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  • Core Values Corp. HRNew Delhi


  • What Are Core Values ? These are the organisations essential & enduring general guiding principles; for the conduct & behaviour of the members of the organisation in realising the vision.*Infact the members of the organisation believe, demonstrate & propagate the Values of the organisation in their daily organisation life & behaviour. They are desirable state rather than existing state.

  • Core ValuesCommitment to Excellence*Openness, Fairness and Trust

    Customer Focus

    Team Spirit

  • Commitment to Excellence- Practices That Fulfill The Value *

    S. No.PracticesStatus of Internalisation1 Adapts continuously to dynamic work environmentMaximum Output with Minimum ResourceApproach on Team Working2 Accepts new challenges with confidencecompetitive Work EnvironmentCost Effective Minimum input & Maximum Output

    3 Asks for help when requiredWorking as a Team on Cost effective measureMonthly Forge Cluster Meeting - Sharing Working culture4Demonstrates ownership for self development Job Rotation practices at Heat Treatment & IP -1in all area.

  • Commitment to Excellence- Practices That Fulfill The Value *

    S.No.PracticesStatus of Internalisation1 Shows awareness of impact of own behaviour on others MAD Practices Employees Satisfaction Survey Exit Interview Feedback System 2 Listens activelyDaily Morning Meeting Open house Session 3 Walk - the - TalkDaily Morning Plant Visit by Unit Head, Operational Head & HR Head. 4 Avoid Re-working. Do things Right the first time Focus on Process Quality Approach. We are using concept PDCA . 60 % focus on P Planning part.5 High focus on Quality ensures defect free delivery to Customers Stage Wise inspection at all Process Level.

    100 % final inspection before dispatch.

    We have all type of QA Checking instrument as per Customer requirement.

  • Openness , Fairness & Trust Practices That Fulfill The Value OPENNESS :


    S.No.PracticesStatus of Internalisation1People have free Access to Senior ManagementWe have open door policy concept.Any employees can discuss with Unit head at any time 2People are encouraged to express their viewsMonthly Suggestion SchemeMonthly Open house SessionMonthly Cluster Meeting at various topics


    Work toward addressing everyone by first name

    Implemented at Same level & Designation.

  • Openness , Fairness & Trust Practices That Fulfill The ValueFAIRNESS :


    S.No.PracticesStatus of Internalisation1 Treat people equally in terms of transparent decisions/policiesSure , all Policies implemented with no biasness or Partiality 2 Each Function should be driven by systems & proceduresYes , TS -16949 & EMS 18001 & OHSAS -18001 Followed with 100% compliance on System adherence.

    3Prompt attention & redressal of genuine grievancesWe haveGrievance handling committee which meet periodically.Compliant register Monitoring

  • Openness , Fairness & Trust Practices That Fulfill The Value*TRUST :

    S.No.PracticesStatus of Internalisation1 Have consistent & genuine behaviourIn Open house session we discuss. 2 Be Honest in all your dealingsYes 3 Honour the promises , commitment made & revert timely if some obstacle comes in the wayMonthly Best Suggestion awardMonthly best & worst TeamWeekly DWM review mechanism

  • Openness , Fairness & Trust Practices That Fulfill The ValueTRUST :


    S.No.PracticesStatus of Internalisation1 Senior Executives should pose Trust in their team membersSure , We have Team Work which caused Focused approach in this competitive environment 2 Empowerment of employees Monthly Departmental wise PresentationJob Rotation Training & Development 3 Be Trust worthyYes4 Stick to your Values even under trying conditionsYes

  • Customer Focus Practices That Fulfill The Value*

    S.No.PracticesStatus of Internalisation1Customises responses to each Customer instead of resorting to standard mechanical responseThis is our prime Focused Target to delivery 100 % Customer satisfaction.

    2 Openly exhibits enthusiasm while dealing with CustomersDedicated team work with Customers dealing. 3 Networks with other Group Companies to create Value for the CustomerLearning from all Customers & deployed at Unit. 4

    Prompt response to both, internal & external Customers

    1st Priority on Internal Customers. Every Process incharge is customers for next Process.

  • Customer Focus Practices That Fulfill The Value*

    S.No. Practices Status of Internalisation1 Anticipates Customer needsDedicated Team work with customersMarketing Personnel meet with related customer periodically and understand their needs which further communicated to Units. 2 Attends to the concerns or problems of Customers before own- as above-3 Seriously considers Customers complaints, feedbackEvery Customer complain has further communicated to all employees and work as a CFT team on that complain which will be weekly revised by senior Mgt.

    4 Seeks solutions to satisfy Customersas Above5 Creates positive surprises through unique experiences Leaning by Sharing

  • Team Spirit - Practices That Fulfill The Value *

    S.No. Practices Status of Internalisation1 Shows a greater concern for the group rather than for self interest CFT teams are working on any Issues .2 Offers knowledge and expertise to the benefit of the group Learning by sharing 3 Encourages team members to build upon their ideasBrainstorming session during Suggestion meeting and Cluster meeting.4 Listens to the points of others and gives constructive feedback when appropriate

    Take feedback during Morning Meeting.

  • Team Spirit - Practices That Fulfill The Value *

    S.No. Practices Status of Internalisation1

    Provides regular contributions towards group discussion

    Weekly meeting on CFT & Review session2

    Actively tries to improve and maintain morale and enthusiasm within the groupAppreciated leader & Be a part of Top Management review or meetings. 3

    Provides support for decisions made by the group when votingYes , During all committee meeting Safety & Health committee. Canteen CommitteeGrievance Commitee4

    Is flexible and does not oppose group decisions at the expense of the rest of the team

    - As above-

  • Guidelines for Effective Implementation Since values percolate downwards, examples must be set from top downwards to demonstrate across the Units/Organisation that the Core Values are shared Values by all & they should reflect in all our dealings - personal & official .

    *Sharing the Values by respective Business/Unit Heads with employees, Customers & Suppliers

    Wide spread communication to the employees of the Core Values & also how we would like as a Business Organisation to be perceived & measured by others. These could be through sharing of presentation by Unit Heads, employee induction programs etc.

  • Guidelines for Effective Implementation Core Values can not be compromised & all actions need to be taken to ensure that these are imbibed by every individual in the organisation

    *While adherence to the Core Values should be recognised & appreciated, deviations be provided with constructive critique.

    Review the progress in Values internalisation & stabilise