Counseling for IIT/NIT Aspirants

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Counseling for IIT/NIT Aspirants. Presented by YES Centre and The Hindu Group 16 June 2013, Hyderabad. Contents. Engineering in general Mechanical Engineering in particular Opinion. What is Engineering. Engineering is a process which transforms an idea into reality. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Counseling for IIT/NIT AspirantsPresented by YES CentreandThe Hindu Group16 June 2013, Hyderabad

ContentsEngineering in generalMechanical Engineering in particularOpinion

What is EngineeringEngineering is a process which transforms an idea into reality.Without Engineering support an Inventor is always at a loss.Good Engineering ensures controlled Processes that gives repeatable, consistent & reliable output product quality.Net Worth after completing Engineering DegreeAdequate specialist in respective field of Engineering.Graduate level knowledge in Physics & Chemistry.Post-Graduate level knowledge in Mathematics.Which Branch of Engineering is preferableIt is not important which branch of engineering is chosen. You can change tracks later.It is more important to do Engineering in an Institute of National Importance which has a brand image nationally & internationally.Mechanical EngineeringWhich subjects are involved?What specializations are feasible?What jobs are available?How good are these jobs?Mechanical Engineering involves ConceptDesignManufactureMaintainYour Subjects at present broadlyMathematicsPhysicsChemistryArithmetic & AlgebraMechanicsPhysical ChemistryGeometryHeatInorganic ChemistryTrigonometryLightOrganic ChemistryCoordinate GeometryElectricityCalculusSoundProbability & StatisticsMagnetismNuclear PhysicsMechanical Engineering SubjectsCommon SubjectsCore SubjectsElectivesPhysicsApplied ThermodynamicsManufacturing TechnologyChemistryHeat & Mass TransferMachine DesignMathematicsStrength of MaterialsIC Engines & Gas TurbinesEngineering DrawingDesign of Machine ElementsRefrigeration & Air ConditioningWorkshop PracticeTurbo-MachinesMaterial HandlingApplied MechanicsMachine Tools & MetrologyPower Plant EngineeringAdditional Subjects covered in Mechanical EngineeringHumanitiesAllied EngineeringEconomicsElectrical EngineeringOrganizational PsychologyElectronics EngineeringPrinciples of ManagementComputing TechniquesOperations ResearchAutomatic ControlProduction ManagementGuidelines for successfully completing the ME courseTry to get the fundamentals right. Various subjects would be crossing paths.Believe that every problem has to have a solution otherwise it ceases to be a problem.Take Project Work seriously.Aim to become a Mechanical Engineer and not just completion of the course with high CPA.Where you will stand as a fresh Graduate Mechanical EngineerStrengthsWeaknessesBusiness ProcessesCritical Thinking and AnalysisProject ManagementDesign (Product Creation)New Technical FundamentalsTraditional Technical FundamentalsComputer Modeling & AnalysisInterpersonal TeamworkEngineering Codes & StandardsPractical ExperienceCommunication SkillsInformation ProcessingOverall Systems perspectiveLeadershipMechanical Engineering broadlyDesign: Consisting of Product Design, Process Design & Machine Design.Manufacturing: Consisting of Production, Planning & Control, Quality Assurance, Maintenance and sometimes Purchase.Thermal Sciences: Consisting of all specialists populating Research & Development in any Industry.Mechanical Engineers specializing in DesignExpected to be innovative, analytical & imaginative.Highly respected & valued for their abilities.Tend to reach a point of stagnation towards the end of the career.Not expected to go too far up the Corporate Ladder.Mechanical Engineers specializing in ManufacturingExpected to be aggressive and a go-getter.Needs adequate engineering skills.Required to consciously develop Man, Machine & Material Management skills.Mostly involved in OperationsExpected to go far up the Corporate Ladder.

Mechanical Engineers specializing in Thermal SciencesSpecialists in respective fields.Requirement of in-depth knowledge.Proficiency in Process Control & Instrumentation.Ideally suited for Research & Development.Can go a long way in academic field.Recommended Career Path for Mechanical EngineersDesignManufacturingThermal SciencesWork for 2~3 yearsWork for 2~3 yearsDefinitely do M.Tech/MSDefinitely do M.TechMBA/PGDM is requiredAcademics or Industry?Decide on Academics or IndustryWork for 5 years in a challenging environmentAcademic career demands Ph.DAcademic career demands Ph.DSwitch to an Industry of your choice.Once competency is established can switchIf the choice is Industry work for 5 years in a challenging environmentAssess career goals every 5 years and switch if the change is lucrativeGrowth is guaranteed in area of specialization. Will be highly respectedSettle down in an Industry of your choiceDo not switch jobs beyond 40. Take root.Take root beyond 45.Career Paths based on OpportunitiesMechanical Engineers are by nature very versatile and capable.They can adapt themselves in any situation.Opportunities may present themselves at various stages in your career.It is for you to make a sound and prudent judgment factoring everything.Job Opportunities for Mechanical EngineersAutomobile SectorAerospace and DefenseIndustrial PowerConsumer Goods & AppliancesProcess IndustriesCable & Fiber-optic Industries

Opinion & AdviceConsider Cost of Education and be serious about what you are getting into.Consider the Institute first & discipline next.Try to work your way from the ground up & consciously work towards improving your net personal worth in your professional lifeOpt for professionally managed Companies. Any Questions


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