Coombe Farm Studios - Autumn 2014-Spring 2015 BROCHURE

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A detailed brochure for our courses in painting, printmaking and ceramics. Details for Autumn 2014 and Spring 2015. Summer dates for 2015 to be released mid August 2014. Queries? contact us!

Text of Coombe Farm Studios - Autumn 2014-Spring 2015 BROCHURE

  • COOMBE FARM STUDIOS Brochure Autumn 2014 - Spring 2015

  • Coombe Farm Studios is a residential art centre in the South West of England, with direct routes from London Paddington (our nearest station is Totnes). Established for 30 years, Coombe is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty, with a large bright and airy painting studio, pottery, print workshop, courtyard & gardens.

    All our tutors are professional artists making a living from their art. They have a passion for sharing their knowledge and skills through tutorials and demos, providing a relaxed and non-competitive atmosphere. With great food, fantastic company & talented artists to work alongside, Coombe is an ideal creative break.

    We run courses in painting (watercolour, oils or acrylic), ceramics (stoneware) and printmaking. Each course is run for either a long weekend (Thurs-Sunday) or a week (Sunday-Friday). All our courses, unless expressly marked, are very suitable for all abilities from beginners to more advanced students. Our lead tutor is internationally renowned watercolourist and author Paul Riley, Coombe is also Pauls home with his wife Tina and together they opened Coombe Farm Studios in 1983. Other regular tutors include Bettina Schroeder (watercolours) Mic Chambers (oils & acrylics) Laurel Keeley (ceramics) Jill Fanshawe Kato (ceramics) Kate Marshall (printmaking) Gerry Dudgeon (acrylics) and James Stewart (oils).


  • Studios & daily structure

    Residents arrive for each course between 5-7pm the afternoon/evening before the course begins i.e. Sunday for 5 day courses and Thursday for long weekends.

    Each tutor works slightly differently, however a general daily schedule runs as follows:

    8.30am Breakfast9.30am Course starts in the studio with your tutor or by driving out to locations when the weather is suitable.1.00pm Lunch is served at 1.00pm each day either at Coombe or a packed lunch on location. 2.00-4.00pm Many of our tutors take a break (the exception being Bettina who stays with the group throughout the day) students can also take a break or continue to work in the studio. 4.00-6.00pm The tutor will then re-join the group to give demonstrations, support and critique.

    Visits to the local pub at 6.30 are offered & dinner is served each evening at 8.00pm

    Our light and airy painting studio is well equipped with easels, boards and watercolour pans. The painting courses are held in the studio, or, if the weather is fine, on location in the stunning Devon countryside (by the beautiful river Dart, on Dartmoor National Park, in private gardens or out on the coast). In addition to the painting studio we also have a small well-equipped print workshop and pottery, which are used for regular classes throughout the year.

    Each course has a specific materials list, which each student is asked to bring with them, these details are listed alongside each course. For watercolour painters we have Saunders Waterford paper stocked in the studio which you can buy at 5.00 a sheet if you would rather not carry it with you - likewise for small lightweight stools.

    To book complete enclosed form/call 01803 722 352/ e.

  • Timetable Autumn 2014 & Spring 2015

    SEPT 12-14th Everyday objects in Oils & Acrylic 3 days James Stewert12-14th Blind embossing (printmaking) 3 days Rob Manners

    OCT 27-31st Creating Atmosphere in Watercolour 5 days Paul Riley

    NOV 7-9th Ceramics for the garden 3 days Laurel Keely7-9th Painting Portraits & Life (watercolour) 3 days Paul Riley 28-30th Traditional Woodcuts 3 days Paul Riley

    JAN 23-25th Flowers & Light (watercolour) 3 days Paul Riley

    FEB 16-20th Flowers and Still Life (watercolour) 5 days Paul Riley

    MARCH 23-27th Painting spring owers (watercolour) 5 days Paul Riley

    APRIL 13-17th Oil painting 5 days Paul Riley

    MAY 7-10th Releasing the imagination (watercolour) 3 days Paul Riley 18-22nd The Nature of Drawing 5 days Laurie Steen 25th-29th Watercolour Workshop 5 days Paul Riley

    Summer courses in 2015 include internationally renowned tutors Bettina Schroeder (Watercolours) & Gerry Dudgeon (Acrylics and mixed media).

    Dates to be released in August 2014 for Summer 2015.

  • To book complete enclosed form/call 01803 722 352/ e.

    Prices & Terms 2015

    5 days Residential Tuition, accommodation and all meals 545.00

    5 days Non-residential Tuition and lunch (2 course dinner + 15 pppn if required) 425.00

    5 days Non-Participants Dinner B&B (lunch charged at additonal 5 day if required) 345.00

    6 days Residential Bettina Schroeder course full board 565.00

    6 days Non-residential Bettina Schroeder course tuition & lunch 440.00

    3days Residential Thurs eve - Sunday pm 385.00

    3 days Non-residential Tuition, lunch & day use of studio 290.00

    3 days Non-Participants Dinner B&B (lunch charged at additonal 5 day if required) 230.00

    A non refundable deposit of 100 is required with your bookingthe balance of course fees are due 3 weeks prior to the date your course commences and is non-refundable

    We advise you to take out holiday insurance in case you are unable to attend for unforseen curcumstances.

    We reserve the right to cancel courses if they are undersubscribed.if this occurred we would refund all monies paid or offer you a transferonto another course

    However, as courses are kept small this happens infrequently

    All our courses, unless expressly marked, are very suitable for all abilities from beginners to more advanced


  • Paul Riley has written three bestselling books on watercolour painting, including several foreign language editions and numerous articles for the Artist magazine. His images are reproduced as cards and posters Worldwide. As a practising professional painter Paul continues to exhibit widely in the UK and in Europe, Kuwait and the U.S. In addition to his teaching at Coombe he also takes groups of students abroad, previous locations have included the Czech Republic (Prague & S Bohemia) Venice, Bali, Zanzibar & Croatia. His watercolour style is characterised by freedom of expression, colour and vitality, complemented by a deep understanding of draftsmanship and form. Paul is also accomplished in painting in oils, which he has a great passion for, in addition Paul is a competent potter, printmaker and sculptor.


    As our lead tutor Paul teaches approximately 60% of courses year-round. Enclosed are specific course details.

    MATERIALS LIST There are specific materials lists for Pauls oil painting & printmaking courses - see course details for those lists. The information below is the materials list required for all Pauls watercolour courses.

    Essential course watercolour paints in tubes or pan - Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour 8ml tubes CADMIUM RED, PERMANENT ROSE , CADMIUM YELLOW, LEMON YELLOW, CERULEAN BLUE, UL-TRAMARINE, INTENSE BLUE, PURPLE LAKE, RAW SIENNA, BURNT SIENNA, RAW UMBER

    Essential brushes: Winsor & Newton Cotman Brush SER 333 RIGGER SH NO 3 , Winsor & Newton ART-IST SABLE Brush ROUND NO 3 , Winsor & Newton ARTIST SABLE Brush ROUND NO 5 Winsor & Newton ARTIST SABLE Brush ROUND NO 6 , Pro Arte : Connoisseur Flat Red Sable / Prolene Watercolour Brush Series 99 Size 1/2in

    Optional extras: Winsor & Newton Artists Watercolour 5ml PERYLENE GREEN, OPERA ROSE, NAPLES YELLOW, Isabey Brush : Kazan Squirrel Quill Mop Series: 6234 Size 2/0

    Other items: Natural Sponge 1 inch, W&N Watercolour medium 75ml colourless art masking fluidLow Tack Paper Masking Tape 1,5 inch, Kitchen Roll, Small lightweight stool if you have one (we have spare stools at Coombe if you need to borrow one), Sketchbook for notes and a 2B pencil & sharpener

    Course Information


    This course is aimed at students painting landscapes for the first time and for those that are familiar with painting landscapes outdoors who wish to take advantage of the beautiful natural scenery of South Devon.

    Based on Pauls bestselling book also titled Intimate Landscapes this course will ask you to look in a special way, to look in depth and with intimacy. Focusing on how to paint close up views in watercolours the course will also cover how to tackle buildings and figures in the landscape, perspective principals, waterscapes and painting the sky.

    Sessions will be undertaken in the studio at Coombe as well as (weather permitting) a range of stunning locations in and around Coombe including wonderful spots on the banks of the River Dart

    Intimate Landscapes Watercolour, Paul RileyAug 4-8th 2014 (5 days)

    Course Information

    We wondered at times whether we were mad to travel so far for a few painting lessons, well there was nothing that could possibly prepare us for how much every last detail of our trip would exceed our expectations. Our course was awesome, and in terms of painting, life-changing! Pauls attitude to colour was inspirational, and a revelation to us both, and will certainly result in clean clear bold colours from now on. Thank you Paul for all the tricks, tips, but mostly for the gift of colour

    Althea (South Africa)


    This course is an introduction to painting with oils or acrylics from stretching your own canvas to a com-pleted work. James is a h