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    JOVIC STEEL FABRICATIONS LTD Raw2Refined. Your Vision-Together


  • As the Founder and Joint Managing Director of Jovic Steel, I am responsible for the strategic direction and leadership for the UK operation: its continual growth and profitability. I look after the Companys image, brand and its standing in the market place. I endeavour to ensure that our Team is meeting the requirements of its clients and potential future clients. I share the common goal alongside John, to continually improve our business and we work tirelessly to build strong and lasting relationships with our Clients, Suppliers and Employees.

    Mrs Victoria Humphreys Founder & Joint Managing Director JOVIC STEEL FABRICATIONS LTD


    FAMILY AND OWNER MANAGED BUSINESS As a family run company, we have a common goal to continually improve our business, continue to build strong community links, create lasting relationships with employees, customers and suppliers and outperform our client expectations. 1. BE THE VERY BEST WE CAN BE Our Purpose is to be an example in the market we serve and be the most respected company within our industry, with a commitment to creating an experience that exceeds expectations. 2. HONESTY AND TRUST We base our success on trust. Trust is accomplished by performance. Performance is measured by our firm commitment to fulfil our quality and delivery obligations to our clients. We practice honesty, openness and integrity with our clients, suppliers and company members. 3. BE RESOURCEFUL AND CREATIVE At Jovic Steel, we believe that with the right attitude, there is always a way and nothing is impossible. Our resourcefulness is seen in the way we solve problems and how we work. Our creativity is seen in our fabrication and design.

  • CORE VALUES As the P.A to the Joint Managing Directors of Jovic Steel, I am responsible for the day to day office operations and organising the M.Ds. As a member of the team, I am fully committed to the reputation and good name of Jovic Steel which can only continue through our common goal to be the very best that we can be.

    Ellie Humphreys P.A to the Directors JOVIC STEEL FABRICATIONS LTD

    4. ENVIRONMENT As a company, all of us at Jovic Steel are committed to continuously seeking to improve environmental performance. Jovic Steel supports a positive environmental culture across all its activities by actively promoting best practice and encourages involvement of all employees. 5. CLIENTS AND SUPPLY CHAIN We always consider our impact on both our clients and our suppliers and believe that supporting our local economies is important. We believe that our responsibility is to employ local people and businesses on our projects. As a national company we believe that it is important to support the local economy in the vicinity of each of our projects. 6. EMPLOYEE TRAINING AND GROWTH At Jovic Steel, we are committed to ensuring that all our staff have the opportunities to learn and develop. We care for all our staff and respect and recognise their valuable contribution as part of the team. Staff are encouraged to participate and be involved in working together for the growth and maintenance of the Company. Teamwork pulls us together and when we treat each other fairly and honestly, we are driven to produce and excel.

  • CORE VALUES As the Founder and Joint Managing Director of Jovic Steel UK, I oversee the day to day operations of the Company as well as the projects from the start through to completion, ensuring that each contract, is completed on time and to the required quality. Health and Safety and minimising our Environmental impact, are a top priority, as well as managing Client expectations. Our promise at Jovic is to: Do what we say were going to do when we say were going do it

    Mr John Humphreys Founder and Joint Managing Director JOVIC STEEL FABRICATIONS LTD

    7. PRODUCT QUALITY Quality is inherent in everything we do. We stand behind the quality of our product and any of our products that do not reach the standard we require are eliminated. 8. COMMITTED TO SAFETY Acclaim and CHAS Certification At Jovic Steel we are committed to protect both our staff and those around us, and safety is priority in all of our operations. As a team, we have a strong focus on health and safety, resulting in an extremely low Accident Incidence Rate. (We have only one accident incident, which was a minor cut to a finger). 9. COMMUNICATE CLEARLY AND OPENLY The key to effective communication is active listening and clear speaking. At Jovic Steel, we recognise that good communication builds trust with our clients, suppliers and staff. Respect and Fairness is the core to communicating openly and truthfully. 10. COMPETITORS At Jovic Steel, we operate in an ethical manner, even if this means taking a loss or losing out to our competitors. Our company loyalty is also to be to our industry. There is no piece of mind being number one in a troubled industry or at the expense of another.