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CPRTP Postdoctoral Fellowship Application · PDF file 2020-04-17 · Postdoctoral Fellowship Application Checklist and Coversheet Submitted applications will be considered for all

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  • Cancer Prevention Research Training Program (CPRTP)

    Postdoctoral Fellowship Application Checklist and Coversheet Submitted applications will be considered for all available fellowships.

    Research and Career Statement: Not to exceed 2 pages. See application instructions for additional details.

    Mentor's Profile Form: Download and complete from fellowship page.

    Application Checklist & Coversheet: This form signed & dated.

    Complete this section if you are a foreign national holding or requiring a visa. If you do not yet have a visa, enter 'N/A' where appropriate.

    Citizenship Status

    Three Letters of Recommendation: One letter from each external recommender (n=3), signed, on letterhead. Send email and link directly from the Discover system to your recommender to upload in the Discover system.

    Home CountryVisa Type

    Qualifying degree type

    PROPOSED MENTORS: List all proposed mentors, include credentials and provide the names of the mentor's primary department and institution. Abbreviations are acceptable due to character limit.

    Dept.First & Last Name

    APPLICATION COMPONENTS: Check each box, complete any required fields, sign, print and scan this checklist and include as the cover sheet to the fellowship application.

    Completion date of qualifying degree (e.g. Ph.D.)

    Current/Previous Department

    If you are a current MDA trainee, provide the original fellowship start dateToday's Date

    Main MD Anderson Mentor:


    Visa Expiration Date

    If you need continuing certification credits provide type (e.g. licensed psychologist)



    Current/Previous Institution


    Projected current fellowship end date (if applicable)

    Preferred Name


    Proposal Keywords, Title, and Suggested Reviewer Form: Proposed project information and suggested reviewers, if your application is selected

    Dept.First & Last Name

    InstitutionDept.First & Last Name

    InstitutionDept.First & Last Name

    InstitutionDept.First & Last Name

    InstitutionDept.First & Last Name

    1) Recommender Name Institution

    Institution2) Recommender Name

    3) Recommender Name Institution

    CPRTP Mentor Requirements Memo: Signed by the: 1) Main MD Anderson mentor, 2) Main Partnering institution* mentor, and 3) department chair or designee. (*) Partnering institution mentors apply to CPRIT-funded postdoctoral fellowship applicant's ONLY.

    CPRTP Fellowship Requirements Memo: Signed by the: 1) applicant, 2) Main MD Anderson mentor, and 3) Main Partnering institution* mentor. (*) Partnering institution mentors apply to CPRIT- funded postdoctoral fellowship applicant's ONLY.

    Main Mentor from Partnering Institution (CPRIT applicants only):

    Full Legal Name

    Street Address

    Zip/Postal Code

    Personal E-mail (Yahoo,Gmail,Hotmail)

    Cell Phone

    State/ Province

    Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Biosketch: Include GPA, graduation & employment dates, thesis & dissertation titles, & PMCID for publications.

    Dipoloma or Transcript of qualifying (highest) degree. Attach a copy of your transcript of the highest degree (official or unofficial). Mail the OFFICIAL transcript to our office (see last page of the Application Instructions for the mailing address).

    Credential Evaluation (if applicable): Include a copy of this evaluation if the qualifying degree was obtained from an institution outside of the United States. Mail the ORIGINAL evaluation to our office.

    Caring Integrity Discovery

    Letter from Dissertation Chair (Doctoral students only): Letter from Dissertation Chair, signed, dated, on letterhead, and including the date (Month, Day, Year) the applicant will satisfy qualifying degree requirements. This date must be no more than 5 months after the application deadline.

    Headshot Photograph: This can be a selfie or professional photo and will be used for our fellowship awardee roster. Must have neutral, solid colored background.

    Alternate E-mail

    Mentor Support Documents: 1) Letter of Support (LOS), 2) NIH BioSketch, and 3) Other Support: All 3 documents from each proposed mentor and combined into a single pdf file. LOS must be signed and on letterhead

    Last Revision: 02/07/2020

  • Postdoc Application Checklist & Coversheet Page 2 of 2

    Mother's highest degree earned?

    If additional racial ethnicities apply, please list:

    Select the racial category that best describes you.

    DEMOGRAPHICS: This optional data is reported to our funding agency to show diversity and inclusion among our trainees and is not used in a discriminatory manner. The CPRTP strongly encourages applicants from underrepresented minorities and communities in science. Your responses would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

    Preferred language:

    Caring Integrity Discovery Last Revision: 02/07/2020

    Do you qualify as an individual from a disadvantaged background based on the following federal criteria?: (1) Come from an environment that inhibited the individual from obtaining the knowledge, skill and ability required to enroll in and graduate from a health professions school; or (2) Come from a family with an annual income below a level based on low-income thresholds according to family size published by the U.S. Bureau of the Census, periodically published in the Federal Register.

    Father's highest degree earned?

    Primary language spoken at home:

    Current Gender Identity

    Are you Hispanic or Latino (including Spain)?

    Are you the 1st in your immediate family to graduate from college?

    REQUIRED SIGNATURES: At the time of submission, ONLY the applicant's signature is required. The Program Coordinator and another CPRTP staff member will sign this form after our office receives the complete application.

    Applicant's Signature Date:

    CPRTP Staff Signature Date:

    Program Coordinator Signature Date:




    1. Print and enter all required data on pages 1 and the top of page 2 of this checklist. 2. Compile all documents and check off each item on page 1. 3. Manually sign and date this checklist and trainee requirement memo (obtain other signatures requested). 4. Upload all required documents in the Discover system and submit when complete. 5. Email your headshot photograph to [email protected] with Last Name, First Name Postdoc Application also in the subject line.


    IMPORTANT NEXT STEPS Per the application instructions, The Cancer Prevention Research Training Program (CPRTP) will evaluate your application and selected awardees will be invited (via e-mail) to submit a Research and Career Proposal. After proposal submission, there will be two separate processes occurring simultaneously: (1) the review of the research and career proposal by the CPRTP Advisory Committee; and (2) the processing of your appointment and visa sponsorship (if applicable), as a Postdoctoral Fellow to the department of your primary mentor. Appointment The appointment process is managed by the MD Anderson Office of Research Trainee Programs (RTP) in the Discover system, a web-based on-line application portal. Discover processing will take a minimum of three weeks and longer for those applicants who have not yet received their doctoral degree. You may be required to upload these additional documents in Discover: • Immunization Compliance Report: Detailed immunization instructions are available in the Discover system. All immunization and health documents must be uploaded into the Castle Branch system,

    which requires a non-refundable, non-reimbursable $30 processing fee. Castle Branch is separate from the Discover system and overseen by the MD Anderson Department of Employee Health. Required immunizations include MMR, Chicken Pox, TB Skin Test, Tdap and must be current. The TB skin test must be current within one (1) year of applicati0n submission date. Since obtaining a TB test and reading takes a minimum of 3 business days, it is recommended that this is completed at the time of application.

    • Personal and Criminal History Background Check: Instructions and the link to complete this electronically will be sent via e-mail. • Proof of Selective Service Registration: Complete and upload the form, and provide proof, if required. • Export Control Review Form: This form will be completed by the home department or CPRTP. • English Proficiency (if applicable): This form will be completed by the home department or CPRTP. • Proof of External Funding: Ignore this form, the home department or CPRTP will complete. Visa Sponsorship Visa holders will be required to submit additional sponsorship paperwork to the MD Anderson Visa and Immigration Services Administration (VISA). Depending on the complexity of the individual's sponsorship, Visa processing may take up to six months. The awardee can begin their postdoctoral fellowship and receive funding once all aforementioned contingencies have been met: (1) Appointment in the Discover system, including immunization compliance, (2) Visa sponsorship processing (if applicable); and (3) research and career proposal approval by

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