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This is an excerpt from the Courageous Living Program by Kate Swoboda.

Text of Courageous Living Program

  • The CourageousLiving Program

    Make what matters most, the central priority in your life.

    Kate Courageous (aka, Kate Swoboda)

    (c) Kate Swoboda,

  • The Courageous Living Program

    Youd love to get to know me better:

    Web: http://www.yourcourageouslife.comTwitter:

    An amazing life coaching training program:

    The Courageous Living Program

    (c) Kate Swoboda, 2

  • Program Structure.

    The idea is this: You clarify what it is that you truly want. (Thats a job in and of itself, isnt it?).

    At the same time, you are working with fear practices in a radically different way.

    Youre no longer trying not to feel your fear.

    Youre no longer trying to push it away.

    Youre no longer going to a place of giving up on your desires, either.

    Youve done all of that before, and you know: It doesnt work.

    The Courageous Living Program is going to give you strategies--real pro-active strategies. The idea is that you clarify what you want and you pursue what you want, working with fear as it comes up, and you learn a lot from that journey.

    When you live your life from a place of courage, you open yourself up for a fuller, richer experience of living.

    Im less interested in whether or not you can tick off the boxes of your goals/to-do list at the end of all of this.

    Im far more interested in knowing:

    (c) Kate Swoboda, 3

  • Did you truly live?Thats what awaits you: True living. Full living. Living in a radically more grounded way, with more integrity, with more passion, with more commitment, with more excitement and inspiration--and living with all of the mucky stuff, too, because thats real--but nonetheless, youre living all of it.

    100% fully alive. Beautiful.

    ~ with care (and love) ~


    (c) Kate Swoboda, 4

  • Table of Contents

    Copyright info. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2Acknowledgements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3Lets Get Digital (PASSWORD INFO). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4Table of Contents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

    Note: The full Terms of Use are located on page 260.

    Introduction: Courage as a Lifestyle 11Module One : Courageous Beginnings


    Program Structure 18

    Be on the Lookout: The Common Response to Fear 21

    Module Two:Courageous Vision


    Get Excited About Your Vision* VIDEO RESOURCE (Primary Focus)


    PRINT: Primary Focus Sheet 29

    Accountability Process 30

    PRINT: Accountability Sheet 32

    The Truth is Where We Begin 33

    Establishing Your ValuesVIDEO RESOURCE


    The Shift Plan 46

    Be Your JourneyVIDEO RESOURCE


    Interview: Andrea Owen 57

    The Inner CriticVIDEO RESOURCE


    Working With the Inner Critic: Re-Do, PleaseVIDEO RESOURCE


    On Reframing: An Interview with Christine Mason Miller MEDIA RESOURCE




    Interview: Jen Louden 77

    The Power of Words 78

    Acknowledge & Celebrate VIDEO RESOURCE


    (c) Kate Swoboda, 5

  • Module ThreeCourageous Creating


    Clarifying Your Stories VIDEO RESOURCE, Welcome to Belief & Story


    Everything is a Story 87

    Words & Stories VIDEO RESOURCE, The Power of Words


    Your Parents 95

    Quit Blaming Circumstances 100

    Interview: Paul Jarvis 105

    Interview: Pixie Campbell 106

    Blaming Yourself VIDEO RESOURCE, Blaming Yourself


    Stories about Who you will Have To be 110

    Interview: Kate Northrup 113

    Interview: Danielle LaPorte 114

    Integrity VIDEO RESOURCE


    The Not Enough Story VIDEO RESOURCE


    Interview: Marianne Elliott 124

    You Are Always In ChoiceVIDEO RESOURCE


    Integrity is Sexy VIDEO RESOURCE


    Recognizing the Victim Mindset VIDEO RESOURCE, The Benefits of Being a



    Interview: Marc Allen 144

    Getting Over It VIDEO RESOURCE


    Interview: Co-Founders of Caf Gratitude 153

    Module Four:Courageous Desire & Emotion


    The Courage to Tap into Your True Desires 155

    Your Life Vision 158

    The Importance of Working With Emotions VIDEO RESOURCE: What Are Emotions, Anyway?


    Interview: Brene Brown 168

    JOY 169

    What the hell is a Laugh Session?VIDEO RESOURCE


    Glad No Matter What :: An Interview with SARKVIDEO RESOURCE


    (c) Kate Swoboda, 6

  • Cutting Ourselves Off From JoyVIDEO RESOURCE




    Why Work on Any of This? 186



    An Interview with Rich & Yvonne of Challenge DayVIDEO RESOURCE


    Working With Emotions: SadnessVIDEO RESOURCE


    Sadness ToolsVIDEO RESOURCE


    Gentleness CheckVIDEO RESOURCE


    Module Five:Courageous Power


    Refining 206

    Who are you surrounding yourself with? 207

    Interview: Cheri Huber 213

    On Wiggling 214

    Stop Doing Lists 217

    Stop Trying to Be Right 218

    Losing It 225

    Claim Your Life 230

    Hiding Out 233

    Stories About the Word Power VIDEO RESOURCE


    Attachment & Courageous Power 235

    Reframe the Shoulds VIDEO RESOURCE: The benefits of being your

    journey and reframing the shoulds


    The Opinions of Others 241

    Interview: Chris Guillebeau 244

    Forgiveness Letters 245

    Interview (pending): Kelly Rae Roberts 247

    Interview: Andrea Scher 248

    Its Your Choice 249



    (c) Kate Swoboda, 7

  • Resources 255

    Feedback 259

    !"#$%&'(&)%" *+,

    The Story Behind This Program 261

    Thank You 262

    Disclaimer: This e-program and its contents are not intended to be used as a substitute for psychotherapy or work with a mental health professional.

    (c) Kate Swoboda, 8

  • You dont have to wait to live your vision. You can decide what your life vision is, what gets you fired up, what you know you could get behind, and then start practicing living that (with gentleness for the times when you arent practicing it perfectly).

    This is a choice. The second you recognize that, youre taking full ownership of your life.

    (c) Kate Swoboda, 9

  • Lesson One: You get what you give.This is how it is, you know? You get what you give. I say this lovingly. I say this as someone who has started something new with all of the best intentions, and seen what happens when I didnt have a plan. The most discouraging times were those when I didnt want to take responsibility for my experience.

    You are encouraged to make your first priority this and this only: Determine how youll go about wrestling down this wiggly, wily octopus of change that is before you. Take a realistic look at your schedule and decide whether youd like to bop in three times a week, once a week, every day...its totally up to you.

    Suggested commitment:Make checking in with this Program the thing that you do before you check your email each day.

    Twenty minutes--start the day by checking in with you.

    Thats it. Keep it simple.

    Also:Believe in the power of five minutes. If you dont have twenty minutes, take five. Five minutes of sinking into something can work wonders. Be willing right now to cut past the drama of, But I only have five minutes. Instead, choose to make whatever time you have available to you, enough.

    Consider printing this out and putting it in a binder. Im all about saving trees, but something tells me Ill never fully go digital when it comes to books--I want the feeling of holding them in my hand, dog-earing pages, and underlining things that are important to me. Make this something that you can sit with on the couch while sipping tea and wrapped in your favorite blanket, or that you can take with you and review while you wait for your kid to get out of ballet class, or if an appointment runs late. Put it next to your bed, and read one thing before you go to bed at night.

    Use accountability measures. This can mean blogging about your process, finding an accountability partner, starting a group, working with a life coach, putting electronic ringing bells into your calendar.

    (c) Kate Swoboda, 10

  • Take what you need, leave the rest. You are your own best guide.

    Trust that the intention behind everything presented here, no matter how confrontational it may seem, is intended in kindness and pushing you to live big.

    Trust that you can do this.

    Planning in Time

    Use the following calendar to plan in when youd like to make space in your life, twenty minutes a day (more if you wish!) to check in with this e-program. I suggest taking it just one or two lessons at a time.








    My back-up plan in case my kid gets sick, my boss needs me extra days at work, I get really busy, I feel resistant, etc., is:________________________________________