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  • Coordinated Approach

  • Creative ThinkingProblemDecision

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  • The relationship makes senseBiological and Physical NeedsSafety NeedsBelonging and Love NeedsEsteem NeedsCognitive NeedsAesthetic NeedsSelf-ActualizationDeficiency NeedsGrowth NeedsMaslows HierarchyBarriers to Learning

  • Reduce the drop out rate by 50%in 5-7 yearsEarly intervention of Health ServicesIncrease student and staff attendanceDecrease disruptive behaviorsOpportunities for engagement

  • Increase NAEP Scores to National Average in 5-7 yearsTeacher QualityRecruitment/RetentionEffective instructionFamily InvolvementReduced Discipline ReferralsIncreased Attendance- Students and StaffAcademic Achievement

  • Every Child reading on grade level by the 3rd gradeFamily/Community InvolvementHealthy School environmentTeacher QualityIncrease AttendanceDecrease Disruptive Behaviors

  • Coordinated ApproachHope Matters

  • 27.028.625.328.126.431.236.819.128.2020406080100TotalMaleFemale 9th10th11th12thBlack*Hispanic/LatinoWhite*Mississippi High School Survey

    Percentage of students who felt so sad or hopeless almost every day for two weeks or more in a row that they stopped doing some usual activities during the past 12 monthsQN23 - Weighted Data*Non-Hispanic.Missing bars indicate less than 100 students in the subgroup.

  • Bringing Academics and Health Together AcademicsEffective Classroom Instruction Supplemental InstructionIntensive Instructional InterventionsAll StudentsApproximately20-30%Approximately 5-10%Response to Intervention Three-Tier Model

  • Bringing Academics and Health Together Healthy BehaviorSchool and Classroom Systems of Prevention and SupportSpecialized Group InterventionsIntensive, Individual InterventionsResponse to Intervention Three-Tier Model

  • Bringing Academics and Health Together AcademicsHealthy BehaviorRtI

  • He did each thing as if he would do nothing else spoken of Charles Dickens.

    Am I doing everything possible to unleash opportunities for all children to be successful?Passion

  • Characteristics of Coordinated School Health Programs include:Coordinating school and community programming and resourcesFocusing on the priority behaviors affecting health and learningNurturing positive health behaviors in the environmentProviding multiple interventionsSoliciting active student and family involvementProviding staff development programs

  • Coordinated School Health Programs AreBuilt on a Team EffortCoordination between School Health Councils and School Health TeamsPartnershipsInvolvement of students, families and communitiesLink to School Improvement Plan, School-Based Site Management

  • SURVIVAL: Moving from silos to circles in our thinking, planning, funding, implementingNon-communicativeRestrictiveClose MindedPossessiveAnti-childrenTraditionalPositions and Authority

    BrainstormingInclusiveVisionaryNurturingOur ChildrensOut of the BoxJobs and duty

  • Building Support for School HealthSchoolDistrictCommunity

  • What is a SHIPS=SchoolH=HealthI=ImplementationP =Plan

  • School Health IS..LeaderSHIPRelationSHIPCompanionSHIPPartnerSHIPGuardianSHIPStewardSHIPMentorSHIPStatesmanSHIPChampionSHIPNonPartisanSHIP

  • What did you see?Rough watersBig Delivers resourcesRequires someone to navigateValuable

  • What did you see?OlderSmaller- but still has huge impactSaves livesRequires someone to guideTires to protect- still taking care of the older shipSiren to warn

  • What did you see?RelaxationBiggerVery niceStill requires maintenanceLife boats to safe lives

  • If you fail to pilot your own ship, dont be surprised what inappropriate port you find yourself docked

    Tom Robbins

  • What is LeaderSHIP?The traits, behavior, influence, interaction patterns, role relationships and occupation of an administrative position. Articulating visions, embodying values and creating environment for the things that can be accomplished. (Richards & Engle, 1986, p.206) Those entities that perform one or more acts of leading. The ability to affect human behavior so as to accomplish a mission. Influencing a group of people to move towards its goal setting or goal achievement.

    a critical management skill, is the ability to motivate a group of people toward a common goal. These items will help you develop your skills as a leader.

  • Leadership is.Purpose and PrincipalsVisionGoalsAreas of ResponsibilityProjectsActionsSelf Management- Control and Perspective (Making It All Work- David Allen)Data Driven Decisions

  • What is GuardianSHIP?One that guards, watches over, or protects. Law One who is legally responsible for the care and management of the person or property of an ...

  • What is StewardSHIP?one who manages anothers propertyan administrator; supervisor- parental in naturethe office duties, duties, and obligationsThe conducting, supervising, or managing of something: the careful management of something entrusted to ones care

  • What is CompanionSHIPFellowship; association; the act or fact of keeping company with any one

  • CHAMPIONSEveryone - from the superintendent to students of all ages - can be champions for health and wellness.

  • What is mentorSHIP?is a supportive relationship established between two individuals where knowledge, skills, and experience are shared.refers to a developmental relationship in which a more experienced person helps a less experienced person, referred to as a protg, apprentice, mentee, or (person) being mentored, develop in a specified capacity.

  • What is OWNerSHIP?TAKE CARE OF YOURSELFExercise regularlyReward yourself with a massageTake time to relax and catch upTake time for yourselfDo what makes you happy

  • Where do we live?EarthContinentNorthern HemisphereNorth AmericaUnited StatesMississippiCounty

    Real World!!!!!

  • Real WorldUnexpected circumstancesHave a process for handling changeDelegate/reassignHave someone to communicate/discuss decisions

  • Marketing Your SHIP!!Communication PlanStrategic GoalsKnow your storyTell your storySample Press Releases

  • Why Coordinated School Health?The alternative is costlyHidden Costs to SchoolsMeasurable Costs to StateMeasurable Costs to Schools

  • The Hidden CostsExtra staff time needed for students with low academic performance or behavior problems caused by poor nutrition and physical inactivity.Costs associated with time and staff needed to administer medications needed by students with associated health problems.Healthcare costs, absenteeism, and lower productivity due to the effects of poor nutrition, inactivity and overweight among school employees.

  • Community CostsState of Health in MississippiObesity$757,000,000 cost per year in MS; $444,000,000 paid by Medicare and MedicaidSpending increase from 9% enrolled in 1987 to 25% in 2002Diabetes# 2 state in the nation in Type II diabetesCardiovascular Disease# 1 state in the nation in heart disease related deaths # 3 state in the nation in stroke related deathsCancer# 5 state in the nation in cancer related deathsAsthma# 1 reason for school absenteeism in MS

  • Prison Costs Population Cost (millions) 11,049 $109.6 12,474 $119.3 13,623 $164.2 14,254 $185.7 15,374 $202.4 16,705 $236.4 18,005 $262.9 18,889 $258.1 19,923 $262.2 20,617 $276.7 2007 21,724 $292 Source: Mississippi Department of Corrections

  • Estimated lost lifetime earnings in Mississippi for one class of dropouts totals over $4 billion.Mississippi would save more than $121 million in health care costs over the course of the lifetime of each class of drop outsThe states economy would see a combination of savings and revenue of more than $93 million in reduced crime spending and increased earnings each year if the male high school graduation rate increased by just 5%More than $1.5 billion would be added to the states economy by 2020 if students of color graduated at the same rate as white students

    Mississippis Economic Reality

  • Measurable Costs to State(2004-2005)Statewide Enrollment: 493,302ADA Statewide: 470, 879Statewide Attendance: 95%$4,574 per student based on fully funded MAEP Statewide schools leaving $102,562,802 on table (not taking into consideration local contribution)

  • Measurable Cost to SchoolsReduced Absenteeism MeansSchool District: 3,000 Students

    Each 1% attendance improvement = $137,220

  • The world isnt interested in how many storms you encountered, but whether or not you brought in the ship.Raul Armesto

  • ExpectationsMotivators v SatisfiersGroupthink- Road to AbileneMBWA- Managing by Wandering Around

  • Wellness PolicyA document - approved by the local school board - that promotes a healthy school environment. By focusing on nutrition and physical activity standards, a wellness policy seeks to improve childrens health, classroom behaviors, and academic performance.

  • School Health CouncilA School Health Council (SHC) is an advisory group composed of committed individuals from both the school and the community. The group works together to provide guidance and leadership to the school on all aspects of the school health progr