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  • BP, OQ & You


  • *Why do we have OQ?Walnut Creek

  • *Bellingham Washington

  • *ISNetworld BP Contractor Statistics235,712 - OQ Reports

    15,623,253 - Total Contractor OQ Qualifications for BP 25% of all the records in ISN

    1987 Jobs Archived in ISN

  • *Our expectations for OQ covered task workSign up with ISNetworldDetermine which BP approved vendor will be used to qualify your employees.Currently BP accepts:OQSGNCCERNACETDW & Clockspring

  • *Expectations continuedQualify the employees who will be performing OQ covered tasksBP will be requiring both a written and practical evaluation after January 1, 2008Ensure all qualification results are sent to your vendor in a timely manner for upload into ISNetworldOnce the job site has been created in ISNetworld contractor should receive an email notification to generate an OQ Report (s)Review your employee qualifications against the qualifications assigned to the job ensuring there are no GAPS

  • *It is the contractors responsibility to ensure that all of their assigned OQ covered tasks are performed or directed and observed by an OQ qualified employee.

    If insufficient qualified employees are sent to the jobsite the job could be suspended until qualified employees are provided

    If an employee is replaced on the jobsite due to illness, vacation, etc., the new employee must bring their most current OQ report, and give it to the BP project inspector

    Expectations continued

  • Using the Gap Matrix ToolAn essential front end loading tool

  • *Gap Matrix functions.BP uses this for project planning/front end loadingEnsure qualified employees have been assigned to the jobLook at one or all contractorsSingle employee multiple employeesView all tasks assigned to the job or specific tasks assigned to a specialty contractor (i.e. NDT, excavation, etc.)Contractors now have the ability to run a Gap Matrix

  • *Job Site Gap Matrix Tool

  • BPs OQ path forwardWhat is changing..

  • *DOT Audit SharesDOT auditors are becoming more OQ savvyField audit findings.Focus is centered abnormal operating conditions (AOCs)Auditors will be asking BP employeesAuditors will be asking contract employee

    Checking qualifications at job sitesChecking to see if work is being performed correctly

  • *Recent changes that affect contractorsBP now accepts OQSG, NACE & NCCER as OQ providers for our contractorsJanuary 1, 2008 written tests and performance verifications will be required for every taskISNetworld working to distinguish between initial qualifications and requalificationsInitials will always require both a written and practical evaluationMost requalifications will only require a written OR practical evaluationSpan-of-control is now task specificContractors can now run their own GAP Matrix

  • *BPs contractor covered task list

    Task No.NCCER Above Ground Covered Task NameSpan of ControlAcceptable Qualification MethodsConduct Annual Surveys or Electrically Inspect Unprotected Bare Pipe1.1Measure structure-to-soil potentials1:1OQSG, NCCER or NACE1.2Conduct close interval surveys1:1OQSG, NCCER or NACE1.3Test to detect interference1:1OQSG, NCCER or NACE1.4Inspect and perform electrical test of bonds1:1OQSG, NCCER or NACE1.5Inspect and test isolation devices1:1OQSG, NCCER or NACEMaintain Test Leads2.1Inspect and verify test lead continuity1:1OQSG, NCCER or NACE2.2Repair damaged test leads1:1OQSG, NCCER or NACE2.3Install test leads by non-exothermic welding methods1:1OQSG, NCCER or NACE2.4Install test leads by exothermic welding methods1:1OQSG, NCCER or NACEInspect Rectifier3.1Obtain a voltage and current output reading from a rectifier1:1OQSG, NCCER or NACE3.2Check for proper operation of a rectifier1:1OQSG, NCCER or NACEMaintain Rectifier4.1Troubleshoot rectifier bond connections1:1OQSG, NCCER or NACE4.2Repair or replace defective rectifier components1:1OQSG, NCCER or NACE4.3Adjustment of rectifier1:1OQSG,NCCER or NACE

  • *API-OQ Committee updateCurrently working on TPCP StandardSmall step toward portabilityIf OQ providers meets criteria??API-OQ Liquids operators will accept their programsAllows contractors to use 1 provider for multiple operators Revising covered task list and elements within the tasksRevising the API 1161 Standard on Operator Qualification

  • *Wrap-upIn order to make the jobs easier please work with BP project managers, construction supervisors & inspectors to meet the intent of the OQ ruleFollow the required procedures around OQAssign only the employees who will be working on the job to the jobsite in ISNContinue to work safelyContinue to do the excellent job you have done for us in the pastIf you are having issues with a job site in ISN, call the construction supervisor, project manager or team leader who hired youVisit the BP OQ Website for contractors

  • *Operator Qualification

    Welcome to the BP US Pipelines & Logistics Operator Qualification (OQ) page for contractors. Here you will find everything you need to know about our OQ Program. BP has been involved and is committed to the ASME B31Q Standard. Through 2008, BP will be adjusting our program to align with this standard. BP uses ISNetworld to track covered tasks performed by contractors on our Jobsites.

    At BP we are dedicated to developing and applying innovation through education and empowerment. Everything we do relies on people; no oil rig, pipeline or terminal produces ideas or drives results. Helpful Links & DocumentsBP Approved OQ Providers & SolutionsOQ Contact InformationBill Bannister - OQ Coordinator, PLBU [email protected] Louviere - Contractor Mgmt Specialist [email protected]

    BPs External OQ Pagehttp://www.bppipelines.com/OQRule.html

    BP's Covered Task List OQ Communications Letters to Contractors": OQ Plan Excerpts Span of Control Changes OQ Project/Field Audit Form Acceptance of all OQSG Covered Tasks Frequently Asked (OQ) Questions

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