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Miss. ALEENA R. BRIGHT is a Standard Eighth student ofChinnamma Memorial Girls High School in Trivandrum. Shelives with her parents and grandmother in a farm where shehelps her parents to tend to the animals and fowls. Her mainhobbies are photography, painting and doodling.

ANAND KUMAR is a retired Bank Manager having thirtyyears of service in Banking. He has a passion for reading andwriting . He is a regular contributor of articles to DignityDialogue, a magazine published by Dignity Foundation anNGO from Mumbai. He also writes in Muse India, PoetHunters.com.and Speaking Tree .com. He lives in Chennai.

ANANTHAKRISHAN C.N is pursuing his bachelor’s degreein Mechanical Engineering at Loyola ICAM College Of Engineering And Technology, Chennai. He is a district levelcricket player and has won many man of the match awardsand best bowler awards . He is a Carnatic vocalist. He hastaken part in many intercollegiate debate competitions andother cultural activities. He is an active member in hiscollege Rotaract club. He has great leadership qualities andvery optimistic in nature.

A ANNAPURNA SHARMA is a Deputy Chief Editor of MuseIndia, literary e-journal. Her works are forthcoming, or haveappeared, in Westward Quarterly, Mad Swirl, InternationalWriters journal, Spark, Destine Literare, Reader’s Digest,Women’s Era, Assam Tribune, Active Muse amongst others.She also contributes book reviews to Muse India and TriveniJournal. A nutritionist by profession, but a writer at heart,her maiden book of poems, Melodic Melange wasappreciated for excellence, 2019(Pulitzer Books). Her poemwas shortlisted for All India Poetry Competition, 2017conducted by The Poetry Society of India.Email: [email protected]

ARIVUKKARASI MANIVANNAN also known as Aazhi is anArchitect graduated from Anna University, Chennai. Shehails from Tiruchirappalli. Since 2015, Madras (nowChennai)- a treasure chest of history, heritage, and storieshas been her place of refuge. She is a person of multipleinterests. From childhood, she has developed an interest inhistory, music, dance, writing, and photography. She likes totravel a lot and explore the world.

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She is a passionately curious person and likes to connectwith a lot of new people. This curiosity has led her to takepart in heritage walks, quiz contests, lectures, talks,storytelling sessions, and many such events that happen inand around the city. She believes that “Experience is the bestTeacher” and involves herself in many of the events to learn,unlearn, and relearn through the experiences from theevents. With a passion for writing and the zeal to pursueArchitectural Journalism as a profession, she has set out on ajourney to reach out to people through her words. She is alsoa poet. She has written more than a hundred poems in bothEnglish and Tamizh. She is on to publishing her poetrycompilation as a book. Recently she has won the thirdposition in the National Level Poetry Competition held bythe FSAI Chandigarh Chapter on a poem on "WomenSafety". She strongly believes in the saying "The pen ismightier than the sword" and she dreams of becoming awriter like her father.

SHAHDA FIRHATH M A, has completed M.Sc (Food Scienceand Technology ) from St.Aloysius college, Mangalore. She iscurrently Assistant Professor at Besant Women's college,Mangalore, Karnataka. She has completed Level 3 - HACCPcertification. She has also successfully completed FunctionalFoods: Concept, Technology and Health Benefits a four-week online course from Indian Institute of Technology ,Kanpur and Commonwealth of Learning. She has cleared theassessment for the role of Customer Care Executive(Relationship Centre) (QP No. – TEL/Q0101) conforming toNational Skill Qualifications Framework Level-4. She hascompleted eight week course in Food Production conductedby the Kerala Institute of Tourism and Travel Studies. HerAcademic project is titled, “Preparation and characterizationof resveratrol encapsulated proniosome using differentcarriers such as glucose and sorbitol”, from National DairyResearch Institute, Adugodi, Bangalore- 560030. ARYA S LANKUPALLI is a student from 9th grade, in Cpsglobal school, Annanagar, Chennai. Since he was 3 years oldhe had countless interest in art, sports and music especiallywith the guitar . He has won many awards and certificates infootball, throw ball and basketball in the past 2 years andhad also won a program called the world scholars cup wherehe went to the Yale university for the last round.

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ASHA RAJ GOPAKUMAR, a post graduate in Englishliterature, has been living in Middle East with her family formore than a decade. She is an ardent lover of music, natureand spirituality. Even though she has a lot of hobbies, shepresently focuses on reading and writing. She had been ateacher for almost six years and gave it up when her secondchild was born.

G. AVANTI is a student of class 7 in APS Bolarum. Her smallworkspace is in Yapral, Secunderabad. Her hobbies are, Art,singing, Ukulele, dance and cooking/baking. She is fromChennai, Tamil Nadu. She sees herself at a fashion designingstudio or interior designing in ten years or so. She has wonmany prizes in art, singing, dancing, crafts and more! She hasbeen a school topper in spelling bee 2018. She loves to goshopping for clothes shoes and more! Her style is mostlygirly and tomboy or a mix in between. She dreams to go toThailand or Paris. She would attend the Paris fashion week ifshe were there. She loves watching horror movies, mysterysolving movies, drama, anime and cartoons here and there. She loves playing this game called Roblox it’s a fun andentertaining game to play!

BHAGYASHREE MISHRA is a Software Engineer byprofession. She is currently working with Amazon India.Prior to Amazon, she worked with Wipro for five years.Hailing from the beautiful town of Sunabeda, in the state ofOdisha, her passions include - weaving her emotions intopoems, crafting short stories, writing essays and articles. Shealso creates quotes and micro poems. She has won trophiesin several extempore, debate and elocution competitions.She was the Winner of District Level ENVIRONMENT-CUM-MINERAL AWARENESS PROGRAM conducted byNALCO and Society of Geoscientists and AlliedTechnologists (SGAT) at Panchpatmali Bauxite Mines,Damanjodi ,2008. She was a part of THE NATIONALCREATIVITY OLYMPIAD conducted by THE INSTITUTIONOF ENGINEERS at Jamshedpur,2010. She has an articlenamed “SUCCESS-AN EPITOME OF CALIBREARTICULATED” published in her college magazine (THENISTIAN). In her poetry, social concerns, love for nature,soulful romance and patriotism are portrayed lucidly.

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She has cleared the ESOL Examination conducted byCambridge University and has received the British EnglishCouncil (BEC) certification. She has been conferred uponwith Manosrijan award 2017, by Manosodhanam - a greatliterary platform that nurtures young writers. She hassecured second position in National level article writingcontest conducted by The Literati Council of India. She hasalso been conferred upon with the prestigious KabikanyaAshes award 2018 for her contributions to literature byKabikanya Parishad of Odisha. She also posts some of herliterary works in her Facebook page - 'Oozy thoughts of acrazy mind.'

BHAGYA SHREE RAM is a 11th grader studying in VidyaMandir, Mylapore. In her free time, you can find hercartooning or reading geeky articles about the latestbreakthroughs in tech. She is very passionate about equalaccess to education, which is clear by the projects she hasspearheaded, including: tutoring underprivileged children inEnglish and Math; leading a team of college and schoolstudents to create nearly 200 educational worksheets forchildren in villages; volunteering as a scribe for the SpasticSociety of Tamil Nadu. She has completed multiple computerscience courses from MOOCs, and gets super excited aboututilising Artificial Intelligence for social good!

Ms. J.P. BHARATHI is a passionate teacher, and came intothe educational profession to bring a change in student'slives. She always wanted to make a difference with hercontribution to education. She has innovative ideas, andthinks out of the box.To pursue her passion further forteaching and educational initiatives, she conductsworkshops in various schools, colleges, banks, and otherpublic sectors. The topics she dwells on- life skills,personality development, values and ethics, and so on. Shealso contributes articles and poems to various newspapers,magazines, websites both in English and Telugu languages.As she came into teaching by choice, it makes her apassionate and positive person and lead a happy andcontented life. Her achievements are: 1. Authored a book onRetail Management.

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2. Received a citation from Neo Rosary high school as the bestcounselor, titled Situational Leader. 3. Received best TeacherInnovation award from ZIIEI .4. Received best Counselor awardfrom Power Grid Corporation of India, a public sectororganization, Govt. Of India. 5. Received a citation fromSMPRSMA, Shaikpet, Hyderabad for her contribution as astudent counselor. 6. Contributed more than 200 articles inEnglish on various topics for newspapers, magazines and onlinewebsites. 7. Wrote more than 200 poems and 50 articles inTelugu, published the same in various magazines, newspapers,and online. She runs a counseling center by name skill, themotto of her center is to make the performer perform better.Counseled more than 2000 people of all age groups. Her worksare designed out of her own SKILL, which goes like (When youare ILL, do not KILL yourself, Use your SKILL).

CHITRA RAMANAN As a saying goes, "When passion meetshobby, the stage is set on fire", Chitra Ramanan is an avidreader and a very passionate writer. She has written quite a fewshort stories and her love for the books come from a very earlystage. As a child, getting lost in books was her perfect way ofvacation and hobby. She is a Madras university rank holder inBotany and is a master's in Biochemistry who think that loveand fantasy is a part of everyone's life. She loves to spend timein books, astrology, tarot reading, journaling and music. She canbe reached at [email protected]

DARSHANA YAZHINI is employed as a research scholar at S.N.Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata. Shegraduated with an integrated degree in BS-MS Chemistry fromIndian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata in2018. Her work involves plasmonic nanoparticles and shestudies their implications in drug delivery. Her hobbies includereading, writing and singing. Music is her Zen spot and her tasteranges from Western pop to divine ragas with the exception ofmetal and hard rock. Practicing Kayakalpa yoga and meditationare her other ways of dealing with stressors. Armed with anarticle published in The Hindu and her recently publishedpersonal blog, she is currently looking forward to make in-roadsinto science communication, her dream job.

DEBORAH is a senior research fellow at Institute for RuralManagement Anand. Her areas of interest include agroecology,sustainability education and collective action. She blogs atrhizomesrising.wordpress.com and is a farming enthusiast.

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DHANYA, a first year architecture student fromDepartment of Architecture , Thiagarajar College ofEngineering has a passion to write and draw. Her maininterest lies in writing, carving and charcoal art. She is fondof reading and cooking and is fond of traveling. She is also aCarnatic singer under training. Abstract art is a feature shefocuses more on in her portfolio so as to inculcate a feelingthat provokes the thoughts of the viewer. Her poems arebased mostly on the observations she makes down a busyroad, a market etc.

DIVYA SHREE RAM is a 11th grader in Vidya Mandir SeniorSecondary School, Mylapore. She loves watching videos onmicrobiology and virology, and the fundamentals ofneuroscience and is passionate about raising awarenessabout the ocean and aquatic organisms. She holds leadershippositions at school, such as mentor to the Rotary InteractClub, where she works with members from the board ofdirectors to conduct events for social good. She also feelsstrongly about educating the underprivileged, which isshown by the fact that she tutored underprivileged kids inEnglish and Math. Divya forewent a prestigious footballtournament to scribe for a disabled’s child’s exam. She hascompleted several biology and biotechnology relatedcourses from MOOCs, and is hoping to pursue a relatedcareer path in the future!

GITA BHARATH has enjoyed five years of teaching middleschool before starting on a banking career lasting thirty fouryears. Now, happily retired, she focuses on reading, writing,crossword puzzles and kolam art. Her first book Svaracomprises three hundred poems, including narrative,humorous and philosophical verses. She has lived inJamshedpur and Bombay before settling in Chennai.

GITI TYAGI is an editor, creative artist, a poetess , shortstory writer and Book reviewer. She is Masters in English,Masters in Education and holds a UGC-NET certificate. Sheis a former Senior Lecturer, who won The Best InnovativeTeacher Award, at MM University, Ambala. Presently, sheworks as an Educational Consultant f or Buddha Group ofInstitutions.

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Her stories, articles and poetry have been published in reputedmagazines such as ‘Muse India’, ‘The Call Beyond’, ‘IntellyJelly’andmagazines of international fame such as ‘The International PoetryDigest’ and ‘The Nightingale Poetry Journal’. Her muchappreciated poems and stories have been winning hearts of thereaders of all age groups. She has won several poetry and creativestory writing competitions and is an extremely popular storywriter for reputed children magazines. She has been honouredtwice by the management of Sri Aurobindo Society for hercontributions in the literary world.

HEMA RANGARAJAN born on 7/05/1960, married , hereducational qualification is B Sc (Chemistry) and B. Ed ( PhysicalScience ). She has 25 years of experience as Chemistry teacher invarious schools. She has handled Chemistry for higher secondaryschools. She has worked in Schools like Jaigopal Garodia AnnaNagar, Chennai, Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School,Trichy and Velammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School,Chennai.

HEMA RAVI is a poet, reviewer, critic and editor of Efflorescence(published by the Chennai Poets’ Circle).She writes metricalverses, haiku, haibun, tanka, and ‘verslibre.’ Her verses have beenfeatured in several online and international print journals,noteworthy among them being the International Writers Journaland the Amaravati Poetic Prism. A few haiku and form poemshave been prize winners. As Secretary of the Chennai Poets’Circle, she encourages novices and young writers to unleash theircreativity. Her write-ups have been published in the Hindu, NewIndian Express, Femina, Woman's Era, Champak, Gokulam,International Indian and Khaleej Times, among others. Anecdotesfeatured in the Femina, International Indian and Khaleej Timesfetched her gift-hampers as prizes. She is the author of ‘EverydayEnglish,’‘Write Right Handwriting Series1,2,3,’ co-author of SingAlong Indian Rhymes’ and ‘Everyday Hindi.’ She scripted, lentvoice support for ‘Everyday English with Hema,’ series of Englishlessons broadcast by the Kalpakkam Community Radio. After astint in the Central Government, she has been in the field ofeducation for over two decades. Currently, she is a freelancetrainer for IELTS and Communicative English. She is known tomotivate learners to their fullest potential, facilitates their all-round development, urges them to be excellent all-rounders.Contact: [email protected]

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JAYALAKSHMI born into an ancient aristocratic agriculturalfamily , Karindalam in Northern Kerala , graduated from St.Teresas college, Cochin. An ardent seeker of indescribable lustreof spiritual ecology, her writings have been an adventurous forayinto the unknown, yet seductive glimmer of its mystery. An onlinecritic and poet, a soul tormented by the miseries of humans,animals and every ailing element in our Eco system, she has alwaysbeen with her loved ones, house between the family plantations in the lap of Western Ghats greatly influenced by the traditionalmoorings, the kavus , theyyams, the rendition of scriptures, shewas reading herself for a spiritual quest , a foray into the unknownterrain and writing came naturally, and these spiritual ecologicalpassion and longings radiates in her poems. Married to Dr. C.KNarayanan, a pediatrician, they are blessed with 2 children.

JAYASHREE MISHRA is a home-maker based out of Hartford,Connecticut. She is originally from Sunabeda, Odisha. She was anassistant professor at GIET, Bhubaneswar prior to moving to theUnited States. She has pursued her MBA in the stream of HR andMarketing. Her passions include teaching, public speaking, actingand cooking. She owns an YouTube channel - Cook Smile Sharewhere she uploads her recipes. She has won the Vice ChannelorsDebate Cup conducted by the Berhampur University. She was aliterary champion during her college career. She was an activemember of the Youth Red Cross Society and National servicescheme.

JELLIE N.WYCKELSMA, a retired teacher librarian, was born inThe Netherlands in1935 and came to Australia in 1958. She spenther professional life in Public, Commercial/Special, and SchoolLibraries until her retirement in 1996. Her Published works: Co-author of three anthologies of poetry: She’s Apples (1996) and Sheate a Bowl of Poetry (1997), Adrift ... (2018). Poetry: Life’s a BraStrap (2014), and Flowers of the Soul (2016), And the Poetessspeaks... (2019) Novels: Crossing the Bridge at San Remo (2011),The Photograph and the Diary of the Daughter (2012). Novellas:Once upon ... a Night (2013) ,Veering off course (2014) , Life’sbetter with a Book (2014),Wild Waves (2015),The Dog Walker(2017). Short Stories: Diving in at the Deep End (2016). Non-Fiction: Probus Club of Anderson’s Inlet Inc.: 1995-2015; twentyyears in a nutshell (2015). A novella Wild Fire (2020) is ready to gointo print. Other works, poems and short stories, have beenpublished in various periodicals and anthologies in Australia, Indiaand in The Netherlands.

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Dr. JENNIFER SAKHYA is a Senior Resident Doctor of Lourde MissionHospital in Ernakulam. A Clinician's doctor, who loves pathology because ithelps to relieve the stress of a patient by telling them it is not malignant andthat there is no need to operate if it is a benign one. She believes bringing asmile on the doctors' and their patients' faces is the best reward she can get,especially when they get to know what actually the patients are sufferingfrom. She feels privileged to give the final diagnosis for treatment. Apassionate guitarist she loves reading and also painting with colour pencils.

Ms. KAMAR SULTANA SHEIK is a poet, writing mostly on themes ofspirituality, mysticism and nature with a focus in Sufi Poetry. A post-graduate in Botany, she was educated at St. Aloysious Anglo-Indian School (Presentation Convent, Vepery) and completed her degree from SIETWomens' college, Chennai. Her professional career spanning 18 years hasbeen in various organizations and Institutions including the IT sector. She isa self-styled life coach and has currently taken a break to focus on herwriting full-time. Sultana has contributed to various anthologies and wonseveral prizes in poetry contests. A green enthusiast, blogger and content-writer, Sultana calls herself a wordsmith. Her debut work (a CovidTimesrelease ), " The Golden Dawn" won the prestigious Poet of the Year Awardfrom Galaxy Foundation.Sultana can be reached at : [email protected] or 9940198086

KEERTHANA RAVIKUMAR hailing from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, has doneunder-graduation in advocacy (Law). Her qualification as a law graduatemoulded her into a bold woman who saw the society with more curiosity.But being more equipped with human relations and people skills she hasdeveloped an interest towards entrepreneurship and with that interest, gotthe opportunity to play a pivotal role in a start up.The start up was an earlylearning space, a pre-school and that made her realise the importance ofearly education and child care. She felt a great need to equip the futuregeneration from that young age, thereby found a reason to be anentrepreneur at the same time to contribute to the society. And the historybehind her passion for writing unleashes into short story of a girl whodiscovered her flair for writing right after a tough phase in life, when theheart and mind stopped thinking alike and struggled for peace ! Andpenning down was the only heal to her inner conscience. But to look at thebrighter/flip side of it, as it’s always told to us by life Gurus, it taught her theimportance to express through words which indeed had power and therebyshe developed a great interest. Also to make this introduction precise andless monotonous for the person straining his eyes and time reading it - “Iwrite poetry.”

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Rtd. Prof. LATHA PREM SAKHYA was born in 1959 to Tamilparents. After 30 years of teaching, she retired as Head of theDept of English from Marthoma college for Women,Perumbavoor. While in service, she entered the world of writingby publishing her poems –“Memory Rain” in 2008, “Nature at theDoorstep”(2011) a blend of her musings, paintings and poems anda collection of poems titled “Vernal Strokes”(2015). Her poems arepublished now in reputed journals and anthologies. Her stories forchildren and her reflections are published in e- magazines andanthologies. She contributes stories and poems regularly for“Little Hands” a children's monthly print magazine and to “LiteraryVibes”, a prominent weekly e journal. She has co-edited severalpoetry print Magazines, poetry anthologies and e- magazines. Sheis a member of three prominent writers' groups - Poetry Chainbased in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala; Aksharasthree - theLiterary Woman, based in Kottayam, Kerala; and India PoeticCircle, based in Chennai, Tamilnadu , besides many other onlinepoetry and painting groups. She has a passion for painting. Thoughuntutored, she works with oil, acrylic and watercolor and has donemore than 50 paintings and has participated in three exhibitions.

Mrs. LATHASHANKARI. K working as a high school teacher in areputed institution lives in Chennai. She strongly believes that therole of a teacher does not end up with academic excellence alone.It gets fulfilled in bringing the inner talents of children and inmoulding them to face any situation in life and grow into strongfruitful trees in future. Her childhood interest in drawing hassprouted out during this period of lock down. She feels thatdrawing gives her immense pleasure and peace of mind.

Mrs. LEENA RAJAN is an Academician, Published author and poet,Reviewer and Editor, Painting artist, Singer, Violinist, finds joy infollowing her passion. Her important recent awards are "Master ofcreative impulse", celebrating her Epic, Krishnavatar and , OKanna" by World poetry conference at Bathinda, India and PremioMundal a la Excelencia Literaria 2019-20" (World Awards ForLiterary Excellence) from the Government of Peru. This award isconferred upon her by the Literary Board of Government ofRepublic of Peru, Municipalidad Provincial DeUrubama in jointassociation with three other international literary organizations ofhigh repute, Motivational Strips (Sultanate of Oman), UnionHispanomundial DeEscritores (UHE) Peru and World NationsWriters' Union (WNWU), Kazakhstan.

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MADHUMATHI. H is a bilingual poet-Writer(Tamil, English),Madhumathi is an ardent lover of Nature, Poetry,Photography, and Music. Madhumathi believes writing is asoulful journey of weaving one's emotions and thoughts,having a kaleidoscopic view of life through poetry. Sheexperiences Metamorphosis through writing. Nature is hereternal muse and elixir. Poetry, to Madhumathi, is a way oflife, and loves to leave heartprints behind in gratitude,through her words. She strongly believes in the therapeuticpower of words, that plant love, hope, and enable a deephealing. Madhumathi loves to spread mental healthawareness through writing, breaking the stigma, and takespart in related activities, too. Madhumathi's poems arepublished with the Poetry Society India in their AIPCanthologies 2015, 16, and 17, the multilingual anthology'Poetic Prism' 2015(Tamil and English), Chennai Poets'Circle's 'Efflorescence' 2018, 2019, India Poetry Circle's'Madras Hues Myriad Views'(2019) celebrating the spiritand glory of Madras, in the UGC approved e-journal MuseIndia, in IWJ-International Writers' Journal and e- zines OurPoetry Archive(OPA), Science Shore, and Storizen.

Blog for Madhumathi's Poems:https://multicoloredmoon.wordpress.com/Contact: [email protected] Dr. MAHALAKSHMI SARATHI loves to learn new things atevery stage which has urged her to pursue her career as aPh.D research scholar at Anna University ,Chennai and alsoit had made her to improve her analytical skills not only inher profession but also in her personal life. Apart fromfocusing on her profession, she is also a responsible homemaker striving to raise her 6 year old kid as a happy child. Ontop of all this, she loves gardening which helps her to kick offall her stresses of the day where the blooming flowers makesher feel alive and energetic. She also adopts eco-friendlyhabits for a sustainable environment and also tries to teachher kid to be more eco-conscious.

T.S MANOHAR is a small time freelance writer contributingto The Hindu, Bhavans journal and a few online magazines.He firmly believes in highlighting social issues for the wellbeing of the society and humanity.Precisely why, he keepshis narration simple and direct to rub positivism on thereaders. He has graduation in Economics and Law fromMadras University.

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Playing cricket and other team games empowered him to bepart of a group for a common cause. Growing up in a jointfamily taught him the values of caring and sharing. Employedwith airline for over three decades and more has taken himacross the country and beyond. This enabled him to interactwith a cross section of society and a great learningexperience. Volunteering as an administrator for an NGOgave him an opportunity to serve and realise the purpose oflife. He makes constant affirmations to better himself andmake this world a better place to live in.

D.M.MUKUNDHAN is a student of class II at VelammalVidyalaya, Poonamallee. He is the receiver of “Overall beststudent” award in his KG. He is interested in all culturalactivities and talented in oration which makes him as theinevitable person in almost all of his school activities andschool prayer sessions. He won considerable number ofprizes in story narration and sports activities. He is verymuch interested in playing outdoor games and play inpicture puzzle and hidden pictures. He loves to watchstories, cartoon, animation and comedy movies. Likes todraw vehicles in Microsoft paint, loves music and learningkeyboard. He is very eager to know new things by askingmany repeated questions till he understands. He showsmore interest in Tamil and doing mathematics.

Ms. NANDINI RAMAN, moved out of the corporate world asthe Marketing and Media Head for Universal Music & SonyMusic (Bombay), having worked with the likes of ARRahman, Shakira and Ricky Martin and moved to Chennaimore than a decade ago, to pursue her passion to help andempower people. She is the founder of “I am Fine - Guidance& Wellness’ Consultancy services”. She holds a postgraduatedegree in Psychology from Madras University and hastrained extensively to hone her academic and clinical skills toequip herself today to be a successful consultant counselor,a corporate trainer, a school counselor and a publishedcolumnist in The Hindu’ educational supplement, The Edge.She is a regular guest faculty across many well-establishedcompanies, schools, educational institutions and manytraining colleges. Her core strength lies in her ability toempathise and respond to people’s needs, almost instantlyand her self motivated spirit and passion to motivate peopleof all ages.

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She was an Assistant Professor and the Universitycounselor for Sathyabama University where she taught andtrained students and faculty. Having worked with numerousemotional and psychological problems, she has helpedteenagers with academic and behavioural issues. She hasalso conducted many training programs with the IndianArmy and Indian Navy, as she possesses a strong affinity tothe defence forces being an Indian Air Force ward herself. Avolunteer at the ‘Pediatric Ward’ of the Adyar CancerInstitute, Chennai, a regular donor at ‘Sneha Sadan’ GirlsHome, Egmore, an enthusiastic fund raiser for RASA Indiaand an active volunteer of Karnataka State Council For ChildWelfare’s “Sharanya Children’s Home”. She is a RegisteredPracticing Counselor (R.P.C) and an active member ofChennai Counselors Foundation (CCF). She is a ‘LifeAssociate Member’ of Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS). Shecan be reached on [email protected]

ORBINDU GANGA is a post-graduate in science and the firstrecipient of Dr Mitra Augustine gold medal for academicexcellence. He worked in financial, banking and publishingdomains. Proved his finesse as a Soft Skills Trainer andContent Account Manager (Client Relationship Manager).He is a founder, editorial director, poet, author, critic,content writer, painter, and spiritual healer. He is thefounding director of an international literary journal,INNSÆI. He was the featured poet of the month in 2019&2020 of Inner Child Press International Publication (USA).His poems have been published in SIPAY Literary Journal(Seychelles), Teesta Review (India), Sahitya Anand (India),Spillwords Press (UK), SETU (USA), OPA, Atunis (Albania),Winamop (UK), The MAG (India), and Poetry of Spring ofEmbrace (USA). His poems have been published inanthologies like VASUDHA 2, RAINDROPS OF LOVE,HEARTISTRY, MEDLEY OF MELODIES, HARMONIOUSSYMPHONIES, WORLD FOR PEACE and WHISPERS OFSOFTLAY. He has published nine articles, two researchpapers, two short stories, a book review, and a painting. Hehas authored the book ‘SAUDADE.’

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PADMAPRIYA KARTHIK , an enthusiastic story writer forchildren and a poet, has secured eighth place inRabindranath Tagore International Poetry Contest 2020.Her works have been featured in various anthologiespublished by 'The Impish Lass Publishing House’.Shecontributes poems to Efflorescence anthology (2018,2019),Muse India, the literary e-journal. Her Short stories forchildren have found place in The PCM,Children'sMagazine.She has won 5th place in the National storywriting contest 2019 conducted by The PCM,Children'sMagazine.Email id: [email protected]

PANDIYAN PERUMAL, is a computer engineer byprofession and an artist by passion. By passion he proveshimself as a pencil artist, a painter, a craftsman and also as aphotographer.His father, Mr. Perumal who is also an artistby passion, during his schooling had won many prizes andalso bagged awards in district level drawing competitions. Infact, these inspired Mr. Pandiyan in exploring himself in histalents, eventually he started building his skill set in those heis so passionate about. His pencil drawings and paintings arecaptured in his sketchbooks and many are also framed todecorate his living room walls. Apart from this to keephimself mentally and physical fresh and energetic most of hisSunday mornings he does cycling and captures his travelexperience through his camera lens as well. In his free time,he does creative craft works which he uses to decorate hisliving hall and also his office cubicle. He spends one-houroffice bus travel in listening to music and studying the cloudpatterns.

PARVATHI , a resident of Chennai, resides with her husbandand mother in law in Thiruvanmiyur and is working for atravel company. She is a very ambitious woman with manydreams and aspirations. She is a passionate blogger and hasbeen blogging since 2018. Most of her Sunday evenings arespent in blogging on various topics. Her ambition is to writemore articles on various topics flawlessly. Apart fromblogging , she is also a voracious reader. She spends her onehour bus journey reading books. Apart from this, she alsoloves to listen to music and 90s Hindi, Tamil, Ilayaraja songsare her favourites. She is also a foodie, animal lover, animalenthusiast, loves pets especially dogs.

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PRANAV, a fun loving cheerful little boy of class 2 is crazy aboutdinosaurs and dragons. He loves to watch cartoons. Inspired by hissister, he started to draw learning from You tube during thislockdown.

PRINCE R. BRIGHT is a student of XI of Government Model school,Trivandrum. He is also a multifaceted worker, a farmhand in hisfather’s farm, a welder doing all the welding work in his father’s farmbuildings, a carpenter, a maker of decorative pots and tiles and achicken breeder. He spends most of his time after studies as hisfather’s handyman doing all the odd jobs in the farm. He is also agood footballer.

RAAGHAVHARSHINY. S has completed her higher secondary in theacademic year 2020 in Ambur. She is interested in arts and craftsfrom her childhood and participated in many drawing completions.She is a recipient of Arjuna award from her school. She has goodkinship with pet animals. Her strength is positive thinking. Herhobbies include drawing, colouring, watching TV, reading storybooks and playing chess. She is a great fan of Lord Krishna. She usedto play silambam in her young age. She was the favorite student of allher English teachers as she always scored 1st mark in English in herclass. She has participated in many slogan competitions and also won1st prize. She respects and loves people who encourage her talents.

RAJA MARTIN. B is currently a Government servant. Agriculture ishis first passion .Others are reading, painting, craft work withcement, for creating objects for decking homes, gardens, etc. Hebelieves people have enough time to pursue their passion and it isonly a matter of time management. His magic mantra for everyone is,"Make your passion for creativity a routine".Mob. No with whatsapp- +917907608015

N. RAMAMANI SAMPATH is a Post graduate in English with a PostGraduate Diploma in Educational Administration and Supervision. She also holds a certificate in Continuous Professional Developmentfrom British Council and UCL, London. She has been in the Educationfield, teaching English for the past 30 years. Playing Veena is herhobby and writing is her passion. She is a member of BangalorePoetry Circle and India Poetry Circle. Her poems and articles havefeatured in National and International journals and newspapers.Address: No.25, 1st main, Indian Express Layout, Virupakshapura,Kodigehalli, Bangalore – 560097Mail id: [email protected]: 9980156408

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ROOPA SUBRAMANI, the author of this work is a work in progress.She is a homemaker and an ordinary mom to two extraordinary kidswhose lives she feels specially blessed to be a part of. She writes toexpress her heart’s joy and feels utterly grateful to be a simple conduitfor conscious awareness. She essentially believes that everyone has aunique passion within them that yearns to find an expression andwhen it finds the appropriate channel, it comes out as artisticendeavors and scientific discoveries that benefits humanity as a whole.And she truly feels that a simple and curious mind to know things is thebasis for all understanding. Although spirituality is her primaryintended goal towards living her everyday life, she can’t help but seethat it is in the small everyday things that she is best able to actuallylive the goal to it’s ultimate fruition.

RUPPESHWARI. D is a class 6 student of Velammal Vidyashram,Surapet, Chennai. Her areas of interest include drawing, doing craft,dancing, singing, doing home decors and compeering. She isoutstanding in academics and excelled in co curricular activities rightfrom her Junior Kg. She has won considerable prizes in fancy dress,poetry recitation, storytelling, diya decoration, clay modeling and bestout of waste competitions. She has won prizes in Spell Beecompetitions, Olympiad National and International exams. In class III,she won an award from the prestigious Pondicherry Art Academy. Sheis preparing for Preveshika exam from Hindi Prachar Sabha. She hasbeen pursuing Carnatic music from the age of 5 years and hasperformed on stage on various occasions through her music class. Atthis age, she is a nature lover, is interested in gardening and makesintelligent moves in chess too. She has also exhibited her passion forbaking cakes and breads recently. In various art and craft forms, hercuriosity has no bounds. With no inhibitions and pleasant behavior shemingles with all age group people.

Mrs. SETALURI PADMAVATHI, a postgraduate in English Literaturewith a B.Ed., has over three decades of experience in the field ofeducation. She held various positions like the Head of the Departmentof English, Academic Coordinator, Principal and Teacher during herprofessional career. Writing has always been her passion thattranslates itself into poems of different genres, short stories andarticles on a variety of themes and topics. She is a bilingual poet andwrites poems in Telugu and English. Her poems were published inmany international anthologies and can be read on her blogsetaluripadma.wordpress.com. Padmavathi’s poems and otherwritings regularly appear on Muse India.com. Boloji.com, ScienceShore, Setu, Inner Child Press Anthologies and Poemhunter.com.

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SHASHINI HARIKRISHNAN is a student of class VII atRamana Vidyalaya, Shollinganallur, Chennai. She is verysincere at pursuing any skill. She has a passion for Math andScience. She is a voracious reader with special fondnesstowards fiction stories. Her hobbies include drawing,painting, writing, dancing and the most favorite beingplaying out doors. She is part of her school throw ball teamand takes pride in representing her school. She is always anactive participant at all the events in her school and wonprizes for dancing and public speaking. She has representedher school in Chess tournaments and won prizes under theage 11 category, at the UK. She loves swimming and haslearnt it professionally and moved up to the level 4.

SHRADDHA RAJMOHAN is a student at InventureAcademy, Bangalore. She is a sixteen year old who is deeplypassionate about nature, literature, dance and cinema.

SHREYA SEVALAR is a student of class 12 at Bhavan's RajajiVidyashram, Chennai. She is an outgoing student with apassion for science. She discovered her talent with the penat a young age and has been writing short passages andpoems ever since. Her hobbies include baking, painting,dance, listening to music, and the most favorite beingreading. She is a voracious reader with a special fondness formythology and fiction. She also enjoys watching movies andTV shows and is an ardent follower of pop-culture.

K. SHRIJA, a cheerful little girl studying in 4th grade loves toread, listen as well narrate stories. She has participated inmany Story telling contests and won prizes. She narratesstory in Mayaakatha,a facebook page. A student of 'Speechand Drama' course (Currently learning Grade 2),she has wonCertificates of Distinction (for Initial Grade and Grade 1)from Trinity College of London,UK.

P. SRIBALA is a student of class 3 at P.S.B.B.S.S, K.K Nagar,Chennai. She loves to dance Bharathanatyam, sings Carnaticmusic and reads a lot of Story books. She has won gold medalin National Science Olympiad – 2019 & International EnglishOlympiad in 2018. She won the Best All Rounder scholarshipfrom P.S.B.B.S.S in class II in the year 2018.She has finishedher Madhya in 1st class in 2020. She has participated in theschool anniversary program – “Abinaya”. She gotDistinguished performance in the Asset exams in the year2019 – 20.

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P. SRINIDHI is a student of class 7 at P.S.B.B.S.S, K.K Nagar,Chennai. She is well versed in Carnatic music, Arts, Poetry and Storywriting. She has won several awards for the same. She hascompleted her “Pandit” from Hindi Prachara Sabha in 2018. She haswon the “Gold medal” in Bhagavat Gita competition conducted byChinmaya Mission. She won the Best All Rounder award in 2016 –17 from P.S.B.B.S.S, K.K Nagar. She won the overall Second place inSanskrit 2016-17. She won the 1st place in Poetry Competition –2016 - 17. She won the 1st place in Craft Competition in IMCT. Shewon the 1st place in Children’s day Quiz - 2019 – 20.

SUDHA RAJENDRAN is a poet who believes that she is a dust of theuniverse, a smidge of the sun,a particle of the moon and a package ofnature. She often feels that her mind is trying to stayconnected withthese omnipotent elements. She imagines that every other being innature does that effortlessly. Contact No: 9444552346 . Email ID:[email protected]

Dr. SUJATHA is a budding researcher with a Ph.D in Biotechnology.She has always pursued science as her passion and has worked on alot of fields like molecular biology, enzymology, microbiology, etcand published papers in the same in the academic world. You cancontact her @ [email protected].

SUJATHA VARADARAJAN is a passionate Science Educator. She isardently involved in developing critical thinking skills throughworkshops for students of all age groups. Her core strength is in thepedagogy of Methods of Science. She conducts innovativelaboratory programs for school as well as college students.Developing curriculum for Inquiry-based learning, Problem-basedlearning, Activity-based learning is her forte. Founder of Funtasktic Science, an activity centre for school students, she contributes toscience teaching and learning through her workshops. She hasworked with renowned people like Padma Shree Sri Arvind Gupta atIUCAA, Pune. Her journey to introduce inquiry to students beganwith her short stint at IISER Pune and is currently pursuing herdoctoral studies at HBCSE, TIFR, Mumbai. Her Educationalqualification is MSc. (Env. Chem.) (Gold-medallist), M.Sc. (AppliedPsychology), (Ph.D. in Science Education) and she has 18 years ofTeaching Experience.

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SUKESH. B holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Biochemistry.He is currently a senior Project Associate at Indian Institute ofScience, Bengaluru pursuing active research in the area ofreproductive and behavioural biology using rodent and primate asa model system. Some of his findings are published in frontlinejournals and his other research interest includes animalconservation and sports physiology. Earlier, he had worked as alecturer at Islamiah College for men, Vaniyambadi. He is also acertified biology teacher for various higher curriculum boards.Apart from science, his other areas of interest include sports,kinesiology, martial arts and teaching.

Dr. THIRUPURASUNDARI C J (pen name -Dazzle) is an avidresearcher in the field of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Heruniversity rank and gold medal in her Bachelors and Mastersrespectively, fetched her state and national level fellowships forDoctoral studies. A doctorate from University of Madras; startedher research and teaching experience at a Diabetes ResearchHospital. She is known amongst her students as somebody whoteaches with passion. She took this ethos to a school and alsoexcelled as Assistant Professor in a reputed University, Chennaiand then for a brief stint at the Vector Control Research Centre,Puducherry. She has participated in national and internationalscientific conferences and has published her research findings inpeer-reviewed journals. She has prolific knowledge in the fields ofCancer, Diabetes and Horticulture. The last of which is being put touse currently at the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research,Bengaluru. Her other passions include yoga, sudoku, poetry,sketching, gardening and experimenting new cuisines. Besides ascience content writer, an editor for “Science Shore” e-zine, she haspublished her oeuvres in Bangalore Poetry Circle, Internationalwriters Journal, Inner Child Press International, Adisakrit (GreenAwakenings), Positive vibes, Chennai Poetry Circle (accepted forpublication) and Indian Periodicals. She draws inspiration fromothers and is always cheerful!

VIDYA SHANKAR, a widely published Indian poet, writer, Englishteacher, a “book” in the Human Library, and an editor with Kavya-Adisakrit (an imprint of Adisakrit Publishing House), says poetry isnot different from her. The author of two poetry books The Flautistof Brindaranyam (in collaboration with her photographer husband,Shankar Ramakrishnan), and The Rise of Yogamaya, she hasreceived several literary awards and recognitions. She bringsharmony to her life through yoga and mandalas.