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Cosmos Minerals Corp

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Canfieid Metals Group Union, N. J.

The Canfield Metals Group, a direct manufacturer of high-purity cast and extruded anodes, will be displaying a complete line of ball, oval, chunk, star, bar, and D-shaned anodes. Canfield

will be introducing Pureplate O/F oxygen-free anode chunks, which are fabricated by a special process to greatly reduce sludging in plating tanks.

Cegab Corp. Chicago

Cegab Corp. will display Cegab Cape++ for windows, version 6.0. This fully integrated software package is designed exclusively for the metal- finishing industry. The system focuses on production engineering and sched- uling, quality control, inventory con- trol, purchase orders, lab analyses, quoting, accounting, bar coding, and more. It features document and photo- graphic scanning and offers a graphic user environment that is easy to learn. Representatives will be on hand to give a demonstration and answer questions.

circle 626 on nader lnfoml&bn cord Chemgrate Corp. Winville, Wash.

Chemgrate manufactures molded, one-piece, fiberglass-reinforced grat- ing, stair tread, floor plate, and decking’ for the metal-finishing industry. Ideal for use as floors, platforms, stairs, ramps, catwalks, and trench covers, Chemgrate is corrosion-resistant, easy- to-install, virtually maintenance-free, and is made with an integral antislip surface to reduce slips and falls.


Chemtroi, A Div. of Nibco inc. Indianapolis

Chemtrol manufactures a wide vari- ety of industrial thermoplastic pipe, fitting, and valve products. Materials include PVC, CPVC, Black and Chem-

Pure Natural Polypropylene, Red and Natural Kynar, Chem-Aire for com- pressed air applications, and Chem- Fuse for acid-waste drain systems.

Chemtrol will feature Guardian Double Contained Piping Systems. Guardian offers materials designed to withstand any type of corrosive, toxic, or hazard- ous chemicals.


Cleveland Process Corp. Homestead, F/a.

Clepco will be featuring the new Quick Plug 1000 heater system. De- signed for small tanks, the Quick Plug is available in stainless steel, quartz, and titanium, rated at 1,000 W at 120 V. The heater plugs in directly to a special receptacle on the thermostat for ease of installation. The standard line of immersion heaters now features thermal shut-off protection at no addi- tional price. The thermal shut off prevents damage to the installation and the heater. The thermal fuse is replace- able through the top of the heater head. A low-cost digital thermostat is availa- ble as an excellent substitute for elec- tromechanical analog thermostats.


CM international Elk Grove Village, 111.

The MFX system can provide users of plating/coating thickness measure- ment instruments the flexibility of selecting from up to four measurement disciplines on modular, plug-in boards in one unit. The CM1 cost-saving design permits users to update their instruments as new measurement disci- plines are needed. The system employs the eddy current, magnetic induction, microresistance, and beta-backscatter principles.

Columbia Chemical Corp. Brunswick, Ohio

In addition to Colzinc ACF-II, the state-of-the-art brightener for alkaline cyanide-free zinc plating, Columbia Chemical is featuring Columbia Anti- Stain and Colsid AP Carrier Plus.

These new products prevent staining associated with chloride zinc plating baths, which can lead to premature white corrosion. Chloride zinc platers know that the warm, humid summer months can bring about staining and premature corrosion of freshly zinc- plated parts. The new antistaining technology prevents these problems by actually conditioning the surface of the plated parts right in the plating solu- tion.

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Contaminant Recovery Systems inc. Centreda/e, R. 1.

ConRec will exhibit its new Slurry- Mizer Liquid Dryer for the reduction of liquid hazardous slurries to a granular powder. Overcoming typical problems of liquid evaporators, the new dryer reduces the volume of hazardous slur- ries 10 to 1 and lowers disposal costs up to 90%. The Slurry Mizer is also designed to permit chemical treatment to reduce disposal costs. ConRec will also display its Space-Mizer Under- the-Press Sludge Dryer and the Perma- Disc Filtration Systems.

ClrdeW2UlWidWl-Cerd Cosmos Minerals Corp. Camafillo, Call.

Cosmos will be exhibiting specialty metal-finishing equipment from their comprehensive line of anode baskets, ball anode baskets, custom anode bas- kets, heat and cooling coils, tanks and liners, anode hooks, fasteners, anodiz- ing box racks, and rack systems. Cosmos works with super metals such as titanium, zirconium, tantalum, nio- bium, and Hastelloy, and has vast experience and resources in the area of corrosion resistance.


Creative Filtration Systems/ Baker Bags Tamworth, N. H.

Creative Filtration Systems/Baker Bags will be demonstrating a see- through working model of their pat- ented, environmentally compatible, au- tomated backflushing filtration system. The Auto-Flush system incorporates the technology of their manual filtra- tion systems with a complete field- tested automation package. Also on display will be the Microflusher series backflushing filtration system de-