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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>HEART OF AMERICA COUNCIL WEBELOS TO SCOUT TRANSITION PLAN</p> <p> Council-wide plan. </p> <p>Effective immediately.</p> <p>Copy of the plan is on the Council website under Membership Resources. Report forms in Word and Excel will also be posted at that site.</p> <p>We work hard to recruit our Cubs. Lets no loose them as Webelos.1COUNCIL WEBELOS TO SCOUT CHAIRForrest Bolles913-302-1421Forrest.Bolles@gmail.comThe District Membership Chair will consult with the District Commissioner and select a District Webelos Transition Chair with the approval of the District Chair. Contact information for the District Webelos Transition Chair will be shared with all units in the district. Questions, comments, criticisms should be directed to the District Webelos Transition Chair who will report to and follow-up with Forrest as necessary. 2WHY DO WE NEED A PLAN?The transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts is when we lose a large percentage of our membership. An effective Webelos to Scout Transition plan is essential for retaining our current Cub Scouts by moving them into a Boy Scout Troop. Based on the current Council retention rate and anecdotal information, we loose an average of 25 of 100 Webelos II every year!3RESPONSIBILITIESWebelos to Scout transition is everyones responsibility -- Webelos Leaders, Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, Parents, Commissioners and the District Committee. All must work together to ensure that Webelos and their parents know all the great fun and adventure in store for them when they become Boy Scouts. Webelos is not the end of Cub Scouts. The transition from Webelos to Boy Scouts is a normal and expected part of the program. </p> <p>4SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIESDistrict Webelos Transition ChairTroop and Troop Membership ChairPack and Pack Membership ChairWebelos II Den LeaderUnit CommissionerThe specific responsibilities for each are listed in the plan. </p> <p>5DISTRICT WEBELOS TRANSITION CHAIRContact all packs in early fall to update a list of all fifth-grade Webelos Scouts.Coach Cubmasters, Webelos den leaders Track and maintain records of Webelos transition Work with Unit Commissioners to follow-up on Webelos who have not joined a troop</p> <p>Appointed by the District Membership Chair in consultation with concurrence of District Chair.</p> <p>Report to the District Membership Committee Chair, and keep the District Committee informed.</p> <p>6TROOP &amp; TROOP MEMBERSHIP CHAIRAppoint a Troop Membership ChairEstablish connection with packs in your areaTrain Den Chiefs and encourage packs to use Den ChiefsHost Webelos II at troop meeting, activities, events, campoutsVisit Packs to orient Bears and Webelos ICommunicate with Webelos II leaders, Webelos II, Webelos II ParentsCoordinate leadership positions for Webelos II leaders in troopHelp Cubmasters plan cross-over ceremonies</p> <p>PACK &amp; PACK MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMotivate Webelos II Leaders to ensure cross-overDevelop working relationship with Troops in areaCoordinate with Scoutmasters for assignment of Den ChiefsCoordinate with Scoutmaster for Webelos overnight activities and Troop meeting visitsInvite troops in area to attend and participate in special Pack eventsEncourage Webelos II Leadrs to cross to Troop Leadership rolesPlan cross-over</p> <p>WEBELOS II DEN LEADERSBe enthusiastic about the transition to Boy ScoutsSpeak to your Webelos II and their parents in September about troop visits Ensure that parents of Webelos II understand that they are welcome and encouraged to participate in the troop their son chooses Explain the differences between Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts and the different roles of parentsEnsure that every Webelos II receives an invitation to join one or more TroopsEnsure that Webelos II and their parents understand that they are free to choose the troop that is best for them. Not everyone has to go to the same troop.</p> <p>Webelos II Den Leaders should plan for their own transition to a leadership role in the troop their son chooses. 9Unit CommissionersHelp every troop connect with one or more packs and every pack connect with one or more troopsEducate units on need for the Webelos to Boy Scout transition plan and executionPromote communication among units Promote communication of Packs with Webelos familiesHelp keep units focused on the scheduleEnsure all eligible Webelos are identifiedEnsure all eligible Webelos are invited to join one or more troopsEnsure that units follow-up with Webelos that do not cross</p> <p>Packs may be connected to multiple Troops and Troops may be connected to multiple packs. Each troop and pack should be able to identify the connected units and have access to the contact information for direct leaders. Units should aggressively begin communicating. </p> <p>Keys to success are ensuring that 100% of youth receive one or more invitations from troops. Every Webelos II family should be informed they have freedom to choose among troops they may be interested in joining. Every Webelos II family should have access to all the information they need/want. Every Webelos II family should know that they join and participate as a family. </p> <p>10TIMELINEAugust Compile webelos lists, plan for troop/Webelos II campout, appoint den chiefsSeptember first contact (troop letter, checklists, newsletters)October troop/den activity, invitations, District-level Webleos/troop event November troops visit with dens, dens visit troops11TIMELINEDecember dens visit troops January dens visit troops, cross-oversFebruary cross-overs, follow-upMarch cross-overs, follow-upApril June integration and training of new Scouts, summer camp planning/Preparation</p> <p>OUR GOAL1%Increase the rate of Webelos crossing to Boy Scouts by 1% per year. 13</p>


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