olives • Green Olives • Pineapple • Tomatoes • Spinach • Jalapeños • Red Onions • Ham • Anchovies • Broccoli

    Premium Toppings 9” 6-cut $2 ea 12” 8-cut $2.50 ea Sicilian 8”x10” 6-cut $2 ea

    9” 6-Cut • $8.50 12” 8-Cut • $11.50 Sicilian 8”x10” 6-Cut • $9.99

    Extra Cheese • Hand-Cut Pepperoni • Romano Cheese • Bruschetta Blend • Chicken • Sliced Steak • Meatballs • Portobello Mushrooms • Spicy Sausage • Old World Pepperoni • Caramelized Onions

    Vinny’s Margarita san marzano sauce, fresh mozz, finished w/ EVOO, fresh basil, romano & pepper 12

    Anthony’s Margarita crushed tomatoes, fresh mozz, part skim mozz, finished w/ EVOO, fresh basil, romano & pepper 13

    9” 12”





    Social Media Pie: Share the following pies with the HashTag #brewwall for a chance to win $25 in our weekly photo friday contest.

    Sibling Rivalry Margarita’s IDGAF Pie

    How To Order: With olive salad or without olive salad

    Classic Way $14 Round bun enough for two people

    Single Serving $9 Served on a french roll

    san marzano









    Pizza is more than just food- it’s a way of life. It’s one of the few meals that we still gather around, share, and break bread with our friends and family.

    Here at BrewWall we respect the CRAFT of the Pizzaiolo (master pizza maker).

    You’ll find our menu full of pizza styles that are loved by people with varying palettes. Our home-town pan pizza has been a tradition in The Rock and Roll Capital since 1967. The Sicilian Square is a favorite pizza style all the way from the trattoria’s in Sicily to the food trucks in Detroit. The crispy pies baked in our fire brick oven would make any New Yorker feel like they’re back in The Big Apple!

    Whatever style pizza makes your mouth water, we strive to offer you the best and most authentic version of the CRAFT.

    At the BrewWall we’re proud to offer rotating craft beers, wines and sours on tap. Our selection of beverages including our non-alcoholic were carefully selected.

    Our craft beer colour spectrum is pale, gold, amber, copper brown and black. All of wines are served at proper temperatures and you will never have to deal with an over oxidized wine at the BrewWall. Check out our non-alcoholic craft beverage selection that’s an alternative to the traditional “Big Label” brands. The fun is in the fizz and these flavors can’t be found anywhere else.

    Craft Pizza Craft Beverages Good Vibes







    Placing an order for a group, use menu note pads on table.

    At this point you are free to pour

    BrewWall Benefits NO long waits for your drinks

    NO tipping

    NOT Having to pay full price for beer you might not like

    Pour in increments as low as 1oz.

    Learn and explore new beers

    NO need to load a card. Our system is pay as you pour. “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” – Plato

    You know that warm, fuzzy feeling in your stomach when you look around and everything is perfect?

    There’s a time and place for everything. Today is the time, this is the place. At BrewWall, today couldn’t be any BETTER. Put your rose-colored glasses on and if life gives you lemons, make some hard lemonade!

    Food for the body, brews for the mind, music for the soul. From our music to our smiles, we’ll be transmitting those good vibes…

    Cacciata (Super Tuscan) This wine has deep scarlet hues with purple reflections and a sumptuous bouquet of red fruit, violets, chocolate and cinnamon.

    Famigila Castellani (Chianti Classico) Deep ruby red colour with garnet reflection turning orange with prolonged ageing. Intense and characteristic bouquet of strawberry and violet, earthy, with wild red berries, underwood notes, tobacco and licorice.

    El Tractor (Malbec) A deep-red wine with spices, plums and peaches on the nose and a long finish. Complex and structured, with great balance.

    Limited Lot (Merlot) Black cherry flavors, supple tannins, and chocolatey finish.

    Barone Montalto (Pinot Grigio) Straw color. Aromas of lemon zest, chervil, orange blossom, and honey with a satiny, vibrant, dry-yet-fruity light body and a smooth, refreshing, medium-length acacia and fresh pear finish with no oak flavor.

    Oak Farm (Chardonnay) Fresh, medium bodied white wine with notes of pineapple and green apple fruit. Pleasantly creamy, with hints of butter, with a silky mouthfeel. It has flavors of lemon grass, hazelnut and vanilla that carry the complex finish.

    Le Provencal (Rose) Inviting bouquet of red currants, strawberries and melon. At once delicate yet flavorful on the palate with a long, refreshing finish.

    Cardigan Bay (Sauvignon Blanc) This wine is a lov