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Participate Daily Participation and preparation = daily grades Follow PHS Dress Code Variety of activities


<p>Core Classes Presentation Mathematics English Science Social Studies Health/Physical Education Full year course 4 year requirement 3 MP = Physical Education 1 MP = Health Participate Daily Participation and preparation = daily grades Follow PHS Dress Code Variety of activities 35% Preparation 35% Participation 15% Written Tests 15% Skill Tests OP make-up Within two weeks of missed date Complete 1 mile jog Receive your credit back from missed day 1 marking period Topics: Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs Nutrition Refusal Skills Male/Female Reproductive Anatomy Pregnancy STDs Buy the first week of school $6 Keep lock for four years Keep all belongings locked at all times! Introduction to Environmental Science Ecosystems Biodiversity Understanding Populations Atmosphere, Weather and Climate Air and Air Pollution Energy Water and Water Pollution Land and Land Use Waste and Waste Disposal Classroom activities &amp; labs to demonstrate concepts Work individually &amp; collaboratively Regular homework Textbook used in class Guided notes Moderate pace Individual and group activities Analysis questions after labs Students take presented notes Regular homework Accelerated pace &amp; greater depth Group lab activities &amp; independent work Formal lab reports Daily homework Variety of note formats (lecture, text) BIOLOGYCHEMISTRY General College Prep Honors Advanced Placement General College Prep Honors Advanced Placement Physics (AP, Honors, CP) Geology Meteorology Astronomy Earth Science AP Environmental Science Anatomy &amp; Physiology Animal Behavior Genetics Forensics Marine Biology NJ Graduation Requirements: US I, US II, &amp; World History as full year courses. year Economics/Financial Literacy course. 9 th grade will enroll in US I Their 10 th grade class will be USII 11 th grade year will be World History Economics should be completed in the 11 th or 12 th grade year AP US History, AP Government, AP European History, &amp; AP World History are also offered. Applied, College Prep, Honors for 9 th grade. AP offered in 10 th -12 th grade. Tests, Quizzes, Homework, &amp; Projects Homework is a % of the final marking period average. This is a major issue for freshmen as they acclimate to high school. Homework is given nightly. Your Social Studies placement will be based on your Language Arts placement in 9 th grade. If you aspire to take AP courses in the future while a student at PHS, it is recommended that you enroll in the Honors level. It is easier to drop down a level than move up if you change levels during the school year. United States History United States History Foundations of Algebra Algebra 1 College Prep Algebra 1 Honors Algebra 1 Honors Algebra 2 Students will be placed into one of the following courses based on a scheduling matrix which includes a recommendation from their current math teacher: All students are required to take and pass: Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2 All students will take the PARCC exam in the Spring each year they are enrolled in any of the above courses. Geometry Algebra 2 General College Prep Honors General College Prep Honors In order for any student to enroll in any of the following courses, certain prerequisites must be met. Pre-Calculus College Prep AP Calculus College Prep AP AB AP BC College Prep Honors Statistics A graphing calculator is highly recommended for all Freshmen enrolled in Algebra 1. A graphing calculator is used on the PARCC test. A graphing calculator will assist students in answering more challenging and real world based questions. Suggested Models: TI-83, TI-84, TI-84 Plus Be Present. Set up Parent Access in Genesis with an activeaccount. Monitor your childs grades on a regular basis. Homework will be assigned daily Dont let them fall behind. If Math is not your childs strongest subject, make sure they ask questions and take advantage of extra help. 4 years of English; five credits each Honors, College, Applied Advanced Placement courses offered to upper classmen (AP Language and AP Literature) SAT preparatory classes offered (extra-curricular) English electives: Journalism, Drama, Making and Analyzing Comics, Novel to Film, Reading Workshop (iPad) All levels cover the same curriculum. For ex: Romeo &amp; Juliet at all three levels- APP: translated, parallel text College Level: text book with footnotes Honors: West Side Story as supplemental text College Prep English I academic student moderate pace class notes, regular homework, vocabulary, research paper, etc. For the student who reads and writes outside of school and/or enjoys it. Rigorous and higher expectations at this level Accelerated pace and greater depth of analysis Summer reading (two novels; literary analysis) Vocabulary (double units, cumulative testing, etc.) Research and Literary Analysis (length and depth) Supplemental, independent reading (book and test date issued no further class discussion or notes) </p>