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Contributor personality & Quality Presenting By: Shah Saurin R. 100300111016

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  • Contributor personality& Quality Presenting By:

    Shah Saurin R. 100300111016

  • Presentation projectGoal: To recognize Contributor qualities in action and understand why contributors are wanted / sought after by all who work with them .

  • What is Contributor Personality?Now, first of all why we need to know about d contributor personality..?? We will learn about it in this presentation that what is contributor personality qualities and its influence in life...

  • Their Quality of personality is based on -

    Performing work activities well

    Achieving the goal

    Being ethical

    Demonstrating human concern

  • How To recognize contributor qualities..??Observe..

    What he/she says How he/she relates to others How he/she relates to his/her work

  • HOW RECOGNIZE NON CONTRIBUTOR AND CONTRIBUTOR QUALITYIN ACTION?Non contributorOut directedComplaints Not concern with human being Person think win-lossStatic personSelf-interestContributorInner directedTake a responsibility Concern with human beingPerson think win-winDynamic personEnlight self-interest

  • ROLE PLAY BY CONTRIBUTOR IN ORGANISATIONContributor always ready face challenges.They play them duty very well even its small job.They focus on the goal being achieve not only on daily routine work.They think about whole the organization or team.They respect to all member of organization or team.They are always ready to learn new in them field from either an younger or new person even they are experienced in that field.

  • PRINCIPALSTUDENTSir, I need your guidance and granted permission in this project..Ok..yes sure..beta.. Dont worry I will guide you..


  • Sir, I need your guidance and granted permission in this project..

    You idiots.Will never improve.. Cant see Im busy right now.. Uff..Go.. Get lost.. Dont disturb me..Non-contributor

  • What are the quality you look in the people ?HonestySympathyTrustCool mindedPositive thinking

  • 3 idiots:

    In 3 idiots movie Amirkhan was good contributor because he was supported his friends in any condition.

  • example:

    His friend Raju was dull in study, he full down his confidence about clearance of BE and he was going to leave study, at that time Amirkhan(rencho) had inspired him to study and finally raju had been selected in interview.

  • Iqbal:In this movie, Iqbal was interested in cricket but he was poor and also he cant speak, that time nasarudin shah helped him to develop bowling skill for make a good bowler in cricket and finally he took position to play in international cricket.

  • Which type of person you would select in your team? Highly Skill


    Time management

  • The Contributor focuses on we not IWow..dear friends we will perform very well togather.. will enjoy a lot..Hurrey..What about us yar??We also worked hard for annual functionI have a chance, I will play the lead role and will get all credits for myself


  • The Contributor is committed to the responsibilities of his role. He is not a clock watcher.Times up.. Sorry sirbye..Dont worry sir.. Work will be completed before I leave..

  • In their work, contributors demonstrate concern for the human beings they serve.

    Contributors go all out to try and find an answer. They take responsibility for making things happen in any situation.

    Contributors have a wider view of their work and thus take pride in doing their work well.

    The Contributors focus is on achieving the larger goals of the team, rather than focusing only on his/her own personal success.

    Qualities of a contributor personality in action why they are wanted

  • The Contributor focuses on we not I.

    The Contributor proactively takes up work.

    The Contributor focuses on the goal being achieved, not just routine work

    The Contributor is committed to the responsibilities of his role. He is not a clock watcher.

    Qualities of a contributor personality in action why they are wanted

  • Now, let see an intro to some living legends or the well known contributor personalities with their inspirative thoughts and contributive works..

  • Swami vivekanand..

  • Dr.A.P.J.Abdul KalamMissile man


  • Mr.Narayana-murthyLeading innovative leadership in the contributionOf Infosys.. I.T. giants.. Well known author, social worker And an impressive contributor personality with high thinking and simple living . . .


    Kind,helpful,caring,understanding,loving,respective, think enlarged are some of the words that come to mind when asked to list the qualities of contributor

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