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Converting to Access 2007

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Microsoft Access tips: Converting to Access 2007

Microsoft Access Tips for Serious UsersProvided by Allen Browne. Created: December 2006. Last updated: 20 October 2010.

Converting to Access 2007 or 2010Access 2007 introduced major new functionality in both the engine and the interface. Seasoned developers discovered new things are possible, and casual users found more things within their grasp. Get up to speed with Access 2007: What's Good - Useful new features What's Mixed - Both good and bad What's Gone - Features removed What's Fixed - Old issues solved What's Broken - New bugs Configuration - Setup options for developers Compatibility - Issues with previous versions Links - Technical info for developers. Hint: Code does not run unless your database is in a trusted location. To trust your folder, click: Office Button (top left) Access Options (bottom of dialog) Trust Center (left) Trust Center Settings (button) Trusted Locations (left) Add new location (button)

These observations are limited to Access, and do not address very significant new capabilities for data collection and integration with other software through WSS (SharePoint) or other software. If you are upgrading from Access 97, you will also need the information in article, Converting from Access 97. If you are having difficulty using an Access 2007 database in Access 2010, see Microsoft's article, Backward Compatibility between Access 2010 and Access 2007.

Updates/HotfixesService Packs are essential. Apply hotfixes if you experience a problem.article. Older updates and hotfixes (prior to Service Pack 2) are listed at the end of this

Service Pack 2 Apr 28 '09 help Jun 30 '09 hotfix (972570) Jun 30 '09 hotfix (972347) Jun 30 '09 hotfix (971859) Aug 25 '09 hotfix (973405)

Details: 953195 Updated Help (HxS) files for Microsoft Office Access 2007 Slow performance in Datasheets 1. 2. 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. Report does not display all CAD images (attachment field) Report with Chart flickers in Report and Layout view Query crash (ODBC, inheritance, and aggregation.) Last row not imported. Decimal lookup field not displayed (from ODBC table.) Parameter shown as number (ASCII value) instead of text on a report. Stored procedure executed multiple times when opening a form/report. Navigation Pane and Status Bar issues after applying Service Pack 2. Calculated field changes value while scrolling. Office 2007 SP2 fails to update some files. Objects can be deleted from Nav Pane even if you don't have permission. Combo box becomes transparent when losing focus.

Oct 27 '09 hotfix (974995) Dec 15 '09 hotfix (977033) Feb 23 '10 hotfix (978402) Apr 27 '10 hotfix Jun 29 '10 hotfix (983317) Jun 29 '10 hotfix

Ribbon options for rich text box now work in subforms. Runtime crash 1. ApplyFilter macro does not accept subsequent parameters. 2. "There isn't enough memory to undo..." error when runing 1.5MB query. Errors importing text files (Get External Data) Sharepoint read-only message not displayed (when document booked out)[04/13/2012 12:47:34 PM]

Microsoft Access tips: Converting to Access 2007

(2203969) Aug 31 '10 hotfix (2276481)

1. Access hangs on large attached table, clicking arrow beside date column. 2. Templates disappear (with Spanish MUI on Win XP/2003) 3. Unable to link Sybase database if File DSN contains spaces. (This hotfix is also in Office 2007 Cumulative Update for August 2010)

What's good (useful new features)If you are familiar with older versions, the new Access may leave you shocked and bewildered - unable to find a thing without the familiar menus, toolbars, and Database window. It takes some time to adapt. Once you recover, you unearth some seriously useful new functionality beneath that pretty face: Feature Applies to Usage examples Create a template database to be used any time you create a new database. Any new database is initialized with whatever you placed in the template settings, properties, forms, reports, macros, modules, references, error logging, splash form, ... Seriously useful for individuals and developer teams who want consistency. Solves many problem properties (Name AutoCorrect, default references, etc.) Formatted data in exports and emails.PDF add-in can be chained into the runtime installation. Prior to Service Pack 2, required a download. The



PDF Field and Table templates

Reports, datasheets Table design

Predefined fields (XSD-based settings for name, type, length) and tables provide consistency and speed in table design.

Rich text

For the first time, you can format text a text box: bold, italics, bulleted lists, fonts, colors, etc. Use for comments, merge letter reports, ... Applies to text boxes that are unbound, bound to an expression, or bound Memo fields, text boxes to a Memo field that has the Text Format property set to Rich Text (in table design.) Note: stores HTML (not RTF.) OLE field, Attachments, Images are in compressed format (e.g. JPG), with transparency (e.g. PNG.) pictures on Previous versions used used bitmap storage - impractical for more than a forms/reports handful of images. Memo fields Open queries, forms, etc. Forms Forms, reports Form and report design Keeps a ColumnHistory of the text in the memo field each time it is changed. Use for legally sensitive notes (e.g. staff/client case notes.) Choose between tabbed documents and overlapping windows (the old MDI view): Office Button | Access Options | Current Database. A synchronized Datasheet (for locating the record) and Form view (for editing.) Design forms and reports while viewing your data. Arrange controls as a group (including labels in a different section), and manipulate them together. Add gridlines that expand to the tallest control, even where controls Can Grow. A Search box in the horizontal scrollbar searches any field in real time, finding matches between keystrokes. No setup: automatically appears in datasheets and forms. Filter or sort by clicking the column header in a datasheet. No setup.

Compressed storage

Append Only

Tabbed documents Split forms Layout view Control layouts


Datasheets, forms


Datasheets, forms[04/13/2012 12:47:34 PM]

Microsoft Access tips: Converting to Access 2007

(Particularly good on date fields, e.g. "last week", "last month".) Totals Datasheets In any datasheet, depress Totals on the Records group of Home tab. At the foot of each column, choose sum, count, average, etc. No setup. Images now have a Control Source. Save the file name in a text field, and the image displays it without code. Show a graphic for each record, even in Continuous Form view. Calendar automatically appears beside date fields/controls. No setup. (Can be suppressed with Show Date Picker property.) Set the List Items Edit Form property of the combo box. Right-click to edit/add to the items to the combo's list. Shade alternate rows by setting the Alternate Back Color property of the Section. No setup required for Datasheets. Option to show numbers as #### if column is too narrow (as Excel does.) Configurable: Office Button | Access Options | Current Database | Check for truncated number fields. In Macro Design, a new column displays the arguments for each action, making it much easier to follow what the macro is doing. Collection of variables that can be used application-wide and survive code resets. Example: In AutoExec macro, SetTempVar named LicensedTo to "Acme Corporation", and add this text box to each report header: =[TempVars]![LicensedTo] After an import or export (External Data tab of the ribbon), you can save the operation and repeat it later. Send HTML forms in email, and automatically process the data when replies are received. (See the Collect Data group on the External Data tab of the ribbon.) Sample databases to get you started. For business, education, personal, and the Northwind sample. Microsoft is providing free developer extensions and runtime Access so you can create an Access 2007 application and give it to users who do not have Access 2007. (In previous versions, this was an additional commercial product.)

Bound images

Image control

Date picker Edit list items Alternating row colors

Date fields, text boxes Combos, list boxes Reports, forms, datasheets Number fields

Truncated numbers

Macro design arguments



Macros, queries, code, controls

Save Import/Export Data Collection

External data Data Anyone wanting a sample database to use or extend Everyone

Template databases

Free runtime

There are many other little improvements as well. For example, datasheets are more readable and colorful, the Parameters dialog (in query design) is a much larger, the NavigationCaption property for forms, and the Auto-Format styles to enhance the look of your database.

What's mixed (good and bad)Some new features could be considered good or bad, depending on your point of view. Microsoft designed many of these features for end users, so the "bad" is most likely the perspective of the serious user or Access developer. Feature Good Bad

Multi-valued fields

The relational structure behind multi-valued fields is not accessible. Developers will find it harder to handle complex data Easy for beginner to choose multiple values types. Any generic procedure you write must be capable in field. of handling fields that contain fields. You cannot use a table with a multi-valued field in an IN clause (i.e. in[04/13/2012 12:47:34 PM]

Microsoft Access tips: Converting to Access 2007

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